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What do you do when you wanna start a new website for any type of business?  Just add your keyword before or after some article and book your Domain Name? or Do you start posting for a  so called premium domain name on facebook?

What do you do ?

Lots of people are coming to the internet and registering a new Domain Name for their business, but getting a proper short domain name is hard and checking the availability of these types of domain name is difficult and time consuming.  To overcome this problem we have collected some of the best domain name Generator tools/website around the web.

These domain name generator tools add your desired keyword in prefix, suffix and they can show you the most branded short name with total no of character as well as whether such name had been booked on twitter and facebook or not.

These Domain name generators tools are not arranged in any order, but the first one is my personal favorite otherwise each one of them is best in its class.

1. LeanDomainSearch.com

Domain-Name-Generator tools
Leandomainsearch tool is very simple with just one text box and the search button and no filters are available. The search results generate all possible combination and list both available and free domains up to 3000 domain names. The search limit can be increased by upgrading membership to premium.

Besides this you can arragnge these results according to the lenght,popularity and alphabetically.

2. Name Station.com  :

This is another website that is my favorite, besides normal Good Domain Name generator, here on this website , you can run a contest to get a premium domain name, as well as they have a long list of every type of Good/ Premium Domain Names  to inspire you.

To use this Domain Name Generator website, you are required to create your own account or have to give access to either your twitter handler or facebook information.

Besides Generating a Premium Domain Name yourself, You can also set a contest for the same on this website, but for that you have to spend $35.

3. Wordoid.Com

The Most comprehensive Good Domain Name Generator ,helps you make up names with almost every word and length you provide. Besides the Generated names this website also tells you which TLDs are already booked and which are right now available to explore.

4. Domize.Com :

Domize is a domain name search engine. Simply put, this means in addition to checking whether a domain name has been previously registered or not (the limit of other domain name look-up tools), Domize will check whether unavailable domain names can be bought on the secondary market or whether they’re soon expiring.

Most incredibly, Domize runs these additional checks in next to no time, meaning you’re spending less time waiting for page reloads or starting at spinning icons and more time finding your perfect domain name

5. Domain Groovy :

DomainGroovy is a domain name generator. Enter any keyword and instantly receive hundreds of great domain names that are available to register right now. For example, if you’re looking for a domain name about dogs you could enter puppy, hound or dog

6. Avail.io :

They call them self future ready domain name search engine. This website does not generate any new name, but instead of that it display all the available names with different TLDs and if your desired name is already taken by someone, then it display total number of days to expire.

7. Domai.nr

Domainr finds domain names and short URLs. Instantly check availability and register for all top-level domains. Find creative url structures for that name you really, really want to use.

8. Domain Hole:

DomainHole has the tools to help you find a great domain name. From expired domain search tool, to our domain name generator to availability checker. If you are searching for any type of Good Domain Name, give this website a try and i am sure, you will bookmark this site for your all types of domain name needs.

9. Bust a Name  :

Takes a little getting used to, and is a bit painful to use, but can be valuable at getting you to think about connected ideas

10. Value Drops :

Quality expiring domains, filtered on daily bases. Find Great domains that are dropping every day. These guys update every day with quality domain names recently expired. All those who are looking for expired domain names can explore this wonderful resource everyday

11. Dot-O-Meter

This is one of the simplest tools you can ever imagine, add some keyword which you want to add to your domain as a prefix  or suffix or alternatively select a preset list. Click on the combine button and the words will be combined right before your eyes. Click on the names you like and then check if they are available with just a click. It’s a simple, yet an amazing web 2.0 domain name generator!

Your Turn

How much useful these domain name generators are? How much you were benefited from these Domain Name generators tools, which one is now your favorite, do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

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  1. Picking up a domain name is really a hard job these days,
    when i tried to register my Domain TECHGLITTER, it took me many days to search for available domain name!!
    DO you Know !! Even the domains like TECHASS and TECHFUCK were also registered :P

    These sites are really useful for all those who are looking for new domains :)

  2. What a great article! Thanks for sharing it made me see where I was effective some points. It really is a very helpful and informative post.

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