25 Top WordPress Themes You Must Be Checking Out In 2018

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No matter how frequently you post high-quality content on your site, unless it’s sublimely put in front of the readers, chances of it getting noticed are not high. This is why you cannot afford to neglect your website’s overall appearance.

In case you want to ensure that your blog is visited by hundreds of thousands of users regularly, enjoys good engagement rate, and becomes highly successful in the long run, then shift your focus to its design.

The best way to forge ahead in this direction is to have a tempting WordPress theme installed on your website.

To curtail all your worries regarding website design, we have decided to list down 25 top rated WordPress themes in this post. Most renowned site owners and bloggers use these themes on their web portals. You can also give them a try and get desired outcomes within a short period.

1. Clean

Clean is one of those very few WordPress themes that are built for the sole purpose of making readers notice your content. It’s a minimalistic, beautifully designed and perfectly coded WordPress theme ideally suited for those professionals who seek to create clutter-free sites. You can use this theme on different sites belonging to diverse niches and get desired results every single time.

clean WordPress theme

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2. MyBlog

If blogging is more than just a hobby for you and you want to turn your site into a profit-making venture, then opt for a professional theme like MyBlog right away. From personalized homepage to flexible sidebars, multiple fonts, and unlimited colors, this theme has almost everything that you may ask for. My Blog theme is lightweight, clean, attractive and loads pretty fast. Give it a shot to know why it’s an ideal option for your site.

myblog clean wordpress theme

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3. Petit

If you have decided to explore food blogging and are looking for a relevant theme that can help you attractively express your ideas, then Petit is a perfect solution. It’s beautiful, clutter-free, comes with a broad range of color solutions, and has an eye-catching homepage layout good enough to catch anyone’s attention in a flesh. On top of all these features, Petit is equipped with many useful widgets to provide you a pleasant experience whenever you share any information about food recipes, food reviews, and other industry updates.

petit WordPress theme

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4. Tansy

Blogging is a business for some, and way of living life for others. Just in case you happen to fall into the second category and like to share your everyday life stories using a blog, then opt for Tansy theme without any doubt. It’s minimalistic, beautiful and comes with a lot of unique features to ensure you don’t have to face any problem while sharing content related to different subjects like fashion, beauty, travel, life-stories or anything similar with hundreds of thousands of people from all around the globe.

tansy WordPress theme

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5. Writer

As the name suggests, it’s an ideally suited theme for all the professional writers, authors, freelancers, and journalists. Writer theme is lightweight, responsive to different device-screens, SEO friendly and is loaded with diverse features. Just install it once and put an end to all your doubts regarding your blog appearance forever.

writer WordPress theme

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6. Anthein

The first few seconds readers spend on a site play a critical role and decide whether they’ll want to come back to that site again in the future or not. Good homepage design and beautiful fonts are the first two things along with the overall appearance, loading time and responsiveness of the site that impact their behavior by a significant margin. If you want to leave no stone unturned in this regard, then have a look at the Anthein theme right away. It’s loaded with full width as well as box layouts, eight post formats like image, audio, standard, gallery, link, aside, quote, and video, easy to use theme options panel, and many other features.

anthein WordPress theme

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7. Paperbag

Another eye-catching WordPress theme for bloggers eyeing to make a mark in food blogging, travel, fashion, or general niche. Paperbag is minimalistic, loads fast and comes with tons of beautiful colors. Use it once, and you’ll not have to look for another theme for your blog again.


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8. Pinmaister

A beautiful homepage layout, irresistible colors, multi-category options, an incredible collection of Google fonts and fully responsive design — these are some of the primary features you get with the Pinmaister theme. Regardless of which niche you want to explore, opt for it as long as your goal is to create a viral website. Pinmaister is easy to install and doesn’t need any technical knowledge for customization.


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9. Viral

One of those very few themes that don’t require any introduction whatsoever. It is beautiful, stylish, modern-looking and comes packed with multiple social sharing buttons to increase social traffic. Given its impressive carousel, crisp typography, eye-catching layouts, customizable galleries and other features, Viral can be used on sites belonging to different niches and have the potential to attract a lot of organic and social traffic.

Viral News WordPress theme

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10. MH Cicero

It’s equipped with a flat style design and works well on different devices. Apart from this, MH Cicero’s homepage, unique About Me page and fully responsiveness & SEO friendly layout make it an ideal choice for both business and personal blogs. Have it installed on your site and feel an instant jump in the overall appearance plus onsite user engagement.

mh-cicero WordPress theme download

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11. VideoBox

It’s no longer a secret that the future of the content marketing lies in videos. You’ll see more videos in the coming days than the text and graphics content. Lest you want to capitalize on this changing scenario, you should start making efforts right away. What you can do is create a web portal dominated by the video content. In this case, VideoBox is going to be an ideal WordPress theme for you. It’s SEO friendly, customizable, loads fast and comes with unique color combinations and has full-fledged support for video distribution sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

videobox WordPress theme Download

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12. Wake

If you happen to be one of those bloggers whose primary focus is to produce high-quality content and ensure that users don’t get distracted due to unnecessary animation and graphical effect, then Wake is a perfect theme to check out. It’s equipped with features such as quick load time, SEO friendly, responsiveness, and clean codes. Overall, a great theme to have on blogs revolving around technology, gadget reviews, How To posts, business news and other similar stuff.

wake up download WordPress theme

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13. BloggingBox

This is one of the widely popular WordPress themes capable of getting desired outcomes. BloggingBox is clean, attractive, equipped with a beautiful homepage design, flexible sidebar and eye-catching color combinations. With its custom short-codes, fonts and a broad range of widgets, you can give a personal touch to each of your posts and generate a lot of organic traffic in autopilot mode.


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14. Didi

Fashion and lifestyle blogging has entirely changed in the last few years. Unlike old days, millions of people have entered in these niches, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone and make every possible effort to stand out. If you are serious about making it large as a fashion or lifestyle blogger, then have Didi theme installed on your site. It will not only give a professional touch to your website but also ensure that it becomes SEO ready.


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15. Solstice

Solstice WordPress theme comes without any niche-specific restriction. It means that you can use it on any niche site and still manage to achieve desired results. Some of the essential features include attractive fonts, endless color combinations, unique homepage design, stunning visual experience coupled with the responsive grid system and much more. Solstice is fully responsive to both large and small screens and follows all the SEO parameters for excellent results.

solstice free WordPress theme

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16. SociallyViral

It’s an elegantly designed WordPress theme for attracting tons of social media and organic traffic. Some of the primary features of SociallyViral include fast loading speed, striking colors, strategically designed social media buttons, lively homepage layout, multiple customization options, SEO friendliness, mobile responsiveness and much more. With this theme installed on the site, you don’t have to worry about getting social signals and high search engine rankings ever.

sociallyviral WordPress theme for download

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17. Moment

Moment is a minimalistic theme ideally suited for entertainment, tech, fashion, lifestyle, business, general or any other similar blog niche for that matter. If you wish to have an efficient theme on your site that loads fast, looks vivid and works well on multiple screens, then give a shot to Moment without thinking much.

moment WordPress theme download

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18. Monte

Are you planning to start a fashion portal and looking for a WordPress theme that can live upto your expectations? A theme that’s beautiful, lightweight, SEO ready, smartphone responsive and easy to install? If you’re serious about having a theme like this, then look no further than Monte. It’s exquisitely designed and developed for fashion bloggers. Monte’s stunning typography and pixel-perfect design will not only help you attract more fashion enthusiasts to your site but also ensure that they engage with the content and share it across multiple social media platforms.


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19. Ad-Sense

Ad-Sense theme needs no introduction. Within a short period, it has made a special place for itself among bloggers and internet marketers who wish to monetize their sites using Google Adsense. Just in case you are also one such site owner whose significant revenue share comes from AdSense, then this is a quintessential theme for you. It’s most ad-friendly theme in the industry and has the potential to increase your ad revenue by a significant margin. Some of the basic features of Ad-Sense theme are ad-blocker detection, strategic ad placement, perfect ad management, and content locking for ad-blocker users. Have it installed on your blog and experience how swiftly your ad revenue touches new heights.

ad-sense ready WordPress theme

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20. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a modern looking theme with the primary focus on highlighting content as compared to graphics and animations on your site and ensuring that it’s noticed by all the readers. It is lightweight, packed with some unique color combinations, stunning featured area slider, full-width Instagram footer space, and a bundle of the post and multiple layout options. If you tend to design a clutter-free yet eye-catching site, go for Brooklyn without any second thought.

brooklyn WordPress theme

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21. Elegant

Going by its name, Elegant is one of the simplest, multipurpose and clutter-free themes you can ever come across. Switch to it if your objective is to turn the user’s attention towards the content part of your site by minimizing the graphics and animation effects. It is designed with considerable attention towards fonts, typography, and clean code so that you can enjoy fabulous functions and stunning visual display across different devices. Some of the primary features of the Elegant theme are masonry & grid layouts, new image filter, strategically placed social follow buttons and much more. It’s perfect for artists, agencies, writers, designers and individual portfolios.

elegant WordPress theme

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22. Amadeus Pro

Amadeus Pro is a premium blogging theme specially designed for those users who wish to increase the ad CTR and user engagement on their sites. It comes with unique features, such as clean and validated code, unlimited colors, powerful theme options panel for making immediate changes, multi-browser compatibility, fully-customized theme widgets, localization option, and much more. Regardless of whether you’re running a niche specific blog or managing a client site and want it to rank on the first page of Google, go for Amadeus Pro for desired results.


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23. Foodica

As the name suggests, Foodica is a leading theme designed especially for food bloggers and those who keep publishing food reviews, recipes and other related updates on their sites. It is equipped with an eye-catching slider, over six color schemes, WooCommerce support, and a beautiful homepage layout. Foodica is easy to install and works quite well on different devices.

foodica WordPress theme

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24. SocialNow

SocialNow is one of the best and most beautiful themes for sites that rely on social traffic. If you have such a blog and are looking to revamp its overall appearance, then don’t think much before opting for SocialNow. It is powered by intuitive navigation good enough to help your readers find relevant content on the site. Besides, you get pre-enabled community tools, social sharing buttons, lightweight design and a powerful options panel to make real-time changes. This theme is ideally suited for sites revolving around entertainment, travel, fashion, lifestyle, viral and general.


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25. Feminine

If you publish stories, videos and other similar content related to women on your site and are looking for a WordPress theme that can give it a feminine touch, then opt for this theme. Feminine comes with an alluring Instagram section, striking portfolio layout and an eye-catching slider coupled with quick load time and endless color combinations. Its theme panel is one of the strongest in the industry and can help you make real-time changes in no time.


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These are some of the best WordPress themes you can ever find. So, if your goal is to create a website that is visually attractive, fulfills all SEO parameters and performs just fine on smartphone screens as well as desktops, then keep aside all your doubts and choose one of them without any further delay.

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    1. Hi Atul, Writer is one of the best and minimalistic WordPress theme and I am sure you will surely love this theme but before implementing on any production site I would highly recommend you to try this theme on a dummy site/localhost. Keep in touch

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