10 amazing methods to Promote your old Post to increase website Traffic

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If you have been blogging for more than 6 month, then I am sure you have some wonderful old post that is not visible on the home page and you are wondering how to promote them, so that you can get some better exposure of these wonderful post.

Do not postpone your new article for the sake of old one. Keep them posting as these will engage your old readers and also help search engine to rank you better.

1. Improve on Page SEO

It may be possible that you have not properly optimized your post for search engine optimization. Yoast SEO for wordpress has some amazing built in SEO suggestion tools that can help you to optimize your post better on search engine.

Title and Description of your post can change the whole perspective of your post. Meta Description and internal links to other such post can reduce the bounce rate also.

Must read : Complete on page Search Engine optimization Guide

2. Convert them into Video

Sound amazing, How a post can be converted into a Video. Yes, Little more effort. This small effort can bring a lots of traffic and life to your old post.

Open any one of your old post and record a video, describing the main feature of your post, You can use your favorite screen capture video tool like Camastasia , Upload these videos on the youtube and some other video sharing websites.

3. Convert into PDF

Previous two methods were not easy to implement and need a lots of human efforts. Copy your any old post or popular post in MS-word and convert them into PDF.

Here is a little hack you can apply to create mini E-books, Just design it’s front page and cover letter and you can also distribute these PDF files to your readers. Or Encourage them to join your mailing list for these free PDFs.

scribd to increase website traffic

To increase more visibility,share these converted PDF on popular PDF sharing sites like scribd and DocStoc. Even the most powerful technological blogs also use these sites.

4. Convert them into Presentation

You can also convert your old post into powerpoint presentation and distribute on presentation sharing sites like slideshare.com , Scribd.com , slideaware.com

The another advantage of these sites are, they pay you on your shares presentation. This this way you can make some extra bucks for your archive.

5. Share it on Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites are second ,after search engines like google and Yahoo. Thus it is always advised by the famous and mighty bloggers to share /market your article properly on social bookmarking sites.

You can share your old post on these sites yourself manually or and can take advantage of social monkee like social bookmarking services.

Another Great method is sharebar plugins for google chrome. Though first time it ask you user name and password for all the social bookmarking sites, later on they can use the same credential automatically.

6. Link with newer and popular post

Internal linking is one of the best method to improve your ranking as well as it can engage your readers more on your site.

Add at-least two or three old post with your new post every time you are writing you’re a new article for your blog.

Some popular plugins can also do this for you like popular post, random post and YARPP, but do not exclusively depend on these plugins for promoting your old post.

7. Republish it

You can republish your old post with new headlines and improved SEO. This can sometimes confuse your readers if you are publishing date of original publishing date along with comments. Here you can mention when this post was originally published first time.

Another hack of this method is, do not publish date along with your post like we do on binarynote.com. Some other popular sites like youngprepro.com also do the same.

8. Mention in Your podcast

If you are running your own podcast, Here you can mention your old post. It is more of less similar to internal linking, Podcast will not increase the value of your old post but surely will have a new readers.


9. Mention in your Comment

Install commentLuv on your blog. CommentLuv can help you a lot to review your old post,link your old in your comment reply.

Leave comment on commentluv enabled website attach your old post on these sites. By default commentluv add your newest post. But signing with commentLuv site enable you to browse you post ,thus you can promote your old post very well with commentLuv.

If you are still not sure how to do this, Check the comment section of this site, it use commentLuv feature to promote all it’s old and new post on comment reply.

10. Combine your Best old Post and Publish it

This is not new but still effective method, Create a new post mentioning your best category wise/subject wise wise best old post and show it to your readers. Some times readers does not know how much hidden treasure you have.


These are some of the best methods as I have seen on the blogosphere. If you know some more creative methods to review your old post. Kindly let us know.

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18 thoughts on “10 amazing methods to Promote your old Post to increase website Traffic”

    1. I am 100 sure these method will surely help you to bring some fresh traffic to your site. Thanks dear for your valuable feedback on this article”10 methods to revive your old post”. Hope to see you very soon

  1. Blogs have become the number one type of website in the world. First of all, they are incredibly easy to set up. Second, they are very SEO friendly by nature. And finally, promoting a blog doesn’t seem that difficult. Sadly, many bloggers fail to get the promotion stage of blogging right. If know the correct answers to the following 3 blog promotion questions you are way ahead of the curve!

    1. DearDenise ricardo, this is the main reason, probloggers are there and we are not there- it is marketing of their blog. Thanks for your valuable feedback, Hope to see you soon

  2. Really helpful post with great ideas; I’ve passed it on to others. One thing: You write “Here is a little hack you can apply to create mini E-books”. WHERE is “here”? I’ve converted a URL through one site, but it doesn’t allow for much customisation and leaves a white space at the bottom with the URL. Are there better, free services?

    1. That actually missed in the article. you can use joliprint.com services to convert any url into mini PDF and send on popular pdf sharing sites. ~rakesh kumar

    1. Yes these are tried and tested method to increase traffic though your old post. Thanks for posting your feedback, see you soon

  3. Nice tricks Rakesh. Even I had this “republishing: idea in my mind earlier. but, thinking out that somebody is doing like this or not,.. It is workable or not. Now, I can try this out. Thanks for the idea Rakesh.

  4. Awesome Share!!

    Commentluv premium is better than free commentluv plugin as it has number of features that free commentluv plugin doesn’t have such as Social Media Linking Options, click data feedback, anti-spam and trackback scrutiny. These features make your blog site more influential and traffic engaging.

  5. This is a great idea to rewrite your old posts ,as a result it will make your posts SEO friendly and will keep your blog/domain away from Google Panda update Penalty. I do this once in awhile, I thought about going through some of the older ones that I believe would be helpful and plan to reschedule them or post them as newer blog entries. You should change the date to latest date..but don’t dig and bring the oldest article because the user may think you are lagging behind better to update the previous date.

    Also, Interlinking old posts within the new articles will play a major role in proper indexing of those articles. It works most of the time. These old posts have good page rank, so we can share the page rank to other new posts. This will increase the SERP ranking also. I think Related posts and putting them on the sidebar is the best option to get them noticed.

    Really this post will be of great help to make the blog look and behave like a website so that the good content remained evergreen. Thanks!

  6. Great Share! @Rakesh!

    In the virtual world, website traffic is an essential metric tool that helps the business owners to gauge the success of their web portals. When you are planning to build your business empire, you need to find out the ways and means to increase the traffic to your website. Website traffic is the backbone of every successful website. Any internet marketer that’s made money on the internet will be able to agree to this.

    By the way, Great points. Things you covered through the post are awesome. I have enjoyed reading all of it. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post :)

  7. Hello Rakesh,
    Thanks for the giving us great knowledge about Promote your old Post to increase website Traffic.I really appreciate the time you committed to supporting this topic.

  8. Hey, Rakesh! Great Post.

    I must say the idea of scripting new or updated content is a fabulous way to keep visitors coming back and adding tags will double up the number of times your website shows up in search results.

    Search engines rank only those websites higher that contains innovative content.

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