10 Guest Post Component to flourish or Perish your Blog

The major problem with guest post is “You have to submit your best work to someone else” more influential and successful in the blogging world. You know it. Might be already submitted your best work.


How to write a Great Guest Post is not the aim of this article. The aim of this article is how to prepare yourself for the perfect Guest Post for optimum results.

Guest Posting is one of the newest form of article marketing, after Latest Google Panda update a lots of article directories has been downgraded for mass content farming. Pure article marketing does not give you much needed rank and popularity and it is also very hard to search your targeted information from these so called article directories.

Though these article have a lots of potential to generate thousand of back-links instantly.

Why Article Marketing is Now dead

Article marketing software makes it very easy for the article marketing organization to submit their articles on thousands of article sites/Directories with the click of few buttons.

These article directories give back a link to your site but also does not bother to check whether the same article has been published on the hundreds of other website without any change, thus dilute the value of your website and does not send targeted traffic to your website.

Article Marketing Solution

Solution is Guest Posting, But the problem is how to Guest Post? Where to Guest Post ? Do you have enough knowhow to rank your guest post high so that you could also rank high and also receive constant targeted traffic from the same old Guest Post.

How to select Targeted Blogs for Guest Posting

Most of the time we choose popular blogs to write our guest post, have lots of Guest writers and update their contents so frequently that even you does not receive your proper rewards in term of visibility and link juice.

Niche :

Do not select any Blog or your friends blog for your Guest Post because you love your friend or you want to oblige. You need a blog or site which can help you to grow your site/blog, Since you are not writing your Guest Post to show your writing skill or your knowledge.

Design :

Choose only the blog that have proper design and a Good readership. If you are Targeting high ranking post then keep in mind they need a very well researched article with proper and relevant picture.

High Rank :

Select only blogs high in ranking then yours, Your post on lower rank blog will not help you at-all, Even you can loose your credibility as well as Google RankSEOQuake Toolbar along with this Simple Google Query can help you to get your targeted blog for commenting as well as blog posting.


What to do before Writing Great Guest Post

It was the first question I asked almost on all the blogs posted something about guest Post or Guest Posting or the Author Advocating. Conclusion of all that is here.

Preparation :

Prepare your blog or site for the flood of targeted visitor. If your site does not have a lots of targeted contents. Believe me all your Guest Post , does not matter how much resourceful, will have no impact on your blog.

Think Linked Articles:

Do not write a Single Post on a Topic – Instead of write a group of article and interconnect these articles.  This will help you to attain 2nd Level of higher Link building.

Follow Up Articles:

Most of the time when some reader like your Guest post on someone else site. They love to read more and more, Prepare for this and post at-least two to three articles on the same blog or site on a very short interval.

Author profile :

It is the most important factor for your Guest Posting. The most important point while submitting your profile, think about your probable readers and prepare several profile according to the nature of your targeted blogs, Not to forget which links you want to promote.

How to write Great Guest Post

No not at all, believe me I am not going to re-invent the wheel. Instead of that I am going to tell you what factors you should consider in your Guest Post.  Problogger.net has almost perfect Guide “How to write great Guest Post”.


Why You Should Get Drunk – The ROI of Partying

Try to attach a Great picture related to your article. Rise of  new social media like pinterest have once more proved that its media that is the most shared on the internet. Great related picture can enhance worth of your article several times.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO or search Engine optimization is first and foremost requirement for your Guest Post. Do not Leave it up to Your Guest Blogs. You can have a quick tips on Search Engine Optimization from this article.

Engage Your Reader :

write your article to teach your probable reader. Do not just inform your reader write like a pro and give them something in your Guest post, they love to read again and again and practice them. If you are able to engage your reader in your guest post believe me they will love to read more from your blog.

Surprise with Size :

You can surprise your reader with its size. Some small article can do wonders. Sometime sort article do wonders and some times well researched article is much more better than the general advice.


Writing Guest Post is one of the market trends to attract a lost of targeted visitor and enhance your reach on the search engine. It is equally important to plan your site and your link building strategy. What is your Guest posting plan for better visibility and attract more targeted visitors?

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8 thoughts on “10 Guest Post Component to flourish or Perish your Blog”

  1. I stopped article writing. Like you said, overall a waste of time now, as Google is only going to continue to devalue these websites, until they become completely obsolete. Guest post is far better in terms of quality

    1. Now you can start Guest posting to increase the visibility of your blog/site. for the time being it is the best method to attract more readers.

  2. Article marketing is indeed dead and guest posting is the way to go. And Rakesh, are you accepting guest posts on your blog? I have sent you a mail regarding that.

  3. Yea, I have to agree that article marketing isn’t quite as lucrative as it once was. Also, good tip about choosing to write for a blog higher ranking instead of lower ranking. Having a good and appropriate picture to go with the article is also very important.


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