10 Best Free Android Apps for Web Designers

Android apps are now almost every thing you and I can think about. I am not a full time Web Designer -programmer, though I love to use these handy android apps for web designer that help me a lot in my day to day work .

1. Color Pal

color pal

Quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes. Color Pal allows you to quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes from COLOURlovers.com. Easily save palettes to your favorites or email them to a friend.

2. Photoshop

photoshop express

Photoshop, which is most popular in editing images, has found its way into Android mobile phones. Adobe has enabled Android mobile users to download this application to their phones. One is able to edit photos and use features such as crop and flip. Photoshop.com has enables users upload and share pictures using their website’s account. Even though it has fewer features, it is worth a try.

3.  Magic Color Picker

Magic Color Picker

Magic Color Picker is an powerful color selection tool suitable for designers, artists and programmers for selecting colors using different color models.

Supports 7 different modes and RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models. Use either palette or sliders to adjust. Colors are shown in decimal and HEX.

4. Flickroid


A simple flickr upload application that integrates into the media gallery.A nice and simple flickr upload application that integrates in the share feature of the media gallery. This is NO flickr photo viewer!
It supports:
– video
– background uploading and retry feature
– tags with suggestions of your used flickr tags
– privacy settings
– photosets, create new ones or just add pictures to them
– batch-upload (in your media-gallery just select multiple photos and select the ‘share’ option)
– blog sharing like twitter etc. (you have to configure
Flickr to enable blog-sharing. See the “Sharing & Extending”-Tab on your account page where you can configure that.)
– account management
– upload multiple images/videos at once

After updating Flickroid you may have to refresh your flickr data via the account management or the refresh option on the upload screen.

If you have upload errors, just click on the failed upload in the upload list (Main Screen) and you will see a detailed error message.

5. PhotoStich Lite

PhotoStitch Lite

6. Simple Text-Text Icon Creator

Simple Text-Text Icon Creator

Simple Text is an application creating minimalistic text icon for LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, Go Launcher, Desktop Visualizer… If you love Clockr or Minimalistic Text, you’re gonna love this one :P
Since version 3.0, you can use Simple Text icon or image as a widget ( just like Desktop VisualizeR )

7.  Typography & Font

Typography & Font News

If you are interested in typography and font faces, whether it be for design or creating them from scratch, this app will keep you up to date with news from dozens of typography related sources! Updated daily!

8.  WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

WebMaster's HTML Editor Lite

CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML editor with syntax highlighting and code completion.  A handy source code editor in your pocket! WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite – HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS editor for web developers.

Syntax highlighting and code completion for HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Editor supports undo/redo feature, built-in virtual keys for tags and popular keyphrases. Dark and light color schemes available.

Ideal for web authoring and programming on the go. Now you can select text encoding – Japan, Chinese, Cyrillic, Western and Central Europe. Available encodings: ASCII, UTF-8, Win-1252, Win-1250, KOI-8, Win-1251, etc.

9. CSS Reference

CSS Reference

Complete CSS reference with syntax, examples, browser support, and more. If you need CSS3 reference,please search CSS3 Reference from www.w3schools.com. One of the most reliable source on the internet.

10.  PHP reference

PHP Reference

You will find complete references of all PHP functions and constants. At PHP Reference you will find complete references of all PHP functions and constants.  Source:www.w3schools.com

11.  jQuery Reference


You will find complete reference of all jQuery objects and methods At jQuery Reference Pro you will find complete reference of all jQuery objects and methods, along with examples.  Source:www.w3schools.com

12.  HTML5 Reference


This HTML5 reference lists all tags supported in the HTML5 specification. Tags, tag attributes and a listing of tags removed in HTML5 (valid in HTML4) are listed in a convenient cheatsheet format. This is the most complete, and up-to-date, HTML5 cheatsheet (reference) around.

Complete list of HTML5 tags
Detailed tag attribute listing with supported values


Though, These android apps are my personnel favorite, Don’t know you like it or not. Which apps do you use for your designer/development work. Kindly consider to post your favorite app in this section just dropping your comment.

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  1. Great list, I would just add another one (free) Website Toolbox PRO.

    I will help you monitor your pagerank and social impact and also measure your code quality and give you tips on how to improve your websites.

    1. Thanks Simon for adding value to this article. Day by day bloggers are very much worried about their pagerank and social impact so this is a great help. Keep in touch

  2. Hey, I am also one of web designer at Openxcell, Android apps which you have described on this post are very useful for web designer but as per the web designing concern I am used some of the inbuilt templates which are very handy. There are so many apps available on Internet that provide grand features to designing a web. Thanks for sharing superior Android apps.

  3. Yeah why not dear. Android rocks and yes as a mobile application developer we should take the advantages of this amazing smartphone.

  4. Hi there. Really a great post. Android has just rock the third generation. Today 14 March Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released.

    1. So why not we web developer just take its advantage, Hope as a developer it would be helpful to you. Thanks for posting your comment MARTIN, see you soon.

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