11 Proven Tips to Boost Alexa Page Rank With Fake Traffic

Alexa ranking with Fake Traffic

Alexa Page rank lets us know the quantity of traffic a specialized website is getting, but it compares your online site traffic because of the sites anywhere. Should your site has good Alexa Page rank, advertisers may be easily convinced to advertise with your site. (Text Link adds can be described as a company which can help you in acquiring many advertisers on your behalf blog, if your Alexa rank is useful). Sites with Good Alexa rank get high ranking relating to the search engines like bing.

Alexa Page Rank is a site ranking assigned by Alexa Internet to measure websites’ popularity. It statements to have an availability of factors in deciding the blog popularity, but really it all depends mainly on usage data collected because of the Alexa toolbar.

The greater the ranking is, the smaller number is a rank given. Influenced by Alexa, Google (Alexa Ranking 1) is easily the most popular website on the net, followed by Yahoo(2), Facebook(3), and Youtube(4).

You will find numbers of how to raise your Alexa rank. Here are now the top 11 methods to increase your website’s Alexa page rank.

Tip#1  Install Alexa Toolbar

First, it is advisable to Install Alexa toolbar along with your blog post for the reason that site. You might already know, Alexa rank is set on such basis as the material collected via the Alexa toolbar. About the click on the visitor which has it installed might be counted when he visits your website.

As the webmaster from a personal website, first of all you must do may be to set it up on your browser and also yuor web blog to remain your house page making sure that every single time you open IE, you make a bit contribution to your own website for Alexa rank improvement.

Tip#2   Install Alexa Toolbar -again

Second, Install Alexa toolbar on all computers you’re able to touch. You can even your web blog while the main page. Push people you’re friends with to run Alexa toolbar.

Tip#3  Install Alexa Widget – Increase Alexa Page Rank

Perhaps you were wondering why these pro bloggers had installed these crap on their website. Now the point is, you are required to arrange an Alexa counter widget on your own blog. Within the next clicked, it will likely be counted as traffic by Alexa, set up one that clicks it won’t install the Alexa toolbar.

Tip#4  Write an article on Alexa

Fourth, you can write some articles about Alexa on your blog or website. You can even open an Alexa column. Many webmasters wish to see these false claims. In case you write good articles, they’ve been prone to republish or check out them, course . would bring you traffic so because of this improve Alexa rank.

Tip#5  Use Webmaster Forums

Fifth, you must have to travel to where webmasters return to frequently and post the Link to your web page there. Generally, webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed. Have a trip into a webmaster forum to put in writing posts promoting your site.

Tip#6 Promote Your Blog on Alexa

Sixth, let your folks prefer your web blog on Alexa website. It isn’t really sure what amount of this can benefit your blog’s Alexa rank, marketing promotions campaigns to experience a good rating.

Tip#7 Write Good Article for webmasters

Seventh, you can easily write a column that webmasters may be serious about, such as an SEO column, to get more webmasters to talk to your site.

Tip#8 Use Alexa Redirection

Eighth, you’re able to use the Alexa redirection function.  http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?www.binarynote.com. Replace binarynote.com with the URL for your website.

Leave this redirected URL in blog comments as well as forum signatures. This redirect will count a unique IP address once a day so clicking it compound times won’t help.  There is no official proof that redirects positively profit your Alexa Rank, so use with carefulness.

Tip#9  Participate in Foreign Forums

Ninth, If at all possible, take a look at some foreign forums or websites to build up your web site, for foreign surfers often install the Alexa toolbar. The digitalpoint forum attracts a lot of foreigners and almost every new or old blogger is available across the globe.

Joining forum does not mean just join it and give any garbage message to anyone. Try to really help the people with your meaningful advice, sincere advice will automatically attract the visitor to your site.

Here, in this case, the hack is your signature on the forums site.  Your signature must link to your best article, in this case, otherwise, all the hard work on these forums will give you no permanent traffic at all.

Tip#10 Advertise

Tenth, In case you have sufficient funds, you’ll consider buying some pay-per-click ads to your blog. That literally brings abundant IP.

Tip#11  Use Alexa relevant Content

Eleventh, you’ll be able to links to Alexa relevant content as part of your more popular articles for your blog, or use Alexa redirection to back-link to other places with the blog.

These are some of the best kept secret to increase alexa page Rank, If you have some more tips and tricks to increase alexa ranking. Kindly inform us, so that we can update our self.

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200 thoughts on “11 Proven Tips to Boost Alexa Page Rank With Fake Traffic”

  1. Awesome post sir
    Highly Educative
    I have a question to ask though

    I’m actually on Free trial with Alexa right now and with my Alexa Widget installed on my Entertainment blog https://www.holykey1.com/

    If the trial ends and i still keep the Widget running on my website and follow your steps above, will Alexa not stop rating my website?
    Thanks again

  2. These are really wonderful ideas in about blogging.
    You have touched some good things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  3. I was searching for the same and i really need this kind of article to execute on my blog. Thanks for the useful info really appreciated

    1. Hi Gaurav, perhaps you would not believe in these methods but these are tried and tested methods so you can apply these methods on any websites.

  4. I’ve a website (image website) means no content I uploaded only images, banner, logo and funny images quotes. Now my question is how I improve my alexa rank? According to your blog if we update blog on website regulerly, its good for the website, I completed agreed. Now my website ranked on world wide 5297238. So how I improve it.


    1. Hi Alena Sham, In this case i would like to suggest you to do proper key word research and find out related LSI keywords. Your Image file name must be your long tail keywords and your Alt Text should also the same. Rest like Caption of your Wallpaper/ Funny Image should be the LSI keywords and the same way you are requested to define the description in about 20-50 words. And Do not forget to share these images on popular image sharing websites like Pinterest and Instagram. And install Alexa plugin in all your browsers and the same website should be your home page in all the browsers. These are some very small hacks that can help you to improve your ranking as well as help you to get good traffic.

  5. my website alexa arrived to 1.9 m and then increased to more than 2 m in fact i try many ways but your article really good for me

  6. I’ve read this post about 7 times now already and learnt quite a lot
    from it that I even shared it on Github. Thank you for the valuable knowledge!

  7. Thanks a lot, I am searching on Internet – how can I increase my site’s Alexa rank, finally found it here() with the full guide. keep sharing.

    1. Hi mukesh, really happy to know that you find this guide useful. This is not a guide but my real experience and using the same i am able to reduce the alexa ranking of all my websites. Keep in touch :)

  8. I had never noticed before about Alexa. But by reading this, I’d probably try to learn more about Alexa. Thanks for your Information.

  9. My experience has been that, as our Alexa ranking improved, so did our sales. This makes great sense, as we practice a very passive sales approach. We provide a ton of free content and even free products. That brings people to our site and keeps them coming back hence the constantly improving Alexa ranking.

  10. Yep, it’s very important information to get the good Alexa Rank for your website and most of the webmaster will agree with these above mention metrics.

    Hope you will share more Alexa Ranking blog in near future.

  11. Thanks for sharing such nice Tips. However,the #8 doesn’t seems to be working anymore. Can you please suggest any other method for redirection.

  12. More and more way to increase your rank such as:
    1. Install Alexa Toolbar
    2. Split your category in many subdomain
    3. Auto surf with short url of your search engine refer to your site
    4. Submit to Social bookmark
    5. Ping Youtube video display your link
    6. CPC Ads, Popup Ads, Banner Ads
    7. Build more blog in more provider such as: blogger, wordpress, tumblr, blog.com, free html website …
    8. Joint big social, big group, big topic comment and put your site in profile
    9. Share many themes, many script, many premium online product
    10. Share and demo your wordpress themes in your sub domain of your site
    and more more more may be 1001 way!

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this post, We are having Regular posting in our blogs, but still we are facing to increase alexa ranking, any other short cut ways to increase alexa ranking


  14. Last Month “http://www.thefoneshop.net/” alexa rank is 421,345

    Now its reach 707,354

    Can you discuss please, how i increase again

  15. I think we can write a few blogs about Alexa onto our website, it could be beneficial. Well, I loved all the tips, thanks for sharing them all.

    1. Hi Kasy, I am really happy to know that you love the tips and tricks shared on this article to enhance your alexa ranking. I would highly recommend you to read our article on ” The art and science of power backlinks” and also advise you to use magic submitter

    1. Hi Harsh, Welcome on the Board. You can use SEOQuake to do this. Besides showing your website’s current ranking it will also guide you to achieve a lots of new things. I am using this plugin for more than 4 years.

  16. You inspired me on this subject Rakesh because there has been something I have been wanting to say about Alexa for quite some time. So I used your tips, most of them and wrote a well, not all that similar of a post but on a very similar starting topic.

    Mine is titled: How To Fake Your Way To A Better Alexa Rank. The post itself is a whole lot different, but when it finally gets to the tips I credited you and hyperlinked your post here as the authority on them, and the inspiration for my post. I write pretty long post. This one is about 4,000 words. I get pretty chatty.

    But feel free to click to the website. Leave a comment. I am changing the comment section to follow as you recommended also. It won’t do you much good off a new blog, PR0, but maybe someday it will.

    I am starting off with a Alexa rank of about 1.3 million and plan on doing all these tips, seeing how far that drops and if its really good, two months from now there will be a second post on how well that worked.

    1. Just thought I would update you Rakesh.

      It is now 9 ranking days latter on Alexa and all I have done so far out of all of those tips is to install the toolbar on Chrome on one computer. Visit all of my pages and post everyday one after another myself on it chaining from one to the next with a differing amount of reasonable minutes in-between, put the clickable Alexa widget code on the side. And write one post bashing Alexa for being phony crap and share it around.

      9 days latter and it has dropped 300,000. Now I realize the lower it goes, the harder it becomes to make it go lower, but this is funny to me and proving how true this all is. I am rather curious to see where that number is going to finally land from the first post about Alexa and starting, to when I said I would write the second post 3 months latter, then toss the Alexa changes up there, compared to my Google Analytic charts.

      Right now I am reading about comment luv to decide if I want it or not, and I find you all over those commenting. Your really funny Rakesh. You just tell it like it is or how you feel anyhow. I really like that.

  17. And you do know exactly who I am talking about don’t you Rakesh with the statement he is the most popular blog in India, which is probably a absolute true statement that he is just that?

    But showing off at the same time a estimated Alexa rank of 1920 off a million views a month and there is absolutely no way that is even close to reality when sites with 10 million users a month rank in the 2,000’s if they are certified Alexa ranks.

    Frankly, if I had a estimated rank of 1920 I might be bragging about that also, but if it was off a million views, the last thing I would be doing is certifying my website either and he definitely won’t be.

    But it is pretty good entertainment value to see the most popular guy in town on true merit and that isn’t good enough to just be that truth, it needs to be blown up way past even what it is.

    I am so glad I don’t have to worry about final prosperity and getting rich since I already did it and now I can just kick back and tell the darn truth however I see it.

  18. You are obviously doing something right when I queried something about fake Alexa ranking and you popped up as number one on Google. And it also must be one heck of a issue with 166 comments and those are the number you approved. LOL, I have to wonder how many hundreds of comments you actually got.

    Also, your current Alexa rank is 66,817 which is not bad at all and what sent me here was the fact my blog sits at like 1,300,000 and I have several friends that are no more popular then me that are in the 200,000 to 400,000 range. I even know one guy that is supposed to be the most popular blog in India with a Alexa of 1920 that says he has a million views a month. That probably is the most popular blog in India without doubt, but the 1920 is just incredible off a million views a month, when the Alexa rank site off the toolbar ranks Alexa at 2100 and says it is about 10 million a month users, not views. So ten times as many users as the most popular site in India has views and that site is ranking better off a estimated number then Alexa is off a certified number with way over 10 times as much.

    Well, thank you for this information because I guess I have to play also. People, advertisers especially and even Google do seem to pay allot of attention to these numbers even though they can be faked like crazy. And for everybody that is doing it, it drives shoddy number look up of everyone that isn’t.

    So what are you going to do when Alexa wants that 9.99 a month minimum to certify a site, and the only way the Alexa numbers would really be seriously accurate is if there was no cost to certify and every site did.

    I am going to write an article about this, but I don’t know how flattering it will be toward Alexa or the people that take Alexa’s numbers so seriously, when for the most part they not only aren’t serious but the very opposite of it where it is a pure numbers game. The lower numbers figuring out how to play the game well and the higher ones not.

    The whole thing in a way cracks me up because people keep saying content is King, or the reader is King. And in some ways it is, and in many other ways, the Game has always been and still is King.

  19. The only problem with alexa is when your traffic is too low, the graph stay flat and I never got what meant the numbers on the left side of the graph? If somebody know, I’ll be happy to hear the answer :)

  20. Nice share, You have shared some nice points here. These are some basic yet very effective points to improve alexa ranking.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Paras, Some of the tricks even i do follow on my blog to increase my own alexa ranking. Keep in touch for another such ideas.

  21. I was searching many times for *how i boost ,my alexa ranking quickly* i have found your post post and this is really awesome thanks for sharing.

  22. Nice tips & tricks but you have mentioned in the Title that through fake traffic. I couldn’t find any relevant point to that. I would however implement all possible tips mentioned above for my Zubera Classifieds website as I have very urgency of getting alexa rank improved of it.

  23. Hi. The redirect doesn’t work. My global ranking is increasing but I want my country ranking to increase. what should I do. Guide me pleas.

    1. You are requested to write article related to your country specific and share on social media groups again related to your country. This way you can increase your country specific traffic as well as ranking.

  24. Great post about Alexa how nicely you share some excellent points through which everyone can easily reduce the Alexa rank of their websites or blog. Create Backlinks to reduce Alexa Rank… Thanks for nice sharing.

    1. Hi Sahriar, People are crazy about their alexa rank, thus written this article but i strongly believe that if we are able to produce quality then alexa is bound to drop. ~rakesh kumar

  25. Thanks for your nice information, Is there any method to see complete list of Alexa Backlinks as it shows only 5 links

    Please Share if possible.

  26. I forgot to mention, redirecting to alexa link does no good. It evidently doesn’t work. Just try to promote in webmaster forums more often and publish articles regularly.

  27. Alexa is hard to figure out. I have had days where there is a lot of traffic and for a decent period and it did no raise my rank. I think that once you get to a certain level say 250,000 or so it is much harder to move up no matter what you do.
    Finally, does the redirect (#8) really work?

    1. That is right now not working. but alexa toolbar is really helpful for me. Thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch

    1. It does not affect your google ranking but if you are publishing paid reviews or private ads then it is too much beneficial for you to have lower alexa rank.

  28. I recently saw a website using a strange trick by which his alexa ranking were being picked from different domain. I guess it’s another alexa redirection hack.

  29. yes you r saying right ,by applying all the above idea we can improve our Alexa rank.

    Thanks for this post,it is a rain drop post…i like it really ..because it contain all the information about the exact topic…I am intrigued with much of your information and am persuaded to agree with you after reading your material. I’m hoping you’ll add more articles on this topic.

  30. Cool tips. I was browsing many websites to get some knowledge to increase the alexa ranking on my website. These tips really helpful to the webmasters like me to improve my website.

  31. Very nice tips. I will follow your trick too. Currently, I am trying social bookmarking tricks and they work for me.

  32. I have tried all the above tricks yet failed to get a better Alexa rank. My alexa was 75K and i stopped blogging for 15 days because of exam and it went to 120K and increasing by a little margin each day. Pls help

    1. Dear anchit for you i have only two solution. 1- Keep writing on Popular topic who is in demand and optimize all your article with long tail keywords. 2. – Share all these articles on each possible platform. This way you can reduce your alexa ranking easily.

  33. Very nice and informative article. Rakesh you said it very right, even I saw in past that installing Alexa toolbar on computer browsers and Alexa widget on different websites boost websites rank on alexa and also I heard that writing good articles about Alexa boost the rank but other than that all these points are new to me. Specially that redirect method is cool and I will surely check that. Thanks for sharing the ideas and your experience with us. Going to share it with my friends.

  34. I really hate alexa. First, they don’t have purpose on my website. I doesn’t even give me a good record. Thanks to Google, Yahoo and Facebook. I still have ways to gain people.

    1. Your defined methods are the best if you are promoting affiliate products through your blog/site, but direct publisher love to see alexa ranking as well as page rank of the site. This is the only reason people are made after alexa. Keep in touch bro. ;)

  35. Nice tips bro, I think now a days many people are using this tricks and increase their alexa like any thing. :D

    1. Besides these tricks you have to write better contents to sustain this ranking and traffic to your site.

  36. Cool ! i tried this stuff with my wallpaper blog and found some intersting results on alexa , it really improved a bit

  37. hi thanks for the wonderful info. Really helpul . i’m gonna bookmark your site . it is cool.

    also Look at this tip to boost up alexa rank and give me a feedback.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks Anand for this support, and do not forget to read my next article on affiliate marketing. Keep in touch. ;)

  38. One more wonderful article in relation to Alexa get ranking. But My partner and i certainly is not going to add a Alexa toolbar with my internet site just to increase my internet site.

    1. That is your website and you have full rights but a lots of bloggers are ready to apply all these tricks as higher alexa rank can bring a lots of direct advertiser to them. Thanks Kishore for your comment. Keep in touch

  39. ALexa Rank is such a silly thing that we have to rely up on. It is always biased towards webmasters and tech bloggers. Others are not benefitted.

    1. Totally disagree, alexa basically check the number of visitors coming to your site through search engine. Direct ads, generally comes on the basis of alexa and page rank.

    1. Thanks wardhan for this update, hope your update will help other readers to follow these tips. Keep in touch

  40. I really impressed by your article. Thanks for sharing real and unique tips. i will implement on my website.

    1. Actually i am working on this, but due to some unavoidable problem not able to concentrate on this. Thanks Osho for this update, will paste a notice or update it very soon.

    1. Thanks arun for this feedback, i will try to give you some new method to overcome this problem.

  41. Informative article, I have used about 5 techniques described here, but after a while nothing seems to be working to boost the alexa ranking…

    1. Our website readnsurf.com (belongs to our employer) which gets 3000 to 5000 unique visitors daily but still more than 100K alexa. More interestingly 60% visitors of the site (readnsurf.com) comes from Google search ! what to do next to reach less 100k ?

    2. You mean you are not able to increase this results anyhow? if this is your case then i am sorry to say your website will not come down 100K. If you want to bring your website below 100k then try ton increase number of visitor on daily basis.

  42. I am already using forums to improve my rankings but now I will also follow your tips to see if I can improve my rankings. Thanks for the share.

    1. That will defiantly help you to improve your ranking. Do not forget to share your results with us. ;)

    1. The only suggestion is… do not re-invent the wheel. Try to discover if invention is not possible and post that on your website/blog. Syndicate it not copy it over the social media. Hope that will bring your alexa back

    1. That’s a great update ashok,i think you should consider my new article ” The art and science of power backlinks” and right now creating ripples on the social networking sites. Hope you would also love to read the idea. ;)

    1. And don’t forget to update us, how much these tips were useful to boost your alexa ranking? if you do not mind, i would recommend you to read my latest article “The art and science of power backlinks”.

  43. Nice article with some of unknown points. I shall try out the “redirect” thing. But some say, it is been inactive since years. Let me try and let you know :)

  44. hey thanks for sharing these “fake” but real tips (hehe).
    i read alexa’s FAQ that they update all website’s/blog’s details once every week, but i have noticed my details haven’t changed in like months [yes i have been posting occasionally and have left several back links].
    how do you think this works?

    1. Occasional update will not help you to achieve the proper results. So try to update your blog regularly.

  45. This article is really useful but i think the redirect technique is no longer working. Yet the rest of points are really important>thanks for sharing these various ways to improve alexa ranking.

  46. Great article, I think I will write an article about alexa in my spanish blog…but I am not sure how much the alexa pr help to earn more money with adsense..

    I have alex toolbar..let me know so I can visit your site..

    1. Direct publishers use alexa ranking to gauge popularity index and total traffic of that site, this way they estimate how much money should be be required to place a direct link or advertise on that site. though it is not perfect all the time still people did not find any hack to hack alexa. Thus if you are targeting image ads or link ads, then i would highly recommend you, try to improve your alexa ranking. Thanks for posting your valuable feedback MIKE, see you soon.

  47. Great Tips Great..! I love this Article about Alexa Rank increasing Tips, Great Sharing, i will do as much i can to increase my site rank. Thanks & God bless You..!

  48. Hey bro you have added some great and effective tips to improve alexa ranking. But you forgot to add one important point i.e. regular posting. It is very important for a blogger to update his/her blog regularly. And this method is very useful in increasing alexa ranking.

    1. Regular Posting is the soul of any live blog. How , without regular posting anybody can increase alexa rank. Thank you very much for reminding us. But not to forget its title – Fake methods ;). Hope to see you very soon.

  49. Faking would be misleading but sometimes it helps gain more advertisers. Good tips, let me test it on a dummy site and see how much it improves

  50. Hello Sir, Great tips to improve Alexa rank. Exchanging reviews on Alexa will also helps a lot to improve the rank. Thanks for sharing this great tips :)

    1. So would you like to review my site on alexa? I can also do the same for you. ;) Thanks for this very important updates.

  51. I knew only a couple of these tricks on increasing alexa. I got to learn new tricks on this. WIll try to implement them right this instance

    1. I am 100% sure , these method will help you to increase your alexa page rank very sharply. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you soon.

  52. Thanks for the great read! Personally, like others, I don’t put all that much emphasis on Alexa ranking because of the fact that the stats are primarily made up of people using the Alexa toolbar, so it doesn’t really give a good picture about a site’s traffic.

    1. Use these methods to improve your ranking ahmad. Though article title contains “Fake” word, but these methods are not fake ahmad.

  53. Eleventh, you’ll be able to links to Alexa relevant content as part of your more popular articles for your blog, or use Alexa redirection to back-link to other places with the blog.

    These are some of the best kept secret to increase alexa ranking, If you have some more tips and tricks to increase alexa ranking. Kindly inform us, so that we can update ourself.

    1. Thanks dear for this update, even i don’t know this trick, Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you very soon.

  54. Traffic is the only way that may increase your site alexa rank. So do SEO and other promotional methods to increase you traffic and alexa will increase automatically.

    1. You are right aseem, These are the old and trusted traditional method to increase alexa. Ultimately it is traffic that matters a lots, nothing else. The methods we have discussed in this article is only used to just increase the rank.

  55. My blog achieved Alexa rank of 500,000 in just 3 months but PR of my blog does not changed in recent PR update, why?

  56. These tips really work. I have tried them in the past and I think that one of the strategies that continue to keep my site on the top of all the major search engines.

  57. thanks for the tips i think the most fastest way to do this alexa rank good is unique visitors from google, and they shud be good and regular basis, that way you can decrease your alexa rank.

  58. Dear Rakeshji,
    You have given and answered to all questions from the reader’s point of view. Thanks a lot. We need people like you to solve our non-answered online marketing problems.
    Can you design an affiliate marketing site for me? Please inform.
    Once again thank you very much for your site. God Bless You abundantly

  59. I think we should but some traffic from PTC sites to increase Alexa traffic because Alexa is all about web traffic? correct me if I am wrong.

  60. I agree with Gyanendra about an ethical ranking should be preferred. I also appreciate britney’s tip: alexage.com Thx 4 the article Rakesh :)

  61. Nice article !
    My second comment to your articles.
    You really write nice articles.continue reading……..

    Good for bloggers who want to earn money easy way.
    But a ethical rank should preferred.

  62. hey thanks for sharing this awesome info with us I am going to follow your instructions to increase my alexa rank

    1. Well fake is not a proper word, but it attract the readers attention a lot. thus given this title to my article.

  63. Great and interesting post. Thank you for all these tips about Alexa Ranking! These are really helpful and very informative.

  64. Thanks for this awesome list of 11 tricks to use in improving our alexa rank. Though, I don’t think I will use it now but it worth testing out..
    But BTW: I have just stumbled the post because it is hot :)
    Thanks for sharing this :)

  65. Nice one Rakesh

    Tip#8 Use Alexa Redirection – this trick still work? I’m using that back 2007, after that many says that redirection do not work anymore.

    Another way that maybe work is ask other to write a alexa review for your site.

    1. These are tried and tested techniques to increase alexa rank. Hope you will also get your desired results. ;) Thanks Noman for your feedback.

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