10 methods to Increase Organic Blog Traffic instantly

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When you have a blog you want to increase Organic blog traffic. However you have several choices in how you go about doing that. The two major choices are pay for traffic or get traffic to come to your blog organically. Organic traffic has many benefits over paying for traffic. For one, organic traffic is not as affected by changes in search engine algorithms. That means that organic traffic holds steady no matter what is happening. Organic traffic is also long lasting. It does not fade away after a few days or get blacklisted by search engines. Those are only some of the reasons that you should invest in organic traffic solutions.

Here are my 10 method to to increase organic blog traffic effectively for your blog:

Know your niche

The first thing you should do when you are trying to increase organic blog traffic to your blog, make sure your blog has a niche. You want your blog to be seen by the widest possible number of people, I understand, but you also want to give your readers something they can’t get anywhere else.

You can only do that by finding a specific topic to concentrate on and then move on from there. For example a blog about kids is too nonspecific but ones about kids with ADD are better off.

However you would not want to narrow it down too far, let’s say by talking only about kids in first grade with ADD and a love for dinosaurs. If you make it too narrow you risk running out of content but if you make it too wide you lose readers who are overwhelmed or confused.

Who is your focus

Speaking of readers it is very important to understand who your readers are. Is your blog being read by teen or retired people? Parents or kids? By finding out who your target audience is you can better tailor your blog content to their needs and wants.

By making sure you know what they want to read you always have a ready supply of blog ideas on hand that will be a success with your audience. There are many sites that you can find this information on. Some charge a fee and others are free so take a look around and see which one best suits your needs.

Increase Organic Blog TrafficGoogle Advance search and Alexa have can help you to pin point your readers base very easily. Thus they can give you clear idea which type of topics are being consumed by your readers.

Do some research

Research is every important to make your blog really be a hit with organic traffic. Find out where the traffic comes from, Which buyer keywords are not hot, what topics are your best hits, who is reading your blog and when, when the best time to update your blog is and more.

There are many sites that come with convenient analysis tools that can help you see trends and do research. For example I found out that my blog got very few hits on weekends so I saved my new updates for Monday. Simple things like that can make a big difference in your organic traffic.

The same way you can find out when facebook and twitter receive maximum traffic, the same time must be used to share your articles on facebook and twitter.

hashtags.org is one such website that can help you to analyze the trending hashtags on different platform.

Use keywords effectively

Another aspect to your research is to find what keywords are needed to direct your target readers to your blog. These keywords are terms that are commonly searched. While something like “the intricacies of shoelace education” would not be searched for commonly something like “how to teach your children to tie their shoes” would be.

Although the idea behind the content may be the same the way you use keywords and title your blog posts can make a huge difference. You want to do some research and find out what words are being searched for in your blog’s nice. You can even create entire posts around the words you find and it really helps to give you ideas.

Write accurately

Just because you are using keywords, however, does not mean you should go overboard. Do not write something just for the search engines. Make sure what you write is something that readers would want to read too. You should be very accurate in your writing with good grammar and punctuation.

A writing style that is unique to you is also a good idea. If you naturally write conversationally then stick with that. If you write more informally then go that way. Do not try to write different then you do naturally. Instead embrace your differences and make your blog unique. You should also remember to link to any references you give and any studies that you include in your blog posts.

How much Post Length matters

Blog post having more than 2500 words have better chances to out rank all those post having less than 2000 words. It was an experiment done by Neil Patel on his blog.

While you are writing you should also pay attention to the length of your blog posts. It is good to have long in depth posts but if you go over two thousand words people tend to check out. Instead try to keep your writing in that happy medium between five hundred and two thousand words.

You should also break longer posts up into series or lists so that they are easy for readers to scan. Sub headings also help readers to stay focused and not lose interest in your blog posts.

How can You ignore 1000 words – Image is everything

The way your blog looks really does make an impact on your organic traffic. You want real readers to be happy with your blog’s layout and feel. Make sure you are not using too bland or too bright of a background, make sure your links are working and it is easy to navigate through your site. You should also add visual appeal like images and videos to further interest readers. Make it easy for them to see how your blog works and how to get further into your blog posts or website information.

Social media

Social media is a huge part of organic traffic. It doesn’t take much to connect your blog to your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

social locker plugin

If you are using WordPress for your website ,premium wordpress plugins for Every wordpress user, are there to solve almost every single problem, you can even imagine. These can also help you to boost your presence on these media, like Anna Haffman used content to hide important portion of her article and only show it when her reader share that content on social media using .

Many times you can have automatic updates so that when you post a new article it is also posted to social media. This gains you much exposure. Make it easy for people to share your blog posts on social media as well by adding share buttons to your posts. Add a twitter feed to your blog and try to merge the followers that you have in both areas so that you can expand your reader base.

recommended read : 10 Facebook marketing tricks to get unlimited traffic

Stay on target but think outside the box

When you write over time you start to lose focus on what your central topic is. That can be very bad so you should make sure you remind yourself what your blog’s topic is. However you should also think outside the box and try to some up with innovate new ways to connect what you are passionate in with what the readers are looking for. From knitting to cars you can always find connections. For example for that blog about ADD kids you could write about how knitting helps to focus their minds or how to handle a long car ride with ADD kids.

Enjoy what you write

Last but not least you should enjoy your blog. If you love what you are writing and are passionate about it your readers will see that. Organic traffic is all about creating real connections with readers and that starts with sharing your passion and love for blogging. Don’t get burnt out or get your mind set on making your blog make money. Instead try to keep your passion for writing pure and give readers what they really want. The organic traffic you get from doing that will pay off.

Getting more organic traffic to your blog is not hard. You just have to make your blog something that readers want to read. Take some time to look at the kind of traffic you have and the kind of blog you want. I think you will find that organic traffic is the way to go.

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  1. Nice tips for increasing blog traffic. Organic traffic is very important for seo. We always need to focus on organic traffic.

    1. Good to see you here Taposh. keep in touch for some unconventional tricks and tips on WordPress and SEO

  2. Really, the way you guided me to start a career in blogging has changed my point of view towards blogging.

  3. Ya, every bloggers want to their blog get the traffic from the organic traffic basis. This article may guide to the newbies to get the organic traffic.

    1. Hello Rajkumar, Good research always pay a lot and this is the heart and soul of every blog’s organic traffic. It is organic traffic that converts visits into real money. Keep in touch ~rakesh

  4. Increasing the organic blog traffic is every blogger’s dream…But what i found was that it is not that easy…You have rightly ;pointed out some useful points.I think the most important point is to enjoy writing keeping in minds the reader’s interest…Success will come but will take time…Have lot of patience…

    1. Very well said karnal Singh. If you are able to give some important and unused information to your readers and your readers are able to understand that this is the blog/site providing unique tips on a particular niche, success in bound to be yours. Thanks for adding your valuable comment. Keep in touch my dear. ~ rakesh kumar

  5. I must say that All Bloggers specially Newbies should have look to your article about Ways to Increase Organic Traffic.There are lot of things to learn here…
    Thanks Rakesh for this valuable information.This information also helps me a lot…

    1. Dear Riya, What i have notice over the time is- New bloggers does not research well before executing anything and later on become victim of black hat techniques that hurt them too hard. Thanks for adding value and keep in touch

  6. Awesome Tips Rakesh, Doing effective Keyword research is the first and foremost aspect bloggers need to focus on.

    1. YOu are 100% right mukesh and most of the time new bloggers forget to concentrate on this issue. Thanks for adding your voice on this topic, keep in touch :)

  7. Hi Ken, as a blogger i really like your article, this is the advance source of information about increasing blog traffic, you providing the best and new methods here. thanks for great post.

  8. Nice to see the tips to get organic traffic, the most impressive one is the use of keywords. You have described all the points very well here. This blog seems very informative and useful too.

    Thanks for the sharing,


  9. great post i really enjoyed these tips reading. willing to apply them soon. really a different post i ever seen on this same topic

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful information.This is really important for me.I am searching this kind of information from a long time and finally got it.

  11. 2000 words? Thats really too much don’t you think. SEO wise it might make sense but won’t reader just get bored reading 2000 words.? What do you think? What is the ideal word count for a post.

    1. if you are able to pen down an article having more than 2500 words, then it is now an established fact that you are going to rank for the keywords. But it does not mean you just write anything about the keyword, you have to research, classify and categorize you data and then present in such a forget that will help your reader to get something very special from that post. This is the real way to get targeted traffic from search engine and money. Keep in touch suman.

  12. hey frnd ! i always do as you said but visitors on my website are still low and my website is also not approved by adsense.
    plz help me wht should i do to approve my google adsense account. your tips are necessary for every bloggers . thanks to share …

    1. Dear Nitin, Let me remind you first- I am not Google adsene expert but what i am able to see in your blog is – It seems spammy in its first interaction. 2. Yo do not have a proper about us page – it does not have a proper introduction to yourself not it have your profile images in your google+. 3. You are not targeting a niche or a group of niche 4. it seems you are trying to generate content only for the search engine not for the readers 5. Try to learn how to write compelling contents, for this i would like to recommend you copybloggerc.om and quicksprout.com. Hope you will not take these points as negative but will guide you to boost your blog quality. meantime you can also follow this link to get google adsense approval. https://binarynote.com/google-adsense-tricksget-approval-in-just-2-days.html

      Keep in touch Nitin. ;)

    2. sir, its my best to write an article. I don’t know how it looks like spammy. can you explain it and niche also.
      it will be helpful me to approve my adsense account.
      and thanks for your supportive response.

  13. Awesome Tips Rakesh, Doing effective Keyword research is the first and foremost aspect bloggers need to focus on.

    1. Glad to know that Gautam. it is also the main source of continues traffic for your site. other sources will dry very soon but this will help you to grow day by day. Keep in touch

  14. Hello Rakesh, awesome tips. I really liked that you have mentioned first “Know your niche”. I consider is as the base for organic traffic. This is a complete step by step guide to increase the organic traffic.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this post.

  15. keywords IS vital to any blog it is the life stream that fuels a blog. Thus, inculcating this words in a strategic position would definitely place your blog the search engines.

    1. Fully agreed Tushar, Keyword research thus pay a very vital role in the success of any blog post. When people complain about low CPC or RPM, my advice to them remain same – Learn how to do keyword research and embed them in your article. Thanks for adding this comment. Keep in touch

  16. Very Interesting post, thank you.
    How long did it take from posting the “… like a pro” post to getting it on the front page? And how much social promotion of your posts do you do?

    1. Dear Sagar, Thanks for your kind words. Your every post is your masterpiece so why we people are so lenient to promote that, since my major traffic comes from search engine so i take very good care of my keyword research besides that i am also active of several facebook groups.

  17. Dharmesh
    These are mind blowing tips,i mean these tips prove itself when we will implement them, just after deep study i came to know that it will really work. and totally change the direction of my mind.
    Thanks again for providing such kind of practical information.

  18. Very informative post covering almost all point. Learned what I was doing wrong and why I am not getting traffic (organic). Hope after implementing will see some change in stats. :)

  19. thank you for this well written post
    I was wondering why my blog is not getting that much traffic now I got some point that i was missing out
    Thanks for summoning it all at one point sir

    1. Well, if you will be able to implement some of them then i am sure you are bound to rock. Keep in touch Dharmesh

  20. Hey bro,

    That’s really a informative post,
    This point is new to me
    “Blog post having more than 2500 words have better chances to out rank all those post having less than 2000 words” .
    I guess from now i should post at least few posts with more than 2000 words .

    1. You must try if you want to outpost currently ranking website for the same keywords. Good Luck and Keep in touch Sai Charan.

  21. It is a great post from you Rakesh to increase the organic traffic.

    Hope am following at least half of the ways which you’ve listed here and will follow the missed ways to get genuine organic traffic for my blog.

    I used to do some research before writing the post, enjoy while writing and doing it for my readers. Will try to find where my visitors are as you told.

    Doing keyword research is fine, but can you explain how to select the keywords, no of times it should be used in the post, how many long tail keywords and so on to drive real traffic through search!

    BTW, thanks for sharing the great sources to drive organic traffic to a blog.

    1. I think you must read my this article -https://binarynote.com/how-to-find-profitable-keywords-using-free-google-keyword-tool.html. For long tail keywords is again upto you. If you are able to find out suitable long tail keywords then it hardly matters, how many words this long tail keyword has. IF you want to know how many times a keyword must appear in your blog copy, i think these types of features are already available in yoast seo.

      BUT finding buyer keywords must be th utmost priority of any blogger otherwise with all this or that type of traffic, his/her earnings is going to disappoint.
      Keep in touch ;)

    2. Hello Rakesh,

      Nice points you have mentioned in the current article. But here in your answering comment to Nirmala, I am not agree too much with your thoughts.

      One of the main reason not to agree is that you are mentioning about yoast plugin, no doubt it is a good plugin for seo but for density purpose it is not a good plugin to use. I am saying this just because of my experience with it.

      Before 1 month ago, I was too much concentrated on making keyword density of 1-2 % for an article. I got rankings too for that particular keyword but I don’t get for its variants. Obviously many bloggers use keywords as it is in the article and meta description. That only helps them to get ranking for particular keyword.

      Maximum will look to get all green bubbles in the score-card. :-D And to be frank, I really on my friends who work with and still do that. Just because its a tool, based on mathmatical calculations. So we can’t focus on that tool to know how much time one should use a particular keyword in the title.
      What you say about this…?

    3. Good to know that you know how these tools are actually working. Its just a recommendation Aman. I used to write not to satishfy the keyword density level of one plugin or another plugin. It should be natural does not matter how many times a keyword appear in my copy or not and the same had been recommendaed by the goolge search team. But for a newbie it can help them a lot, thus recommended one such plugin.

      Instead of repeating keywords, I love to place its synonyms or similar long tail keywords in my blog post.

      Keep in touch

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