5 Must Have Skype Call Recorder Software

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Over the years, Skype has become a phenomenon and one of the internet’s most used services. Whether you need to call someone for business or just personal use, people are starting to rely on it more and more. However, what happens if you want to record Skype calls? Let’s say that you’re holding an important meeting or conference with a big name, can you record your call to reference back at a later date? In short, yes, and we are going to show you five fantastic solutions here today.

Kanda Call Recorder

Especially made for and recommended by Skype itself, Kanda is a favourite for many and it isn’t hard to see why. Using a basic interface that doesn’t require particular technical skills, Kanda will directly record the calls and the audio of the chat. With the free version, you can record 30 calls each month.

If you need more than this, you can pay a small fee and have access to unlimited recordings as well as taking advantage of video editing.

Additionally, Kanda also boasts the chance to share videos straight to your favourite social media platform. Despite this, it should be noted that it cannot handle other types of media; as it is made for Skype and other such tools, this is the app’s priority.

Screen Grabber Pro

Next, we have a tool that is available for both Windows and Mac. Whether you want to record text chats or video calls, Screen Grabber Pro allows you to select a certain portion of the screen and even adjust frame rate, video resolution, and more. As soon as you hit the record button, every single action will be covered from your voice to the sound of the computer to your mouse clicks.

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Furthermore, you can adjust a number of options in the toolbar and add in texts, lines, shapes, and more to enhance the experience. If you prefer to use hotkeys, this can also be setup to remove the need for the recording bar. Much like the previous option, recorded videos can be published in a number of media formats.

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Ecamm Call Recorder

As an add-on for Mac, this option isn’t available for Windows but will work on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. If your Mac has an older version than this, you might want to make use of QuickTime Broadcaster which will allow you to record and then change your file into a QuickTime movie. If you have a newer Mac, the Ecamm Call Recorder is another solid option.

First, make sure Skype is not open and download the recorder from Ecamm’s website. After unzipping, you will see the install file and you can follow the on-screen instructions after double clicking.
In the ‘Alert’ window, you should see an option to ‘Open Skype’ so go ahead and click on this.
Once on Skype, head into the preferences and in particular, the recording settings. For the call recorder, you can select QuickTime or leave it as default. If you want to change it at a later date, just re-enter the settings.
When you start a new call on Skype, the ‘Call Recorder’ window will appear and you simply click on the red record button to start the recording.
Whenever you’re finished, simply click on the stop button. By clicking on the search button, you can access all of your recordings in a finder folder. By default, every recording will record to ‘Movies’ and then ‘Saved Calls’.


Back to Windows, we have an option that rivals the very best. To start, CamStudio records in AVI but can then be converted into a multitude of different formats. With CamStudio, you can capture exactly where your cursor moves, enable automatic panning, and even record with various sound effects. If you wanted to annotate or watermark your conversation, you could also do this whilst making the most of the effects menu.

In addition to this, you don’t even have to record the screen as you can also screenshot your call at any point in time. If you’re looking for a tool that boasts numerous options and opportunities to edit, this is the one for you.


To get started, open up the sound control panel by simply clicking on the speaker icon.


After choosing ‘Stereo Mix’ as the default setting, open it up and adjust the level up to 100.
You can test this by selecting the playback option; you will soon see whether the speakers are working as the default setting.
Additionally, you should also try and avoid overloads by adjusting the sliders; this is especially true when using a RealTek HD Audio system.
Finally, the media player and volume mixer can both be adjusted to the required amount.


If you plan on listening to the recording on your headphones, you will have to change the default setting. Remember, you will need to put it back to speakers at a later date for future recordings.

MP3 Skype Recorder

Finally, we have an option if you aren’t interested in the video but are more focused on the audio of the call. If you have Windows, MP3 Skype Recorder is a fantastic tool that will allow you to record all Skype calls as audio files. With the free version, you will receive no limits and it can be installed as an extension to your already-downloaded Skype. Because it works with Skype as opposed to working alone, multiple calls can be tracked at the same time.


There we have it, some fantastic options for recording your Skype calls. Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, or whether you need the video or just the audio, you should now have a good idea of what programs are available and how you can make the most of your Skype conversations.

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