14 Top Selling ClickBank Products to Promote in 2021


Best ClickBank Products are promoted by 99% pro-bloggers to earning money  through affiliate marketing.

Yes! You know that. But why you are not able to generate even a single $100 per month from it??


Reasons may be different, but one point that is correct all the time is – you do not know your type of traffic and good products to promote. my article on 5 Best tips to earn money with affiliate marketing deals with these types of problems.

Yes!!  YOU are not promoting rthe ight kind of products at your blog. But how to select a right type of product and how to promote them? if you are new to affiliate marketing then we would highly recommend you to join this affiliate training program for $1.

To help you to promote the right products from click bank, I am sharing my knowledge about these 14 wonderful products with you.

What Techniques I Used to Find Out Best ClickBank Products?

Though I am not trying to re-invent the wheel, but I think there are a whole lot of new bloggers and internet marketers who would want to learn MY technique to find out the Best clickbank products. 

  1. Selected only those products which have a Gravity of more than 100.
  2. All these products are bound to pay you again and again since they are all subscription-based.
  3. They have their own pitching sales page to encourage visitors to buy that product.
  4.  They are in English.
  5. Some of them even have $1 tryout system – Which encourages a lot of first-timers to check the product before actually purchasing it.

These products are not in any given order nor do they belong to ONE category, as you will soon see. My list of best Clickbank products contains products and services from fields as diverse as dating, online marketing, health, and food to earn money online.

Write App review

write app review

This product is basically a dating advice program and this is one of the most successful programs on entire ClickBank.  A real gem product for all affiliates, since they are promising to pay 75% for each sales. Besides that,  you will get recurring affiliate income forever.

More information on writeAppReview

2.  Magic Submitter

Automated article Submission software

If you are into internet marketing or blogging and want to enhance the visibility of your website through content promotion, you can simply not afford to ignore this wonderful, amazing, fantabulous tool used by almost every blogger nowadays.

Detailed information on magic Submitter

12 Minute Work From No Home

work from home

Earn money from no home is a product developed by the legendary John Chow and  Pen Jin. This is all about making money with click bank and they have actually shown this in this system.

More information on Work From No home

Free Traffic Source

free traffic source

As you are well aware of that you can not be successful without gettting lots of free traffic to your blog or social media. This free traffic method is newbie frienddly and without using any facebook or google or bing ads, you can generate a lots of free traffic for your website. If you are interested then please click on the link below.

More information on Free Traffic Source

5. The Fat Loss Factor

A marvelous product by Dr. Charles to help lose fat. This product can prove to be a virtual goldmine for all those who want to boost their online earnings by selling affiliate products. And, of course, for all those who are struggling ti shed a few extra pounds of flesh.

The gravity of this Clickbank product is an astoundingly high 320.55 !!!
So, if  you are able to attract a targeted reader to this page, I am sure he is going to change his life through your  fat loss factor program. Besides fetching a few $$$ for you in the process. :)

More information on Fact Loss factory

6.  Customized Fat Loss

Kyle Leon’s doctors highly popular and best selling fat loss program. This program has the highest gravity in its niche and also have some very good income formula for affiliates.

More information on Fat Loss Factory Program

7.  Muscle Maximizer

This is another clickbank product by the fitness expert Kyle Leon of Customized Fat Loss. This deals with muscle building and has helped many skinny people round the world metamorphose into highly sought after hunks!

More information on Muscle maximize

8. Taa + Anti-aging Foods: 90% Comms Avail For High Volume Affs

This product first does seem a bit weird initially. But when I saw the gravity of this product, I just could not believe it!! A WOW product with a gravity more than 250.54.

Simply unbelievable. As if that was not enough, they also pay a huge affiliate recurring amount.

More information on Anti aging foods

9.  Old School New Body

Another anti aging system with some scientific facts. This will help you look younger than you actually are.  It shares some lesser known facts and help s those on the wrong side of 40 to stay and look and younger.

More information on Old school new body

 10.  Info Cash- My Favorite

This is my income screen. See the whole video and after watching this complete system. After watching this, you will be convinced that what this guy is promising is worth trying.

In his introductory video, Chris Carpenter has tried to give the basic idea of how you can earn money using Facebook and Microsoft Bing  by promoting affiliate products.

Though the whole process is not as easy as it seems, the overall concept is quite simple.

More information on info-cash system

11.  Over  $1000000 paid out in 2020

The original product name is Google sniper and it is one of the hottest products on ClickBank.  This is THE product which has changed the life of the millions and made real millionaires, but all of them tried to test that product and have the courage to experiment.

More information on Google Sniper

12.  ipad Video Lessons

What was the first thing you looked for when you opened your iPad box? Were you like me… surprised and disappointed because there was no instruction manual in there?

I thought it was a mistake and the Apple factory forgot to pack my slick glossy full-color instruction book inside. But NO..I was wrong!

Apple’s whole model is “ease of use”. The statement they tried to make was that you don’t even need a manual. And maybe that’s true if you’re just going to use your iPad as an overpriced email checker. But, it’s not just a giant iPhone. You want to get more out of your iPad. You want to unlock its full potential.

But unfortunately, if no one actually shows you some of the iPad’s less-obvious tricks and tips, you’ll probably never discover them on your own. And, that is your iPad’s one BIG flaw.

More information on ipad Video Lessons

13.  The Magic Of Making Up – Get Your Ex Back

The ultimate collection of tricks and tips to make your love life blissful. Highly popular with all those who have just had a break up and are keen to snuggle up to their ex.

One of the highest paying products on dating system on ClickBank and very less return rate.  A must try product.

More on magic of making up

14. spyprofits.com

Best ClickBank Products

Basically, this is not a product, but an offer by an investigating company to get more clients. Using this service, you can do background checks on almost any person lining in the USA.

More information on spyprofits.com

Your Turn on Best ClickBank Products

These are the best among the best ClickBank products. If you find any such product that is worth being mentioned this list, do not forget to inform me through your comments. I will be more than happy to add your product in this list of best clickbank products.

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21 thoughts on “14 Top Selling ClickBank Products to Promote in 2021”

  1. Nice collection of top paying products. I am surprised to see Google Sniper in this list which i am already promoting on my blog.

  2. Thanks Rakesh for coming up with the list. I was looking for some great clickbank products to promote and this post lists the best of them. Thanks again.

    1. You are most welcome Jitesh. Do remember, select only those products that match your niche and have some wonderful feedback on the net and people love to use.

  3. Most of my income comes from CPC ads..but now I have started projects to work for affiliate marketing. And this post is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi and thanks for this awesome post, i made a little research with these products and YES they are good products to sell not just for random sales but recurring payments too. Thanks and good bye, no i’m going to make some money with these.

    1. Good to know that you know i have shared some of the best products on clickbank that can generate recurring income for you if you are able to promote them properly. Thanks for adding your thoughts to this topic. keep in touch Saku.

    1. These product have the maximum gravity, it means if you are able to bring some targeted traffic to these pages then i am sure they are bound to bring some targeted passive income for you. Keep in touch John.

  5. Awesome list of clickbank products, as i know its really hard to find affiliate products that can bring in a small but effective passive income. Rakesh what do you feel? Should we build niche sites based upon 2-3 products of the same category and do you know any backlinking methods to get to the top of Google???
    Your help is needed a lot sir !

    1. in my personal view. It is very hard to say how you can beat authority site with a niche site. So its always better to post quality product reviews in an authority site. It will automatically bring traffic to your site + attach your reviews with the most visible post of your site, thus you can bring some affiliate sales very easily. Keep in touch Joy :)

  6. RAkesh i’m actually new to clickbank ican’t find any banners for the products there. In the past i tried cj(Commision junction) banners r available there. But here i can’t find any banners.
    Any idea how i can solve this.

    1. Dear sumanth, Banner are not the best methods to convert into sales, it is learn that reviews powered with coupon code / discount code are the best method to convert into sales. try to do that i am sure you will be able to make some decent income from clickbank very soon. Keep in touch

    1. Well sumanth and do not forget to update us about your success. Keep in touch for such unconventional information.

  7. happy to know that now you also know the trick to earn affiliate income through click bank. Update us when any of these product is able to deliver some passive income for you.

  8. Hi Rakesh,
    Thanks for the wonderful tips!
    Really want to make money with clickbank all these years.
    Hopefully after learning more great advices and tips from your site, i will be able to make it happen this year!
    It’s very Fruitful reading this article ! =?

  9. Hello rakesh,
    Thanks for share this post. I read this post and enough knowledge about click bank for affiliate marketing.

    Best Regards,

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