10 Deadliest Mistakes when Starting a WordPress Blog

Big Mistakes

There are many small items that new bloggers often omit when they are starting a blog from failing to add their voice to delivering less than stellar content. This article will explore some of the more subliminal items that bloggers often forget, These blunders i have already committed during my journey as a wordpress enthusiast, Even, if you say i do not commit mistakes then it would be totally wrong. My mote is  ” Make new mistakes every day” and do not try to repeat them.  The list of 5 deadly mistakes , You must try to avoid while setting your first or last wordpress blog/site.

Big Mistakes

Mistake #1: Leaving out the About Me

People come to your blog to read content produced by you. You’re the reason why people stick around on a blog well after they complete a post. Failing to fill in the about me section of your blog will stop people from learning more about you and what you have to offer.

Even though you may think that the About Me page doesn’t matter in the long-run; it actually does because that’s where people will eventually land if and when they decide to stick to your blog.

It is well known fact people love to see, who is behind all these, does not matter how you ugly is your face, it will connect your reader with.  It is affection not the contents sometimes, that force readers to see what you are doing right now.

if you are not comfortable how to write about me look at the home page of this site, a small concise introduction is some times sufficient and some times you need a detailed biography, Just like Niel Patel, written on his blog- Quick-Sprout.com

Mistake #2: Failing to Optimize for Search

Each blog platform come with preexisting features which allow posts to rank well in search engines but they do often need additional help through plugins and user experience with using keywords. Craft your content with the main keywords you wish to rank for by placing the keyword within the title, description and throughout the body of the content.

Optimizing your blog for search Engine will increase the likelihood of it being found in search engines which, in turn, means more traffic and a greater ability to promote your business or brand.

Complete Guide on Search Engine Optimization can help you a lot. Off Page optimization is as much required as on page Optimization.  A lots of plugins are available to help you to enhance  your on page optimization experience.

All in one SEO ,Yoast SEO, Premium SEO plugins are three highly recommended plugins. You can use any one of them for your blog. Google XML sitemap generator is another such plugins to enhance the readability of your blog.

Some themes like Thesis, headway has some build in procedure to enhance search Engine optimization.

Mistake #3: Adding Difficulty to User Sharing

Blogs have become popular because of the ease for the visitor to share and distribute content. Adding difficulty to users sharing such as omitting buttons like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and many others means you’re less likely to have your content shared with others. Think of your sharing options as a call-to-action; without a call-to-action and adding high resistance to users sharing will mean your blog is less likely to be discovered.

Earlier, Most of the time user were forced to install plugins for these services , Thanks to new Generation of developer who bring all these feature in a single place by adding in a theme.

Mistake #4: Lack of Building Backlinks

Many bloggers push out a new post and move directly on to the next topic. A crucial step to take when starting and running a blog is to build backlinks to your content after the post has been published. Building backlinks don’t have to take your entire afternoon; commenting on a few other blogs is all you need to add a bit of extra search engine juice to your content.

Despite your best efforts to write a search engine friendly post or to rank for your keywords, without keywords you won’t rank well; always remember to build a few links in between each post you publish.

Mistake #5: Delivering Less than Stellar Content

Content is what matters most when starting a blog. Content is the reason people come to your blog and without it they will have no reason to stick around for more than a few seconds. Your content should be a combination of your own voice, experience and knowledge.

Each piece of content should draw upon all that you know and should be created in a way that people directly tell you they would be willing to pay for it. When you know that people find true value in your content, share it and comment, you know you’re going in the right direction with your blog.

Mistake #6: Comment Notifier

How famous blogger always reply to your post and then mail the same, They do not do it manually, They use this wonderful plugin “Comment notifier” . This is must have plugins in my opinion, this plugins keeps your commentator engaged with your blog and bind them to visit your blog again and again.

Mistake #7 :  Email / RSS Subscription

You have a wonderful blog and still wondering why people are not reading your blog. It is learnt that internet users have a very short memory and they keep on forgetting your URL. So it is always advised to give them some sort of option, they can subscribe and keep them informed.

How to ask your reader to subscribe for RSS or Email?  quicksprout.com has one of the simplest and most amazing way to introduce RSS or Email subscription option to  it’s readers.

Mistake #8 : CommentLuv

Want to encourage comment on your blog  and does not award any think except a no-follow link for them, may discourage your readers. CommentLuv is one  of the most talked such plugins who can encourage your reader to drop a simple or most amazing comment on your article.

You can also use the same plugins to show most amazing post of your blog to your readers, thus this plugin can benefit you both way.

Mistake #9 : Catch Your Cache

Check your blog’s page load time using some of the amazing online tools like tools.pingdom.com and loadimpact.com and them consider to enhance your blog’s cache using wp-super-cahce plugins.

Slow website are now being penalised by the major search engine. wp-super-cache plugins can dramatically inhance the speed of your blog, also faciliate to add CDN network.

Mistake #10 : Forget to Minify

As a wordpress theme hacker, I learnt that it is not possible to serve sperate CSS rule for each webpage on your blog, thus you have to supply all the possible CSS rules to it’s theme. It is well known fact, all the CSS rules and JavaScripts are not running all the time. Still occupy the major chuck of your bandwidth while rendering your webpages.

WP-minify is such a wonderful plugin that can reduce the size of active CSS + JavaScript file size.  Must consider this in blog, if you are not using thesis or Genesis or headway like themes.


Have you been making these deadly mistakes with your WordPress blog? You could be losing out on hundreds (even thousands) of visitors to your website. Go through each of the items listed in this article and see if you’re omitting them from your blog and then correct them.

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  1. I get a negative impression on blogs with more ads than content. We know visitors have short attention spans and if they find it hard to navigate a blog, then they may not stay for long. Also automatically loading videos and sounds startle visitors and that’s not a good first impression.
    We must put ourselves in our reader’s shoes and not include anything that will distract them from the message we want to impart.

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