10 Premium Resume Templates Bundles

Looking for a job is a meticulous process that often requires time and effort. Some candidates can find it quite exhausting, especially if they don’t have a solid resume at hand. Not everyone can put together a stunning CV that will make a potential employer think you’re the one for the job. That’s why MasterBundles has 10 Premium Resume Templates Bundles to help you land the vacancy of your dreams.

What’s cool about these Resume Templates is that they suit any need and occasion. Searching for a clean business resume template? Or a creative CV template? MasterBundles has you covered. All resumes offered in the below collection are 100% print ready and come in high resolution. Feel free to alter the available Word and Adobe Illustrator files to get the best results in limited time.

Any other reasons why you should invest in ready-made resume templates? First of all, they have a well-thought structure. All you need to do is fill in the needed information and you’re all set. Secondly, these CV templates have unique designs that will perfectly fit your purpose as well as attract your prospective employer. And thirdly, they can help you present your professional qualities and skills at best.

Check out the preview and purchase these high-quality resume bundles to find a great job in no time!

#1 Blank Resume Template – $5 ONLY

Blank Resume Template is just perfect if you want to get an outline of a CV to fill it with your own information. This item offers you clean and well-structured design, somewhat of a resume “skeleton”. Feel free to mix and match the sections of a CV to highlight what’s suitable in your opinion. Whether you want to put your credentials first, or emphasize your personal skills – this item will be a great option. What’s more, you can use the timeline structure to put your previous positions in chronological order. You can choose among Word and Adobe Illustrator formats to make a better presentation of your career. Purchase Blank Resume Template for only $5 and get 74% off of the regular price.  

Price: 74% OFF – only $5

#2 ?hronological Resume Template – just $5

Chronological Resume Template is meant to present your career in the form of a timeline. At that, you can showcase your rich work experience in a professional way. The template has a clean layout split into several sections providing your personal information as well as insights on your professional skills and abilities. With the help of this item, you can show your individuality and orientation on result. The timeline CV template costs only $5, so you can save up to 72% of its initial price.

Price: 72% OFF – only $5

#3 Best Resume Templates / CV Bundle: 10 Templates for $19 ONLY

If you’re looking for a versatile set of resume templates, this one is just the thing! For only $19, you can get 10+ Best Resume Templates for every need and occasion. Whether it’s a student resume, a timeline CV, or a business resume, you will find what you need in this amazing pack. The templates come with all the needed fonts and design elements to help you create an impeccable image for your prospective employers. Don’t hesitate to purchase this item and save up to 95% off of the initial price!

Price: 95% OFF – only $19

#4 Student Resume Template – just $4

If you’re a student looking for a job, then creating an attractive presentation of your practical skills. Since students often lack work experience, the structure of this Student Resume Template aims to highlight different fields of student activity one can partake in while in college. Whether it’s volunteering, part-time jobs, courses – all of it can be listed here. The price of this item is only $4, so you can save up to 78% off of the regular price.

Price: 78% OFF – only $4

#5 8 Federal Resume Templates – $10 ONLY

Looking for a job in government or other federal institutions? Federal employment comes with its own perks such as stability and security, so you need to present yourself as the best candidate for this kind of a vacancy. Federal Resume Template looks professional and clean, but you can add a personal touch to it by adding specific details. By purchasing this item for $10 only, you save up to 93% off of its regular price.

Price: 93% OFF – only $10

#6 5 Downloadable Resume Templates – just $9

If you wish to obtain a universal CV bundle for different types of vacancies, opt for Downloadable Resume Templates. For only $9, you’ll get 5 versatile items suitable for business, creative, or governmental positions. At that, you can save up to 90% of the initial price of the bundle. The templates arrive with all the needed fonts and are 100% print-ready. With minor changes, you can get a finished resume to apply for the vacancy you’ve set your eyes on!

Price: 90% OFF – only $9

#7 Free Resume CV Template

Free Resume CV Template is a great way to create an employee presentation without spending a lot of money. Make use of Multi Colors Options and 100% editable text to insert your personal and professional details into the initial layout. The Free Resume CV Template is perfectly aligned and fully scalable. It can boast well-organized layers to make the process of editing faster and easier. This item has 0.25 inch Bleed Area and comes with a Guideline.

Price: $2

#8 6 Work Resume CV Templates

If you haven’t put together a CV yet, or want to refresh your old resume, this set of 6 Work Resume CV Templates will come in handy. In the download package, you receive a 2 page resume template, 1 cover letter template, 60+ social media icons, fonts with links. Also, this bundle comes with a PDF guide to help you make the most of these great items. You can now purchase $97-worth CV templates for only $40 and get a whopping discount of 59%. So, don’t miss this opportunity!

Price: 59% OFF – $40

#9 Professional Resume Template – only $9

Professional Resume Template is a premium quality item that will pleasantly surprise you with a variety of features offered for its price. In the download package, you get two pages in MS Word format, a cover letter template, a pack of fonts, a set of social media icons, and a PDF guide. Make use of a 64% discount to purchase this $25-worth template bundle for only $9.  

Price: 64% OFF – $9

#10 Minimal Style Resume CV Template

One of the biggest mistakes made by applicants is overkilling their CVs with many unneeded details. Simple and Minimalist Resume CV Template can be the key to your success. For only $9, you get a well-structured 1 Page Resume and 1 Cover Letter layout supplied with PDF preview files. In the download package, you get a set of files compatible with Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. So, you can customize them in any way you see fit for yourself. Don’t miss a chance to get 61% off of the regular price of this bundle!  

Price: 61% OFF – $9

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