4 Type of blog post that actually make money online.

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Recently, few of my online friends asked me to guide him to earn money online. Besides a popular blogger in his niche, he was not able to earn sufficient money to endorse his own blog and blogging. That was the the biggest irony?

If you people are following me then you must be aware of my recent post on kabenlah.com related to why your blog is not making any money where I discussed why you are not making even a single dime instead of your best efforts.

Today, I am going to give you an idea how people are making money using pure blogging and how you can imitate their methods to build your own fortune in next two month.

But before that let’s find out the methods people use to make money online.

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Income
  3. Services
  4. Digital products
  5.  Sell ad space on their blog etc etc.

1.  Google Adsense

Probably, one of the most talked term in the blogging world in “How to make money using Google Adsense”. When I got my Adsense account 5 years ago then at that time I thought I would be a millionaire with in a year and whatever I would post on my website will generate lots of money for me.

Did you also felt like me?

Yes, people may be earning good amount using Google Adsense but how many of them are really doing this only blogging? If I am not wrong, they are basically spamming social sites, creating sensation.  Check the screenshot and decide yourself.

2. Generate Affiliate Income

I think this is the most crucial source of income where a blogger can really make real money, if he/she is able to find out the real profitable products to endorse. Check out 14 most profitable ClickBank products to promote.

I have seen lots of people start promoting affiliate products before even checking the affiliate percentage and when they find their actual income start cribbing on the net.  Have you seen such status on Facebook about flipkart.com

It is very important to choose your product and how this affiliate product will help you to make money week after week for you. If you are Indian trying to generate affiliate income then check our 11 Best Affiliate Programs for Indians and Best Practices to mint them

ClickBank.com has such products that can give you affiliate income months after month; you only need to endorse the right product.

3.  Sell Your Services:

This is one such idea that can generate money for your month after month . All you need is – enhance your skills and start promoting your services.

Few of my friends even start promoting their blogging classes like a service and they are charging handsomely for them

Logo designing, banner making, poster making and even wallpaper designing are such services where people are always ready to pay.

NOTE: We do offer WordPress Customization and Optimization service that start from$20 onward. For more information please contact us at   support@binarynote.com

4. Your Own Products:

This must be the ultimate aim of any blogger if he/she want to make some really good money on a regular basis.

Though I do admit, its not easy, You have to spend a good amount of time to find out the requirement of your readers, if you are not able to judge the requirement then you are bound to fail.

We do have a lots of products mainly Wallpaper WordPress theme that we use  and also sell from binarynote.com, most of them are for bloggers who are really want to make money .

Traffic, Traffic and Traffic

But for all the methods mentioned above you need lots of traffic?  So the question is how to increase traffic that really converts?

Here are my tried and tested methods that can also help you generate lots of targeted traffic and also money

1.  Write Detailed Reviews

Reviews are consumed by the readers who are at the last stage of purchasing any product? But before making their final decision they want to know what all the other users want to say about this product?

Write reviews of only those products which have any type of monetary gain for you. Either they must be a paid review or they product must have any type of affiliate system.

A review written for the sake of a review will not help you or your blog anyhow?  I do receive a lots of email to review their products on my website but …………………..

What is your opinion?  How many such reviews you have on your website? if want to know more about such review please read this  review on hostgator webhosting service

2.  Comparison post

People love to compare equal type of product before, here a detailed comparison between your products can enhance the credibility of your blog as well as they will also bring a lots of targeted traffic on your website.

We have already tried and tested this method on latestmobilebuzz.com and the result was very encouraging.

Actually we were able to increase the traffic by 368% with in a month.

3. List of products

When we prepared a list of 7 Best Divorce Lawyer WordPress themes, you would not believe me, if I would say made whooping $873 with in 3 month from only 3 WordPress theme stores.

List types of articles are preferred on Google search when people love to know like “10 Mobile phone under 10000 in India”

List article are also known as evergreen topics and always bring targeted traffic to your website.

4. Tutorial Video on General topics

If your target is Google Adsense then prepare tutorials on general topics like programming, Cooking, muscle building, Good food, green energy, touring and nutrition.

These are ageless topics and people love to see them again and again. Don’t believe me just check out the most subscribed video channels on YouTube are related to “How To”   and forums are full of questions.

So why not write a tutorial or make a video on such topic? But, Choose your topics very carefully otherwise all your efforts will bring only few peanuts.

How to find profitable keywords may help you a lot in this case.

Your Turn

Which revenue stream is actually you want to mint and what are the strategy you want to follow, its totally up to you. I have chosen my products, what is your s? Do not forget to feed your ideas on this topic as a comment.

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