5 Best affiliate Plugin to Enhance your Affiliate Income Exponentially


How many bloggers really write blogs for the readers and their primary aim is not to earn money online. I think you can count them on your finger tips.

There are a lots of methods to earn money online on of them is – affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing needs a lots of efforts specially a list of loyal readers.  Beside loyal readers, you also need a right tool-affiliate Plugin.

Though during the research of this article, i came across a lots of plugin still was not convinced to add in this draft. These plugins are not in any order but always there to deliver what they promised.

1.  wp Mail Ads :

This is my favorite plugin to target email audience of your website. It can help you to send your customized emails to your commentator defining a complete new product.  Internet marketing Gurus do this using premium services like AWEBER or MAIL CHIMP.

Here you does not need  to care about recurring payment of these email marketing firms, Just setup your affiliate program for the time being and forget about that. Every commentator will receive your personal copy of email.

Thank Me Later is another such mail plugin available in wordpress repository which has the potential to target your commentator, all in this case its up to you, how creative you are, to tap its potential.

2. ThirstyAffiliates –

affiliate marketing and cloaking system

This wordpress plugin can search the defined short or Long tail keyword from your whole blog and automatically attach that keyword with your defined affiliate link. That affiliate link is automatically hidden with the recommended words.

No need to locate each and every page/article  of  your website and then embed your affiliate link.  If you are in affiliate market than a must have plugin.

The close rival of Thirsty affiliates is Ninja Affiliates but i have not added in this list as it adds extra tables in the Database and double the database size thus increase the loading size.

If you are not able to purchase any of these premium affiliate plugin then there is a cheap solution – Gocodes + SEO smart Link.

Gocodes plugin is basically used to cloak the links and SEO Smart Link then connect the defined keyword with the cloaked Links throughout your blog.

In this case both the actions you have to do manually, on the other hand Ninja Affiliates does it automatically

3.  wp Zone Builder for Amazon:

I’ve just come across a truly exceptional WP plugin which may be exactly what you’ve been looking for if you’re into auto-blogging. There’s a special deal on which ends Sunday, so I’m letting you know immediately.

Go take a look at wp Zone Builder  for better understanding of this

What I really like about this plugin is that you can use the basic features to get a site up, running and auto-posting with monetized content in a matter of minutes (after you get familiar with the features).

Watch the video to see it done in 11 minutes!

That makes it IDEAL if you’re at the Learning Stage and want to get a project up and running quickly to help you learn the ropes and – quite possibly – earn some $$ along the way.

BUT THEN – if you decide you like that business model, you can simply learn the more advanced features, adjust your strategy based on your learning, and turn it into a proper operational business.

No need to buy anything more.  And of course, that business model is great because you don’t need to bother with product development, customer support or even list building (you don’t HAVE to, but you may want to).

As I said – there’s a very good offer on which lasts until Sunday – so go take a look now at wp Zone Builder.

4. CBPress for ClickBank:

This powerful premium plugin lets you import the ClickBank Marketplace into your WordPress site in less than 60 seconds, and then lets you customize and filter which categories and products to display, with your affiliate link automatically embedded.

You can also customize the product titles and descriptions as much as you want, so you can quickly and easily create highly customized and relevant product catalogs for your audience. It automatically cloaks all  HopLinks and includes shortcodes, click tracking and much more.

Though this is a great plugin to boost Click Bank product still click bank does not provide support for this great plugin. So before buy check its official website first.

Download CBPress for clickBank

5.  AuthorhReview  by Famous Blogger

If you promote your affiliate product, just by writing great review of that product then in my opinion this is the best plugin till date i have seen.

More and more people love to read the review of any product before they want to buy but Only a sincere review of the product, after the review you can provide them its download link, So do not use this fine plugin to target a sales pitch.

Problogger Hasim Zebida of famous blogger has written this wonderful plugin and right now they publish all their review using this plugin.

Google love to share this review ratings on their search and this is the USP of this product.

Review product plugin

The plugin just enhance the functionality of the wordpress and does not increase the load on your database.

If you find any such product which you think is useful for your reader, provide information and how it can be useful for others, where is the catch and all. Then, define your call of action using this wonderful review plugin.

Download AuthorhReview Link

Now Your Turn

These are some of the basic and most used wordpress plugins to enhance your affiliate income, still i believe that there are something more available all the time.

WordPress  runs 16% of total websites all over the world, so what are the best plugin to increase your affiliate income. if you met any one of them, do not hesitate to share with us,  we all would love to listen.

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18 thoughts on “5 Best affiliate Plugin to Enhance your Affiliate Income Exponentially”

  1. I use WP Auto Affiliate Links,this plugin gives you the ability to turn keywords into affiliate links automatically.
    There’s no need to go back through all of your posts by hand and add affiliate links to products related to your content.
    You get some other helpful features such as follow/nofollow settings and there’s also a link cloaking setting.
    You need to be careful here, actually I would recommend you avoid the use of the cloaking setting altogether because search engines aren’t fans of using this sort of tactic.
    Usually I recommend minimising the number of plugins you use so when a plugin can accomplish multiple tasks that you would use other plugins for then I would say do it – in this case, leave out the link cloaking and use the redirect functions within Pretty Link Lite.

    1. Thanks asfix Lee for this wonderful update, Will update this into my list next time. I need your constant support like this to run this blog. Hope to see you soon.

  2. You have share very unique information on these plugins. These theme are extremely increase the traffic and income. Your tips and facts are really informative.

  3. This is the software what I need. I have to use it for my affiliate marketing strategy. Thanks a lot Rakesh I hope this is work for my Blog.

    1. Dear Saroyou, Kindly mention the name of affiliate software so that we can get maximum benefits from your experience. Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you soon. ;)

    1. Dear Puneet, Have you installed the plugin on your website. Just install it and follow the instructions.

  4. wow….Great video. Yes, this highly effective top quality tool allows you transfer the Click-Bank Industry into your WordPress site in less than 60 a few moments, and then allows you personalize and narrow which groups and products to show, with your affiliate marketer link instantly included…Thanks for sharing me..

    1. I am delighted to know that you find this set of tools useful. Hope to see you soon

  5. Hi Rakesh, wonderful post. Personally saying I have tried CBPress and I must say I really liked it. The best part about this plug-in was that it allows you to cloak your hop links. Although the links again become visible in the url bar.

    1. Glad to know you find something special in this post. Affiliate marketing needs a lots of efforts. CBPress just enable you set up your marketplace easily. Traffic and other methods, you have to look after your self.

  6. Pretty nice set of guide. This will really help on how my affiliate marketing become successful, thanks for sharing this.

    I love the way you organize your post and it is easy to understand specially the video guide you put and it will be easy to follow.

    1. Affiliate marketing needs a lots of efforts, These tools let you enable to lower your own efforts.

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