14 Must Have Sublime Text Plugins in 2016

Knowledge-is-power dog and cat

Sublime Text plugins are basically used to enhance the overall functionality of this powerful editor a lot. There are thousands of plugins are already hosted on its plugin repository still, We feel few of them need special attention as these plugins will enhance the overall experience of any developer a lots and after using sublime text with these plugins, nobody will think to change his /her editor again.

Knowledge-is-power dog and cat
Knowledge is power


A right tool remove a lots of pain from your work-space, Or you can say “Knowledge is power”. Here is my favorite Sublime Text 3 plugins for Web Development.

15 must have sublime text 3 plugins

1# Package Control  :

This is the first and foremost plugin that everybody is suggesting right now in order to make plugin installation and uninstall ion smooth and painless.

2#  Sidebar Enhancement :

Normal right click on any project at left hand side display only a few options, but with sidebar enhancement, you can do a lot of other tasks like renaming or duplicating a file from the sublime environment very easily.

3# Emmet

Now a days emmet is almost omnipresent on all the popular editor. The plugin is a powerhouse to enhance your productivity a lot. Here is a quick video Tutorial on Emmet

4# HTML5

Use this plugin to use all new html5 tags and semantics inside your new project. HTML5 with sublime codeIntel automatically suggest the right syntax to follow.

5# Bootstrap 3

Perhaps on of the most used CSS framework on the planet so why not use Bootstrap3 plugin so that our editor must show all the possible help.

6#  SublimeCodeIntel

SublimeCodeIntel will automatically show all the possible solution of your feeded text from all the available snippets, attributes and tags. Just use this so that you can forget most syntax without any regret.

#7 AutoPrefixer

This plugins is specially useful when you are working with cross browser  application and your CSS have rule and attributes for different type of browsers. The plugin automatically adds all possible browser prefixes and your application show the same results across the browsers.

8# ColorPicker

I am not that type of nerd that is able to memories thousand of color code. Instead of that I would love to install color-picker plugins and choose the most appropriate color for application.

9# Sublime Linter

Web application are normally designed in HTML using JavaScript and PHP all these programming languages shows their errors and output when we execute them on a server / browser but does not display any type of error message / suggestions while developing the same.

Sublime Linter is now is able to provide the facility with the help of html-tidy, csslint, jslint to see the error/suggestions while typing your application.

NOTE : in order to use csslint or jslint with sublime, you are requested to install Node.js  and follow the instructions that appear after installing the csslint or jslint packge.

10# Git

One of the most popular version control system developed by Linus Tarvolds to keep the version of his linux kernel.  Now the same you can control from the sublime text 3.

To use git on sublime text 3, you are required to install git on your system and then install git packge from its repository.

11# Trimmer

This is my favorite, as a theme developer , when we sell any theme /plugin, if you want to increase the sell of your product , just sell two version of your product.

  1. Compressed version of your Application
  2. Developer version

Trimmer plugin can trim all the spaces, tabs, lines from your source code very easily. This way you can save a lots of bandwidth as well as make more sells.

12# View in Browser

As the name suggest, you can see the output of your hard work  from your sublime text 3 editor. Install view in browser and press CTRL+ALT+V.

13# Bracket Highlighter

Nothing special about this plugin as the name of plugin is sufficient to explain its purpose but it is sometimes lifesaver for the people like me.

14# AutoFileName

The plugins is specially useful when you are strictly following MVC pattern on your  project, then sometimes it is very difficult to remember all the name of file and folder, This plugin automatically display all the available files in any folder.

Bonus plugins- WordPress completion

As you are well aware that we are developing wp-themes from the last 5 years and how much such plugins can save your time and energy when you have this type of plugin installed on your system.

These are my favorite plugins right now, I am using on my development  machine, Which is yours?

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