14 Free Software for every Windows User

Free software for windows

Last month when I attended a workshop on Desktop security and windows then suddenly, I recognized the need of free software for our own PC. People might be amazed how much they are actually spending on to do daily work on their PC or Laptop powered by windows operating system.

Most of the time windows user think that they can get only the quality software, if and only if they pay hefty money to purchase premium software to perform their daily task like emailing, surfing and document creation, but my dear friend i am sure after reading this article, you would love to discontinue few of them instantly.

Free software for windows

Here are 11 must have software for almost every user, that is not able to install any other software like linux on their system

1. Zone Alram

This free software is in the first position of my list, this one is recommended by the active ethical hacker that this software does not only help you to fight back with active viruses but also protect you as a very good free firewall tool. Though they have their premium version of this software.

A must have product for all those who are either using pirated antivirus software or cracked version of premium software.

Download Zone Alarm

2. Recuva

What happens when you accidently remove any file permanently from your hard disk, pen drive or any other storage media? Searching for software on the net – how to recover deleted files? This is the ultimate tool to recover all your permanently deleted files from all the Medias that can be connected to your computers.

Download Recuva

3. OpenOffice / Libre Office

Ms-office is the default software on almost every windows software but for that you have to pay a whooping amount , what if you will get all that features in a totally free open source software. Open office has all that components which are basically required by the ms-office users. These software also support your previously created docx or xlsx file directly.

Besides these feature they have one extra advantage- You can directly create PDF version of almost any document using open office.

4. PDF Creator

As I mentioned in earlier paragraph to create a PDF file, if you are using open office then there is no need to install any extra software but what else you want to create PDF files for your any html page or Email or any other program running on your system.

Pdf creator is the perfect solution to create pdf files from any available software.

Download PDF Creator

5. Google Chrome

Why Google chrome not firefox or any other browser? I have more than dozons reasons but the first and the foremost is – its secure and comparatively fast. Besides that right now it has almost every thing as an extension to fulfill your requirement.

Sorry will not provide you any download link for this J

6. Picasa

If you are not very new to computers then, I am quite sure you must be aware of this software, it is basically used to store all types of media files in a single position+its inbuilt search facility find out almost every hidden image inside your computer disk.

DownLoad Picasa


This is the arc rival of your favorite image manipulation software Photoshop. It has almost every thing you have ever imagined in a photo editing software, but those who are used to photoshop might feel in an alien world for the time being.

This is free open source and highly customizable photo editing software, so if you are not interested to invest a huge amount in photoshop then this is perfect replacement.

Download Gimp

8. VLC

Once a tools of geeks to stream audio/video over the LAN… Now the default audio/video player for almost all type of media files. This is open source and also able to convert one file format into another file format.

Right now I am not using Even the built in windows media player, so you can imagine how much it is useful .

Download VLC Player for Windows /MAC /Linux

9. Kindle for PC

Love reading Ebooks for amazon store but hate reading these ebook on that tiny devices, then the solution is here. Now you can read your favorite ebook right now on your PC or LAPTOP using this simple software released by amazon itself.

Kindle for PC is available for windows XP/Vista and 7. Right now they do not have support for windows 8 operating system

Download Kindle for PC

10. CCleaner

Only one question before introduction to this software. How many times, it happened, you downloaded a registry cleaner or PC booster software for your computer and got a new type of either spyware/malware or browser toolbar.

This is the perfect free software and does not come with such options . cleans your computers registry and other resources right now not used by any other software.

Besides all the above mentioned features it has a built in facility to delete a file or record permanently so that no data recovery software can find out your removed data.

Download Cclear for window

11. Foxit Reader.

Totally fedup with adobe reader? Want to try something new lightweight to read all incoming PDFs on your system? Foxit reader is the perfect solution for you, it is lightweight , fast and on top of it does not consume your vital resources all the time.

Download Foxit Reader

12. WinRar

The best all in one compression utility for all your needs, comes with password protection features as well as support to create file either in ZIP or RAR format.

Download WinRar

13. ThunderBird

It is a free email application that is easy to and customize according to your requirement. Its feature is much more superior than your favorite outlook express. May be some other day Microsoft may copy these features in their email application

Download Mozilla ThunderBird

14. Paragon Backup

Paragon Backup can protect your entire PC in the event of a hardware failure. By making a backup of all your valuable information, you will not have to worry about losing important files

Hope you have enjoyed this list of free tools for every windows user, if you think , there is some more tools that need a mention in this list please do not hesitate to inform me through your comments.

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16 thoughts on “14 Free Software for every Windows User”

  1. Great list sir, no doubt. And the softwares mentioned are really necessary for an average computer user. But just one thing, yot have mentioned both PDF creater and FOXIT reader both, but foxit can also create pdf’s. So I guess one software could be removed from the list.

    1. When the post was first published this feature was not a part of foxit reader. Thanks for this update ashwani. Keep in touch

    1. I am sure after using gimp you would not love to invest your hard earned money on any photo editing software. Keep in touch sam :)

  2. Rakesh: your list dosent include any software like Dropbox or SkyDrive ? These days its becoming very necessary to have them at-least one.

    1. You are here manish, these are basically two services and we were listing here only the software, thus did not included them. Thanks for adding value , keep in touch :)

  3. Really valuable list of software for different uses over Windows Computer. Out of list I found Paragon Backup, Recuva and Picasa very useful as per my current requirements. Only having a computer doesn’t make it useful for us,,, We need to add most important softwares/ apps to machine for better using in practical life.

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for telling us about the free software.I have been using picasa from last one year.

    Jane Brown

  5. Hi Rakesh,
    These are really nice softwares and must to have for every windows users. Thanks for compiling this great list.

    1. Thanks kulddep, I am using most of them on my system. The only paid software, right now, i am using is -windows. Keep in touch

  6. Hi Rakesh !
    These all softwares can certainly be compared to paid softwares and if compared , there wouldn’t be much differences between them . I use LibreOffice ,CCleaner ,GIMP ,Picasa on my PC and i am quite satisfied with them .Thanks for sharing the information .


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