10 Free Responsive wordpress Themes 2012

Flexible wordpress theme

The phrase “Responsive Web Design” isn’t even two years old, but it’s hard to read web design articles these days without hearing it mentioned.

What is it and how does it impact WordPress? Responsive design means that your theme is flexible enough to look good on any device. There is no need to create a separate theme or even a separate subdomain or site. One theme can look good on a large desktop, your tablet and your mobile phone.

In this blog post we’ll show you a selection of 10 great free responsive wordpress themes to wet your appetite.

To really test these themes, you’ll need to view them using several different browser sizes. Try one of these two websites for easy testing:

Responsive Twenty Ten

Free Responsive wordpress theme

Responsive Twenty Ten is the default WordPress theme with an added responsive twist. It is a child theme of the default Twenty Twelve theme with lots of great features like flexible images. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

Ari – Free Responsive wordpress Theme

Free responsive wordpress theme

Ari is a minimalistic, flexible three-column blog theme. The theme uses CSS3 media queries for its responsive layout and is therefore optimized for tablet PCs and smart phones. The theme switches to a two-column layout when viewed on a horizontal iPad screen, and to a one-column layout on iPhones. You can also choose a dark color scheme. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

Yoko- Original Free wordpress Theme

Free responsive wordpress themes

Yoko is a modern and flexible WordPress theme. With the responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries, the theme adjusts to different screen sizes. The design is optimized for big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens. To make your blog more individual, you can use the new post formats (like gallery, aside or quote), choose your own logo and header image, customize the background and link color. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


Free Responsive wordpress theme Bonpress

BonPress is a personal blog theme that is packed with Post Formats (audio, video) features and multiple Custom Widgets. The layout of this theme automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution on desktop and mobile devices. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.



iTheme2 is the perfect theme for technology and Mac related blogs. It uses media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices (no plugin is necessary). Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


Flexible wordpress theme

Flexible, with its Facebook-like style, uses responsive and fluid standards to rearrange its layout to display your content according to different screen sizes. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


Constellation free responsive wordpress theme

The Constellation theme is another one that acts as a starting point. It gives you the flexibility to provide bespoke styles for different devices by using media queries for several devices / screen resolutions, totally up-to-date HTML5 code and a flexible grid system on top of all the other goodness bundled in to the HTML5 Boilerplate. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


The Meerkats Theme is built to respond to different platforms and devices. It is a simple and basic WordPress theme built by Gregor McKelvie. There’s no need to click on demo or preview as what you are looking at is the Meerkats Theme. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

320 and up

320 and up

The 320 and up project page explains it like this “Inspired by Using Media Queries in the Real World by Peter Gasston, ‘320 and Up’ is a device agnostic, one web boilerplate.” 320 and up was developed by Andy Clarke, and is a great starting point for building websites that utilize the latest technologies in modern web browsers. It can be used as is, or as an extension of the HTML5 Boilerplate. Recently updated to include the Thematics default them.

Click here to see a demo      and          click here to download.

Super Skeleton

Super Skeleton

As the name implies, SuperSkeleton isn’t heavily designed. It’s released as as several basic themes and comes with a PSDs, skins, fontstacks and more to you allow to build on top of their work.

Click here to see a demo    and     click here to download.

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    1. it is really a great free responsive theme on a great framework. Thanks for this update.

  1. WordPress is a boon to bloggers, which is available for free of cost. I’ve found out 10 best free WordPress Themes of this year. It would be great help to bloggers, I guess.

    1. Right Santosh, Agreed, WordPress is really a boon for the bloggers. Hope to see you very soon.

  2. Interesting topic. It seems more people will visit your site from a mobile device nowadays especially if you target a young audience. Unfortunately, an engineering site like mine with a lot of slow content (pictures and downloads) is virtually unusable on a mobile device.

    1. Dear George, It hardly matter for these theme from where your site will be accessed, according to the accessing device these themes will adjust themself , that’s why they are called responsive themes and using these themes you are targeting all types of readers. So in my opinion , you should consider one of them from the list. ~rakesh kumar

    1. It is indeed a super responsive and highly customizable theme for any type of blog.

  3. Would like to try this themes on my blog.Also would like to start developing theme sometime down the line.

    1. Dear Shashank, Before trying them on a live website, I would like to suggest you to try them on a demo site and check all the features and how to implement all your desired options in them. Hope to see you soon. ~rakesh kumar

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