10Web Review: The Perfect WordPress Backup Tool


If you have one or more WordPress websites, backup is the most important aspect of your site management tasks. With increasing number of malware and hacking attacks, you cannot leave this part of website management on manual processes. Many times, user errors could lead to loss of files and database – something that can be devastating for your business. 10Web provides a one-stop WP site management solution. Its backup feature provides you simple tools required to setup automatic backups and single-click restores.

To prevent this risk in future you can use 10web – a one-stop WP site management solution. 10web offers +60 premium plugins and add-ons, themes and services include backup, image optimizer and others.
Let’s look over backup service and see what it can deliver to you.


10Web’s Backup Feature

10Web will perform automatic backups of your WordPress site and its database on the cloud. You can restore the backup as and when required. The platform provides you with a backup plugin that will automatically take care of your site’s backups. It will eliminate any concerns about losing your data or having to maintain your backups on a regular basis. The next time you lose any site data, you will not have to worry.

Main Features


The key backup features of 10Web are as following:

  • Backup All Site Files & Database: 10Web allows you to take backups of all your files and database in just a few clicks. This includes all the content on your site, the themes, plugins, and database files. It is best to enable automatic updates instead of manual updates to ensure that your data always remains safe and secure.
  • Scheduled Backups: The platform allows you to automate backups for your site. The backup process can be scheduled to your requirements including daily, weekly and monthly periodicity. If your website becomes a victim of a malware attack or hack, you will not have to think when was the last time you carried out a backup.
  • Maintain Backup Logs: The system maintains logs of all backups conducted. This ensures that you will have complete knowledge of all the backups. It is the logs that help you determine when each backup was made.
  • Differential Backup: What would benefit you more – taking full site backups every time or only select backups of data that has been changed since the last backup? 10Web has a differential backup feature. This ensures that only the data changed since the last full backup process is backed up. This helps in saving valuable time and storage space. In other terms, there is no sense in taking full backups of your site and database every time.
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  • Cloud Storage Backups: Cloud storage is the most reliable form of backup storage solution that is currently available. It helps ensure that your data is invulnerable since multiple copies are maintained in different servers. 10Web allows you to select from multiple cloud storage solutions. This different options include Dropbox, GDrive, RackSpace, and many others. You can select a solution that you may already be using or are more familiar with and offers more convenience. The platform offers at least 10GB free cloud storage space on Amazon S3 to start with. You can purchase more space as and when required.
  • Easy Restore: When it comes to taking WP site backups, it is as important to have easy restore options as the backup options. 10Web allows you to restore your site fully to the latest backup with just a click. All you have to do is to log into the dashboard and click on the restore option. There is no need for any advanced knowledge or previous experience.

This platform also allows you to archive your site’s backups in a wide range of formats. This offers more flexibility by catering to different needs. You can archive the backups in Zip, Tar, and a number of other formats.


10Web is a total WordPress website management and optimization platform. You can find more than 60 plugins and a wide range of other tools to help you manage your WP site without the need to hire professional help. Anyone with basic IT skills can manage one or more WP websites from the same dashboard. The backup feature is just one aspect of this program. It also allows you to design and develop your WP site, optimize your site for search engines, optimize all the images on your WP site, enhance site security, and do a lot more.

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