12 free SEO tools to Boost Your SEO efforts effectively

Best Free SEO Tools

Best Free SEO Tools

Do You want all your post on the first page ? Do all the required on page and off page search engine optimization tricks and still find that your posts does rank well in the search engine for a desired keyword /phrase.

While there are a lot of differing opinions on the techniques that are the most effective for getting your site to the top of the search engines, there’s no doubt that a key factor in your success is being able to effectively access and analyze data. Below are 12 free web-based tools to help you in your SEO efforts

12 Best Free SEO Tools

#1  Keyword Mutation Detection Tool

Do you want some misspelling for your comman keywords and do not know what are the common misspelled words, This may sound weired to you but believe me there are a lots of common misspelled words on the internet. This tool will give you common “mutations” of your key words, including misspellings as well as correctly spelled variations.

For example, enter “entrepreneur” and you’ll get: entrepreneurs, entreprenur, and entreprenuer. As these are all commonly entered search terms, there’s an opportunity to capitalize on the mistakes people make when searching.

# 2 Tool Term Extractor

It happens sometimes we target for some words and at the end our search engine find another words optimized for that page/article. How to solve this mystery.

SEOmoz, offers Term extractor, this one will analyze your pages and determine which search terms it looks like you’re trying to target. It’s a valuable tool, especially if the resulting report shows you’re optimized for terms other than what you had hoped!

#3 Wordtracker Suggestion Tool

How many times you have written an article according to some popular terms/ keywords. Enter a keyword into this simple tool, and it will provide you with a list of up to 100 suggested search terms that include your keyword. The nice thing about this tool is that it also provides the number of searches performed for each phrase, so you can target those most likely to drive more traffic.

If you want a keyword suggestion along with your article, you can try keyword winner

#4 Keyword Difficulty Check

This SEO tool can tell you how hard/easy to rank for your desired keyword on the search result. This tool is for you. Just enter the word or phrase you want it to check, and you’ll get a percentage of difficulty result. For example, if you want to be on the first search results page for the word “blog”, you’re looking at a 93.48% (out of 100%) difficulty ranking. Want to be right up toward the top for “sesquipedalian armadillo” though? You’ve got a great chance at just 22.91% difficulty!

#5  Term Target Grader

You can say it is another version of term extractor. Now this tool allow you to enter your URL and targeted Keyword or phrase into this tool. Now this tool will extract all the information from your entered URL and assign a grade according to your targeted keyword, in a detaild report format.

The only catch, unless you’re a premium member of SEOmoz, you’ll only get one of these reports every 24 hours.

#6 Keyword Group Detection Tool

Another tool from Microsoft’s adCenter Labs, this one “helps you find groups of words from the pool of online queries that are related or similar to keywords that you enter.” In other words, you enter a keyword you want to optimize for, and it will give you common search words and phrases relating to that keyword for which you might also want to optimize. It’s a good way to get your creativity going when planning your SEO.

#7  SEO Browser

seo browser -Free SEO Software Tool  and Text Browser, Search Engine Optimization Tools - SEO Browser

is a tool that allows you to see your site as the search engines see it. Offering both basic and advanced modes for free, the resulting report generated by SEO Browser gives you a clear view of your site content, including meta data, text-to-page weight ratio, number of internal and external links, and tons more, all on one page. This allows you to easily identify problems and ways you can improve your site.

#8 Keyword Tracking with Backlink Tracker

Meant to be used over time, this very cool free tool tracks your search engine placement (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for specified keywords over time. This tool also checks search engines for the number of backlinks to your page over time. You’ll need to sign up for a free account and place a PHP script on your server for it all to work. The detailed charts and reports you get make it worth the effort.

#9  SEO Tool Set

offers several tools, from the not-so-useful source code viewer (your browser does that), to the very cool Competition Research Tool, which analyses your site and finds and compares it with your competitors based on your chosen key words. They’ve also got a keyword tool that returns results detailing demographics (gender and age statistics), click-through rates, and the CPC average for the major engines.

#10 SEO Scores

SEO Scores - Free Website Analysis - Online SEO Tools

This tool gives you a ton of information about your site. Broken into four sections, the data is well organized and very useful. The areas analyzed are: 1. On-page SEO, which includes metadata, image summary, W3C validation, more; 2. Off-page SEO, including domain information, Google rank, backlinks, last Google crawl date, and traffic rank; 3. Blogosphere, which just tells you if your key words appear in your blog, and your Technorati ranking; and 4. Social Mediasphere, giving you del.icio.us bookmarks and a Digg submission summary.

#11.  Google Keyword Tool

This is one of the best free SEO tool available on the internet ,basically meant for Google Adwords users, this simple keyword tool provides local and global search volume numbers for the keywords and phrases you enter, as well as about 150 related terms. It also supplies suggested terms and allows you to export the reports to a text or csv (for Excel) file. There are also some dropdowns with additional options, most of which are specific to those using Adwords.

#12 Reciprocal Link Checker

Have Exchanged links with your fellow bloggers or purchased text links, Now you want to see if people are placing the reciprocal links they promised? This tool does just that. Enter your site and multiple reciprocal sites, and you’ll get a report showing how many (if any) links on their sites point back to you. While this particular tool does not tell you which page(s) on the reciprocal sites are linking to you, it does save the time of hunting for your links on their sites.

Your Turn on Free SEO tools

These twelve SEO tools does not stand in any order, use them to gather the information, you may need to rank better. No doubt there are a lots of tools out there. Which one of them you find useful. Share your experinece in the comment below, Your voice matter a lot as it is my personel experience.

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  1. You have really shared the awesome information. These seo tools can help me to optimize a website properly. Some of them are really new for me that I never seen or heard about them. Thanks rakesh for sharing these tools with us.

    1. I am really happy to know that you like this list of free seo tools. Keep in touch my dear ;)

    1. Thanks umesh, Yo can get all these types of article from my blog, if you will subscribe our post by email facility. Keep in touch my dear

  2. Sir i want to know one thing of meta tags and keywords that i use are often not optimised. What exactly should i use for that i am confused for that. Please do tell me ..

    1. You basically need to concentrate on long tail keywords, Use google keywords tool or long tail pro to search the traffic and CPC and then add that keywords in your article and meta tags.

    2. Sir Thanks for your early response. I want to ask you one more thing that sometimes when we search in Google adword keyword tool any keyword and use that keyword whose competition is low and cpc is high, then why it happens that keyword does not show results even though we have used it properly. I mean how to see if our keyword will get optimised or not.

    3. Dear anshul, there are more than two factors that decide the rank of your post on that particular keyword. 1 – How many websites are having the same keyword in their URLs and in page Text, h1 , h2 , h3 and alt tags. Besides these the links directing to that website, page rank. These are some facotrs that decides the position of your article.

  3. Wow rakesh bahi this is awesome article. Amazingly i have never heard or use any of the tool you mention. It will be fun to use these tools. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Reasearch about your new article is the key factor to generate lots of traffic and leads and a proper tool can help you in this case a lots. Zeeshan, Use these tools before writing any new article and crush your competition. Thanks dear for your comment. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. Proper seo Tools are the backbone of any seo campaign, I am really happy to know that you find these tools useful. Thanks for your time to comment on this article, hope to see you very soon.

  4. These tools are really helpful to make seo better. Choosing the right keywords to optimize is the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. keyword research tools can help you find the right keywords to optimize a website for search engine users.

    1. Dear Sarah, Glad to know that you find these tools helpful in your research. Thanks for your time to comment on this article,hope to see you very soon.

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