3 Golden SEO Tips and Tricks to Beat Your Competition

3 Golden SEO Tips and Tricks

When you have a handle on the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and what it is capable of doing for your website, beating your competition becomes easier than you could ever imagine. If you want to gain a significant edge over other websites within your niche, these three golden SEO tips and tricks are the most logical place to begin. Follow these simple steps and you will be launched ahead of your competitors in no time.

3 Golden SEO Tips and Tricks

Tip#1. Utilize SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a powerful tool that allows users to reference a number of customized and preset parameters in three different functional parts. Compatible with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, the SEOToolbar displays parameters in a browser toolbar, the SEObar utilizes a fully customizable separate lock, and parameters can also be shown as outputs on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO Quake has a growing community where customized parameters are shared so that web developers may be better able to track the effectiveness of their websites. SEO Quake is absolutely free to download and makes an excellent addition to the SEO arsenal of anyone serious about flying past the competition.  Complete on Page  optimization guide can also help you a lot.

Tip#2 . Get Your Blog Out of the Google Supplemental Index

Here you could be potentially hurting your search engine driven traffic without even knowing it. This is especially common for WordPress blogs, where multiple links lead to the same content pages. When Google or another search engine spiders these pages, it will follow all links and treat the same content as multiple instances of the same thing.

The fastest and most effective way to undo this damage and to prevent further instances of the same occurrence is to put together an effective Robots.txt file. You may have to customize your robots.txt file to suit your particular requirements.

This text file will tell search engines where they should and should not go, and can prevent search engine spiders from repeatedly following several different links to the same content.

Tip#3. Restructure Your Permalinks

There are three different ways to have your permalinks structured in a WordPress blog, but only one is really visually appealing and useful when it comes to boosting page rank. If you have a lot of permalinks to change because your blog has been active for a while, consider downloading Dean’s Permalinks Migration Plugin that will allow you to switch to your new permalink structure without losing the traffic you’re already getting from your old permalinks.

The ideal permalink structure is one that contains the actual title of the blog post rather than simply a random blog post number, and sometimes the date information as well. Some bloggers choose not to use the date information, which makes for a shorter and straight forward permalink.

By utilizing the actual titles in your URLs, you are increasing the likelihood that your blog posts will be indexed individually for greater search engine visibility.

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