3 in 1 Software – Directory Submission, Article Submission,Social Bookmarking

Php Dir Submit is a software which can bring thousand of backlinks from Directories, Article Directories and Social Bookmarking site. This single software is able to submit your site, article and create links on social bookmarking site using a single interface.

Directory Submission, Article Submission and Social Bookmarking are one of the best methods available, right now to create thousands of targeted backlinks  for your website/blog. We all know content is no more king, it’s the backlinks who is the King-Maker right now. The Number of backlinks are directory proportional  to the number of targeted traffic.

Few days back, I have written some article on Article submission software, SEO Software and Social Bookmarking software. These software are either fully automatic or semiautomatic.  The another major drawback of these software are they are not connected with each other and somehow a learning curve is required to operate them properly.

PHP Dir Submit
Php Dir Submit- 3 in 1 Software

Directory submission is one of best ways to build free one way backlinks to your website. Unfortunately doing directory submission can be a very time consuming task. But that’s only in the past, with PHP Dir Submit you can now submit your website to hundreds of directories in less than an hour.

What if you will get Article Submitter and Social Bookmarking software along with directory submission software. Whether you are a website owner, internet marketer or search engine specialist, you will LOVE this tool because it allows you to get links to your website QUICKER and EASIER than any other tools (in the same price range) on the market today.

Recently, I  came through a software which can do Directory Submission, Article Submission and Social Bookmarking from a single software. This software boast of  a list of 300+ directories of each category as a built in resource as well as added feature to add any extra directory of your choice to add later on. ( Screen Shot is given for your ready reference )

PHP Dir Submit Demo Site-screenshot

Live Demo of  PHP Dir Submit.

You will get one free credit when you sign up. This allows you to add one website and submit it to all directories.

I created my login ID and Password and Checked how does this work and Believe me it works like a charm. Without any difficulty, I was able to submit my site on more than 50+ website in a single stretch.

PHP Dir Submit Demo Site-2

The Another beauty of this software is, It exactly know how many directory sites you have already submitted ( To avoid Duplicate  Entry ) and if you want to skip any directory for some reasons, you can also do so.

This is a web-based software that is you can also use this special software to earn Money online. Install it on your web-server , create a service provider website and without knowing too much about these type of service, Even a non Technical person can start his/her own business and can Earn Money Online.

NOTE: The Best part about this software is every time whenever it will try to submit your site on a new directory , It prompt submitter to select the desired category on which you want to submit your site. Thus prevent your site to appear in the garbage categories of  that directory and reduce the chance of being seen by the probable  buyer/users.

In My opinion PHP Dir Submit can bring a lots of backlinks to your sites as well as it has the potential to make some extra money online.

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