5 Best Tips to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Best tips on affiliate marketing

When I was able to generate more than $600 from affiliate marketing, then suddenly, start analyzing more and more about affiliate marketing, Best tools for affiliate marketing and best practices to make big money online.

Though I was writing reviews on several topics from the beginning of my journey as a blogger but never given a single wild thought about it.

Let me confess, as I was not so much success in the beginning, so what were the factors that changed my blogging and why you should read this whole article?

The answer is very simple – Because you also want to make some Good money from your blogs. Am I right?

Tips to make money with affiliate marketing

The factors that help me to make money with affiliate marketing is here, though these factors are not in any order you must read each and every point very carefully.

Find out Buyer keyword Lists first

The first mistake, we often do – register yourself on several affiliate network without knowing, whether these networks will add some value or not.

The second major problem is – we also start promoting the same products, pro bloggers or high ranked sites promotes.

“But, I  do not have any problem? They are highly successful products and pro bloggers are earning thousands of “. Yes, they might be because they researched the keywords, They have that kind of traffic, Do You have that kind of traffic?

My point is – try to find out some buyer keywords that are already in demand and you are already writing in that niche.

If you try to sell a product that is in low demand then chances are that you are not going to get many sales no matter how hard you try. So it is a good idea to spend a bit of time researching and finding out if a product that you are thinking of promoting is a product that your audience needs. If your site gets decent traffic then you can conduct an online survey and easily get input from your visitors.

Buyer Keywords will help you to generate affiliate income, if you are not able to generate affiliate income, they will surely help you to increase Google click-through rate and CPC.

Must read: How to find out buyer keyword List using Google AdWords Keyword tool

Analysis of your Best posts – ranking High on Google :

Best buyer keyword

For the first highlighted Link keyword winner is a better choice of an affiliate program. Since this keyword research tool helps users to find out buyer keywords very easily.

Another point is – Why only those posts that rank high on  Google and another search engine?  The reason behind is – Traffic coming from the search engine is much more interested in your contents than anyone else. Your loyal readers are much more interested in consuming your contents then buying the product.

Any Good analytical tool like Google Analytics can help you to judge your best buyer keyword based article. if you are not sure about that then Jetpack plugin for WordPress is another very good solution for analysis.

Remember one thing very clearly, if your are posting information for the blogger, my dear friend, I am very sorry to say , bloggers will come to consume your contents.

Now powered with this idea, now its time to search some affiliate programs on Clickbank, Shareasale or on any such affiliate programs.

Right Kind of Knowledge

What do you mean by right kind of knowledge?  Am I illiterate? No, not at all. But what I have seen in  the last 3 and a half year, Probloggers never ever give you the exact idea , how they are generating money and why you are not able to generate, even though you are following the exact strategy.

The answer is simple – They learn this through their experience.  With every great educational blog post, they do not want to create a new competitor.

There are three type of affiliate that are able to generate money from different affiliate programs, popular among them is

Type of Product

Selection of product is the most crucial factor for any affiliate, if  product A is doing fine for blog A, it does not  mean that will also work for you.

Your product must be based on the keywords that are ranking high on the search engine as I have already mentioned in the above paragraph, Traffic coming from the search engine is the best traffic for your affiliate.

Affiliate store

affiliate store

Affiliate store like illtaketen.com is one such fine example of affiliate store but believe me they have taken utmost care to select their products. These products are unique and compel a reader to buy.  Besides this, they have a customized theme for better conversion.

Datafeedr.com provide a beautiful plugin to create your own beautiful customized web store  that is very easy to create modify and update. Check out the feature of datafeedr in this small Video.


People love to read reviews before buying any product online.  Complete tutorial type Positive review about that product can guide them to buy from your links.

Point to be noted here very clearly , do not publish an irrelevant review on your site, suppose you are writing about wordpress and SEO and suddenly you start writing reviews on kitchenware  will  not help you anyhow?

for example – hostgator sucks- genuine review on hostgator force probable hosting buyer at hostgator to read a negative review and when to find a dashing positive review.  The idea behind every review is – it must attract the reader to read your review

Better Affiliate Tools

“A tool is as intelligent as its user” .  This is my favorite quotation for any type of tool. Still, wordpress have some wonderful plugins that can help you to generate a lots of money through affiliate links.  Maxblogpress Ninja affiliate, Thrirsty affiliate, last but my favorite wp auto affiliate link pro.

Wp auto affiliate link pro is something special, the feature available in this tools is something special that I am not able to locate in either in ninja affiliate or in thirsty affiliate and that is its power to automatically add affiliate links from clickbank, amazon and shareasale.com

Did you read that ?

Wp auto affiliate pro automatically pull affiliate links from amzon, click bank and shareasale based on your defined buyer keyword and place in all the post based on your defined keywords.


What new bloggers and probable probloggers love to do to attract lots of traffic ?  any idea ?

They offer lots of freebies on their website. Sometimes post on popular topics like Samsung mobile phones, iphones, android apps.   I do have a lots of free wordpress themes and lots of article to attract free traffic, but do you think this type of traffic help you to generate healthy affiliate income?

I have some serious doubt.

Marketing of your blog/site/review is must, if you are not able to market your contents then what is the use of all this exercise?

To show your presence you have to follow some sort of guidelines, though I know there are a lots of guide already there, I am not going to reinvent the wheel again. Here are some quick ideas

  • Optimize your article/review for the search engine,  title tag, Heading, images name, alt Tag, Image Description,  post URL, meta content, Meta Description must have your targeted keyword and its synonyms .   Image optimization for SEO is equally important. SEO friendly image wordpress plugin is a must in this case, if you are not sure about your previous SEO scores of Images.   You can also refer image optimization for seo  article by neil patel.
  • At least place 100 to 200 comments on some highly visible commentluv enabled blogs in your niche.  7 Commenting tricks for better  SEO even pros will not tell you can help you a lot in this case.
  • While responding to your commentators on your own blog, Deep Link this article  like https://binarynote.com/25-news-wordpress-themes.html  instead of only  domain name.
  • If you are able to spend some amount on then sponsor some themes , a theme is a very good source to get instant  backlinks .
  • Share your article on your social networks like facebook, stumbleupon , twitter. To get maximum traffic from twitter, use justretweet .com, people will retweet your article for the better bonus, I mean it  for a better bonus.
  • Always have related post plugin as this will help you to show your most  visible reviews.

If you are able to follow these steps exactly , I am sure you will be able to mint some good money next month onwards. If I am not able to explain something properly in any step, let me know through your comment.

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  1. I was searching for adsense tips, then i found this article. This article inspired me in affiliate markenting.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Glad to know that you like this article,and do not forget to update us about your success.

  2. Hi Rakesh,
    This post made an interesting reading.
    I was somehow involved in affiliate marketing but it appears I didn’t do something right.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Happy to know that Emmanuel, Just do it right way and i am sure you will be able to see some money in your account very soon.

  3. Great post on affiliate marketing. Many people tend to jump on affiliate marketing without understanding the products and end up in huge loss.
    Your post has cited all the aspects of affiliate marketing.

    1. You are most welcome Preeti, I am sure if you can follow these tips of your blog,your blog is going to make some good money today onwards. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks for the tips,until now signed up for some affliate and tried to sell the but never got any success just able to sell some amazon products and that’s by luck and sometimes from Flipkart but never got enough money just got some coupons from Flipkart.

    1. Did you check the affiliate reports? which type of products basically people purchased through your website and the most visible article of your site on search engine. Join affiliate according to these two point, i am sure success will be yours.

  5. Thanks for sharing great article about tips to maintain successful blog. This is very useful information for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.


  6. Great tips are shared here. I feel amazed the way b you write it genuinely and Carefully

    Really helpful tips

  7. Hello Rakesh! I am focusing my affiliate marketing strategy mostly on amazon and some WordPress theme and plugins sites. I have to admit it is a promising field and thanks to your article I have some really great new tips to develop my sites in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Happy to know that you find these tips untouched. Kindly try to update us, how much it was useful for you. Keep in touch ;)

  8. Hello! i think i will try wp auto affiliate link :) , i often insert link in to my post manualy to control the number of links!
    Thank you!

  9. Hello! i think i will try wp auto affiliate link :), i often insert link in to my post manualy to control the number of links!
    Thank you!

  10. Stunning post with such a lot of great information. This is one of the best educational posts I read this month. Sharing the Affiliate Plugins is a greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I might be considering an ad on this website. How much is the pricing for the sidebar 250 by 250?


  11. I’ve been trying to enter in the affiliate way of monetization but never had luck with it, I’ll surly implement tips given by you :)

    1. use these listed tricks in this article, i am sure success will be yours. Keep in touch my dear.

  12. @Rakesh
    You have given me the best tips to make money with affiliate marketing.I am new to affiliate marketing (Amazon,ebay etc.)I have not started yet affiliate marketing as i am still learning it.I have read some big blogs and also find amazing things .

    1. But i am sure you will not get any trick like this on any big blog ;) Am i right himanshu. keep in touch

  13. Hi Rakesh,
    Now those 5 tips are going to help every Affiliate move closer to success for sure. I really enjoyed reading your post.
    Well, I think the best Affiliate Marketing strategy is to have the Right-Targeted Audience on your Niche and to build up a strong Trust Based bond between them.

    So when they trust and consider you as the Go-To expert on the field, they’ll surely try out something that you recommend them to use. I’ve prepared a guide on Affiliate Marketing and from my experience of making 3 figure on the last month, I think when you deliver the right product at the right time, the chances of conversions being done increases with 70%.
    What do say Rakesh?

    Cheers and Regards :)

    1. Basically affiliate marketers misuse that trust ;) Am i right, thus not mention any such point in this whole article, otherwise you are 100% right Amal. My whole article was based on search engine traffic all website owner/bloggers are already ranked and using this method they can earn some extra money each month.

      Thanks Amal Rafeeq for this thoughtful comment. keep in touch my dear.

  14. I have also heard that wp auto affiliate links pro is great. I did not tested it yet, but I plan to do so.

    1. This is really a wonderful plugin. I am sure you would love this affiliate plugin.

  15. Many Thanks to sharing this ultimate blog post about Affiliate Marketing. I always wanted to know about Affiliate programs in deep and finally you have provided such kind of information. Thanks!

    1. Vivek do not treat this as a blog post. its my experience as an affiliate marketers. I am sure if you will follow them, you can also make some decent money. Keep in touch

    2. Very Sorry about my way of telling this as a post. Yes surely, it is a great experience of you about Affiliate marketers. I will surely follow your experience to become successful in money making. Thanks!

    3. Actually, i did it mean that. I want to put a smiley after my comment. Please do not take it otherwise. Keep in touch my dear.

    4. Sir, I have no mind to mind. I appreciate your quick response with smiley after that. I will always keep in touch with you and your ultimate content and blog. Thanks! :)

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