15 Steps To Optimize Your Online Advertising Campaigns

There are a wide variety of online Ad campaigns these days. The click-through performance of each one varies depending on the advertisers, the campaign managers, the client and the overall campaign communication and coordination.  This brings us to a question; how to optimize any Ad campaign to drive a higher ROI?

1. Prepare For Your Ad Campaign

To get the best out of your Ad campaigns, make sure that your site design is perfect. This means your product pages, specific landing pages, call-to-actions, content and branding must be in place. Confer with your Ad provider and test your landing pages for specific Ads.

2. Optimize Ad Design

Make sure that the Ad design reflects the your brand quality effectively, to convey the message that your product is of extremely high quality. Don’t be content with mediocre designs; people will perceive your company and product as mediocre as well.

3. Determine Ad Copy Based On Product Evaluation

Identify your product’s USP and use the most effective sentences to convey it to your audience. The creative aspects are very important when it comes to grabbing eyeballs.

4. Optimize Ad Placement Based On Target Audience

For example, choose blogs in your niche that have a high level of user interaction.  Evaluate prominent positions on each page. This is a trial and error process; your Ad campaign success depends on the right placement.

5. Make Your Ads As Visual As Possible

People respond better to images, the larger the better. So be sure to include large-sized icons, brand logos, artistic color combinations that stimulate user attention and so on. Avoid clutter and create a visual balance between content and imagery.

6. Promote A Clear Call To Action

Your visitors should know exactly where to click within your Ad. Enable this via a simple link or a very visible push button. A colorful Ad with no call-to-action is just another pretty piece of content.

7. Don’t Allow Your Ads To Go Stale

No matter how great your Ad is, people get fed up of seeing it after a point. One way to prevent tuning out is to develop 2 to 3 variations of the same Ad. You can also think of rotating multiple banners in the same location and test them out for campaign tuning.

8. Select A Reputable Ad Campaign Provider

Online advertising campaigns are usually fragmented, broken up between buyers, analysts, planners and traffickers. This makes campaign optimization tough as much coordination is needed.  Look for a good Ad campaign provider with a dedicated media experts who can combine the functions of analyst, buyer and planner.

Optimize Ad Campaign Coordination

9. Plan Site Placement

Finding out which sites would be the best for a given Ad is the planner’s job. For this, the planner must be very familiar with the data from the company’s previous campaigns, which is usually only the analyst’s purview. The planner must also be aware of site relationships and Ad rate particulars, which usually only the Ad buyers know.

10. Optimize Ad Cost And Rate NEGOTIATION

The Ad analyst has to negotiate the right amount based on the CPI and CPC costs. The planner and buyer must then purchase the Ad based on the negotiated figure. It is therefore necessary that the analyst, buyer and planner stay on the same page over costs, to prevent additional costs slipping through the cracks.

11. Coordinate Ad Placement And Reallocation

It’s the analyst’s job to find out which sites, which regions and which specific placements should be targeted for your Ad. The analyst must identify the correct placements, knowing which ones will be unsuccessful. The buyer then uses the analysis to cut unsuccessful placements and do successful ad reallocation.

12. Kill Underperforming Creative

The Analyst must check out Ad campaign performance reports and get rid of creative (banner design and wording) that’s not working. However, at this juncture it’s also the traffic monitor’s job to kill underperforming creative at the banner server level. It is necessary for both the traffic monitor and the analyst to coordinate in this area to ensure high performance.

13. Optimize Ad Campaign Timing

A good Ad Analyst knows the best times to get maximum user response to an Ad. The analyst must be adept at identifying patterns in user receptiveness and create the right Ad schedule. While the analyst must be on top of the patterns, he or she should coordinate with the buyer for negotiations in the rate and Ad frequency area.

14. Coordinate Landing Page Optimization

The Ad Analyst should communicate required landing page changes quickly to site administrator. Quick and timely communication will result in the design and testing of specific landing pages, even as Ads are changed, rotated or relocated.

15. Optimize Site Relationships

The sites on which your Ads run are your partners, so you need to maintain collaborative and dynamic relationships with them. Great site relationships result in better negotiations, better placements and site participation in campaign success.

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  1. Great info, Dean, I have been searching for a guide type blog post that could show me exactly what to do to increase my exposure. Thank you for sharing this valuable information and I will put it to good use to get more targeted traffic to my website.

  2. wow! i have been reading a great deal on advert-optimzation. Yours is by far the most comprehensive list. That apart- i love the font used here, it is so clear and easy to read. You have also given the information in step-by-step manner that is sure to stay with all your readers. Thanks so much!

    1. Dear Dipa, Glad to know that you find this simple guide useful. The font we use here is a Google font ‘Alike’ you can also use this font inside your own website.

  3. Hey Dean
    This is a wonderful insight into the subject. Online advertising campaigns, if optimized properly can prove to be very beneficial for any business. Thanks for this guide.

  4. Great tips and advice. I think you hit the nail on the head with keeping things as visual as possible, people are inclined to like more visual websites. Especially, those that also offer the content they are looking for and keeping their interest. Keep up the good work.

    1. Happy to know that you will use this information to improve your adverising needs.

  5. Awesome guide. I will invest on adwords soon and I’ll certainly use your guide to help me post my ads.
    So far, of what I read, it is important to tackle a great landing page so users come to the right place after clicking in the right keyword.

    PS: Your info has an HTML error.

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