3 PPC Tips and Tricks- Master PPC

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PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most effective way of generating traffic to your website or products. However, in order to be successful with PPC advertising there are many guidelines you must follow so that you don’t lose all of your money. I could literally fill up 10 pages with PPC tips and tricks that would really benefit you but the most important ones can be found below.

Correct Keyword Bidding

When using PPC you have to set a bid for each keyword. This bid represents the general amount you are willing to pay for each click when someone searches the corresponding keyword. The higher the bid you have the more times your advertisement will be displayed resulting in a higher probability of getting more clicks. However, if you bid for the #1 position you will be paying several dollars for some keywords. This is why when starting PPC you should keep your bids below $.30 or even at the minimum bid which is the lowest amount you can bid. After you have your advertisement running for a few days you can analyze your data and change the bids based on their results and which keywords are converting and which are not. If you bid too low you won’t get any traffic and no one will see your advertisement but if you bid too high then you will lose $100’s very quickly. It is very important to be extremely careful about what you bid for a keyword. Many beginning PPCers will bid for the #1 position so they get a lot of traffic to their website but what they don’t realize is that they will lose all of their money before anyone has a chance to even purchase their product.


After you set your keyword bids there is a way to pay even less then your bids, and to do so you need to be relevant. Being relevant means that your advertisement is directly related to your landing page and the product you are promoting. You want to have the keywords you are bidding on in your advertisement as well as throughout your landing page. If you are promoting a weight loss product then your advertisement should have your keyword in it; your landing page should be about weight loss and how to lose weight; and the product should be a way to lose weight. The more relevant you are the search engines will value you more and therefore allow you to pay less for your keywords. This is a great way to save money on PPC as well as get high rankings for lower prices then other advertisements. If you are using Google or Yahoo they will give you a “quality score” which is mainly determined by your relevancy and the higher your quality score the less you pay and the higher ranked your advertisement will be.

Attention Grabbing Advertisements

When you create your advertisement you want it to be very attractive and you want people to look at yours rather then your competitors. You want unique headlines that draw your potential customers in. Remember, you are competing with many other advertisements and if your advertisement is the same old generic text as every other advertisement then people won’t click on your advertisement compared to if you made it stand out. Be unique and creative with your advertisement and you will have much more traffic coming to your website.

Is it Really Worth It?

Now you have been exposed to some fundamental PPC tips and tricks that will help you out. However, PPC is much harder then people make it out to be. Some people even wonder if PPC is even worth it and to be honest it is but now there is a way to use PPC but not have to learn anything. If you want a quick way to make large amounts of money without having to learn all of this information then you can just copy proven money making campaigns. The campaigns that will be revealed to you have been tested to make lots of money and I have used them myself. I obtained my first sale with one of these campaigns all the way up to my 100th.

If you truly want to learn all of the above information as well as much more then be my guest. It’s an extremely hard task and can take you years to master. I have failed miserably with PPC marketing and these PPC tips and tricks are only the basics. For more information visit CopyNProfit [http://www.squidoo.com/make-money-at-home–1].

Author: David M. Smutz
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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