3 Things to Do After Losing Your Search Engine Ranking

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alexa rank
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Search engine rankings can help your business gain traffic to your website or blog, where you can convert ordinary searchers into buyers. The type of commitment search engine visitors pay to your blog, especially when it is highly ranked on a major search site like Google cannot compare to what you’ll get from other traffic sources. This has made the term “SEO” or “search engine optimization” so popular among webmasters.

SEO is so popular that internet marketers are beginning to game the ranking process, thereby pushing unworthy contents or low quality websites to rank higher than sites that would otherwise have naturally been in that position. But with this, comes stringent inspections from major search sites like Google in a bid to curb the offending sites. However, we can’t certify that non-offending sites are not being penalized.

Your blog or company website might have been unjustly penalized for one reason or the other, and that have subsequently caused you to lose your rankings on search engine result pages. This post will be outlining some things you should do in order to recover your search engine rankings.

Revisit and Edit Your Old Article to Conform with Latest Information

You will lose your sites’ rankings gradually if the contents posted on it are of mediocre value and have spelling errors in them. Google’s ranking algorithm bots now read the content on your site like humans and they pay more attention to the things that will make reading and understanding the content of your site easy for readers. If your blog now, due to some errors, lack the good feel an article that is worth reading should have, your will not get ranked well on Google.

To get back your rankings, you should visit those old articles on your site and make sure you edit the wrong spellings and grammar errors that are in them. And if possible, you should update them to reflect the latest changes on whatever topic you treat in them.

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Build Backlinks for Your Site

If you are not one of the PR companies that work regularly on building backlinks to their websites, you might not quite understand the benefits of backlinks.

Gaining backlinks to your site helps you present your blog as a trusted and reputable source of information for searchers in the eyes of search engines. The higher the number of backlinks you’re able to get for your blog, the more respect and rankings you’ll gain on search engines.

But you have to be very careful about how you build backlinks to your blog because overdoing it will draw Google’s attention to your blog and you might be hit hard if any bad practice is detected.

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Remove Links Pointing Out to Bad Neighborhood

You’ll want to make sure you are not exchanging links with sites that are not supported by search engine sites. These are sites that have been banned by search engine sites and sites that promote violent materials on the internet. Any link on your blog pointing to these sites tells Google and other search engines that you are an advocate and they will de-rank your website.

Here i have listed three simple methods to remove such broken links or bad links

  • Broken Link Checker  is one such plugin specially designed to find out broken links from your website and prompt you to correct the link wither remove/ update or edit the current link.
  • Akismet is  well known to fight spam comments and trackback , one feature that is unknown or unexplored – it is a very good tool to check the current status of the site from where someone posted comment on your site. It can show the screenshot of the site from your very own admin screen. Thus you can check the quality of the site instantly.
  • Deep Links :  Deep Links like this http://binaryNote.com/11-tricks-to improve alexa ranking.html  as a signature of  Guest writer and comment posters can damage your ranking very hard. So,define your comment policy and Guest writing policy and totally discourage deep links from the signatures.


After you must have done the above, you shouldn’t expect your rankings to return automatically. It rarely happens that way. You’ll have to get Google or any search engine site you think you lost your rankings on to reconsider putting you in the position you were before, and make sure to point out the changes you’ve made to your blog after you lost your rankings.

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8 thoughts on “3 Things to Do After Losing Your Search Engine Ranking”

  1. when Google update the algorithm the rank will go down i think your suggestion are awesome it is very useful for beginner ,like me thank you for your some excellent tips

    1. No it is not all the time true. If you are a genuine wrtiter at your website, then Google algorithem will help you to gain popularity. Google algorithm are basically for spammers and blackhat seo. ~rakesh kumar

  2. In the recent update I lost half of my traffic but I did the same as you have suggested first of all removed all those one way links to my blog and by blog commenting trying to build up natural links and gain more and more backlinks to my website..!!

    1. Commenting with a purpose is always useful and bring a lots of targeted readers to your site. Proper rapport with your commentator is also as beneficial as placing relevant links on others blog. Hope, you will get back your traffic very soon.

  3. This is very helpful specially for those blogs and websites affected by the recent Google algorithm change. They will have to work consistently to build their rank again but it’s a start and definitely a whole lot better than doing nothing.

    1. That is very true, Both Google panda and Penguin target the spammy sites , so it’s always better not to anyhow link ourself, thus recommended these three steps. Hope to see you very soon.

  4. oh what a article,,,,very useful information for me.iam blogger since 2009.i love blogging.this is my first visit. thanks.

    1. Thanks Nuwan, Hope you will find your desired information here in future also. ~rakesh

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