10 FaceBook Fan Page Ideas to Grow Your Start Up to Mythic Proportions


Many people assume that marketing and advertising their enterprise on Facebook is merely a matter of generating a Fan Page but this isn’t all that is necessary as a way to be successful in advertising and marketing on this platform. The reason why a Fan Page is the far better mechanism to market an organization compared to Individual Profile is because in contrast to Personal Profiles, Fan Pages are visible to everyone on Facebook whilst Personal Profiles can only be observed by Buddies. There are 10 key steps to don’t forget when setting up a Fan Page.

#1.   Page Name

“Page Name” is among the strongest ranking aspects on Facebook search. So make certain that you simply are 100% particular about your Page name. To ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to add important key phrases that you simply wish to rank for, as you might be not allowed to alter your page name later.

#2. Authenticity

Facebook is all about authenticity, so that you can become successful there’s a want to interact with men and women as opposed to just selling to them, this way you’ll be delivering value to them. This would encourage people to remain on your page as opposed to move on.

#3. Interact / Communicate

Pages want to have sufficient time invested in them, you cannot set and forget, this is because individuals anticipate their comments to be responded to in a timely manner.

#4. plagiarism

It’s quite essential to post original content on your Page, consistently, which is spontaneous, funny and intriguing. It truly is not successful to rehash other peoples’ content like on a weblog and location it on your Page.

  • Give honor and respect to your fellow soldier ,and you will get the same.
  • Do not pretend to be some one else for your reader.

Anna Chapman was recently caught for plagiarism, when she quoted someone word by word sentence by sentence.

People always love to read you not someone else. You are the reason they are here, not someone else.

#5. Know the rules

“Ignorance of law is no excuse” . It’s very important to know the rules and regulations of Facebook to be able to not breach them, an example of this tagging individuals within your pictures on your Fan page without their consent.

#6. Know the Tools

Taking advantage of all of the tools that Facebook has to offer you for example Facebook Insights, which is automatically activated once a Fan page has much more than 100 likes.

#7.  Create a Community

Participate and comment on other Pages outside of yours that are in your business or subject utilizing Facebook Search. This is a great way to create relationships in your business and it also adds credibility to your company.

#8.  Social Plugins and You

Add Facebook Social Plugins to your website, this way if someone comments on your weblog individuals can see it on their pals profile and immediately draws attention to your weblog.

#9.  Personalize your Page

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. It is an old proverb still majority judge you/your site according to it’s appearance.

Appearances are really important as several people will make a decision no matter whether not to invest far more time on your page based on how it looks, so be sure that your Fan page has your very best face forward.

#10.  Landing Pages

Facebook timeline

Develop different landing pages to target distinct sets of folks. Take new users to a page that encourages them to ‘Like’ you or to a page that they would discover interesting sufficient to keep coming back.

Facebook Time line is one such idea. Create an awesome facebook timeline image for your startup business.  851x315px is the dimension of this image.  If you are not able to create stunning TimeLine image than you can take help from others like  fbcover.com  and 20dollarbanner.com .


Whichever of the above tips you determine to utilize will likely be really efficient and will draw visitors to your internet site together with adding credibility to you as a brand.  Do you have any other great idea to share with us ?

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6 thoughts on “10 FaceBook Fan Page Ideas to Grow Your Start Up to Mythic Proportions”

  1. I’m agree with the authencity point, sometimes we forget that we make this page for human, not the machine. So, we should be original on introduce ourselves

    1. This is the main reason people do not love to interact or does not believe. Its main aim was to build a community. Thanks

  2. I agree. Fan Pages are definitely the better choice as it is so easy to simply ‘like’ a fan page. Unlike the friend limit of 5000, there are no limits to how many fans there can be so you can have a huge number of people subscribed to your page. Once the page is set up, frequent interaction is very important, for sure. After all, potential customers can be won by proper communication. Posting frequent but useful updates are also important. Many fan pages make the mistake of spamming with too many updates, which can turn off many fans.


  3. actually there are so many tools that facebook provide us.it’s up to us how to use them…
    thank you for this great posting.

    1. ‘A tool is as intelligent as its user”. So again it is up to us how to use each tool. Thanks for this valuable feedback hope to see you very soon

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