5 reasons why bloggers fail? Are you on the way?

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You might have noticed that one of your favorite blog you always visit has suddenly not been updated with fresh content for a while now. This can be very disturbing especially when the readers tend to love the topic been discussed or rely on the blog for quick update.

In this blogging tips, we are going to have a look at some of the reasons that hinder bloggers from adding fresh content to their site regularly.

#1. Change

Change is one thing that is inevitable in our world today. In the recent times, there have been a lot of sudden changes from blogging companies that have forced many bloggers who do not have resource to abandon their blog. For instance Google’s Blogger FTP closure of April/May 2010 who saw people running their blogs on Blogger quickly moving it to another platform or would not be able to post new content to their site any more because Google no longer offer that service.

#2 Writing

Writing is not easy even when you are talented in the act. There are times that you will get burn out and don’t have any topic you can comfortably write on and need to do some different entirely. Occasions like this no content will be published when the blogger writes on his own.

#3 Money Matters Always

One of the major reasons why people setup blog is to make money and you also need money to maintain the site. Any other thing is secondary and when the major aim is defeated most people end up abandoning the blog for something more viable.

# 4 Niche Sites

There are internet marketers who own over 10 blogs in different niches. Keeping this respective sites updated frequently can be a pain in the neck and as a result the intervals that the blogger keeps his visitors entertain can become extended.

Your favorite blogger might be on holiday in a far away country and never going to have any thing to do with business until when he is back in office.

#5 Skills

Blogging requires a lot of skills depending on what your target is. People whose blog is not doing well would not want to continue with the business despite the few numbers of visitors interested in the publication. As a result, the owner might become discouraged in the business and decide to move on to something more profitable for him.

When you are not a good article writer you will be faced with the challenge of buying articles from well respected writers in order to thrill your visitors. This article cost a few dollars and you require a bunch of them to keep a blog updated. When the money is not coming the blogger might decide to limit the number of articles he publish weekly or even abandon the business at the long run.

Some professionals don’t want to publish articles and re-publish another one when their visitors have not fully digested the previous article. As a result, they would prefer to be updating their blogs every two days or weekly in order for their valuable content to stick and be appreciated.

How to overcome blogging blues

I have seen it on the blogging sphere people love to talk about the problems and suggest some filmy solution or bloggers rush to Google and try to search some seo plugins that can solve their problem instantly, or start publishing some rss feed. No there is no such panacea instead of them you must try these

#1 Planning

“The only thing that remains constant is – Change”  Even the great blogging platforms has also evolve themselves from the scratch.   WordPress begins its journey from b2.

Just look around yourself and notice how mobile phones evolved from a simple talking wireless device to a mini computers. Keep an eye on these trends and add new categories in you blog and start writing about these new trends.

# 2. Learning Curve

Investment on books are known as the best investment. Keep updating yourself on regular basis, purchase some good book from the store near to you or online book store like amazon or flipcart.

Desktop blogging tools like windows Live writer can help a blogger a lot to mange more than one blog or blogs running on different platform.

These desktop blogging tools have some wonderful feature like word count , image insertion, video insertion, auto correct,spell checker,Image Editing tools to help blogger to perform more than  task at a time.

#3 Authority Sites

It’s a long debatable topic which one to choose, but in my personal opinion it is always better to build an authority site. Those who complain about the traffic and AdSense income must read my article on the same.

In my personnel opinion it is always safer bet to maintain an authority site than a 10 niche sites.

#4 Fresh Content

If you are running a single author blog/site then I am 100% sure you are always need a fresh idea and content. Though even I have also written an article how to write a new post every day.  You can invite guest post for your blog to generate fresh contents and reward your Guest writer with do-follow links from your site.

Another very good approach is in this case is – revenue sharing. Like shoutmelouad.com share AdSense earning from the article with the author. Thus always maintain fresh contents for this blog.

Some times republishing of your old post with new SEO tricks and Tips can just do wonders for your blog and new readers would love to know more and more about your old work.

#5 Monetization Method

As discussed earlier most of the time bloggers approach blogging is – to make some quick money and fall in these 7 traps of make money fast.

Blog and forums and all other sites can be monetized easily and can generate some handsome amount for you. All you need is increased traffic and AdSense. Google AdSense is not ONLY monetization method available on the internet.

There are a lots of other methods available which can help you to generate money on your published images, contents and on banners.

#6 You Tube

Perhaps you have not a seen Youtube.com as your source of inspiration. There are millions of video available to be explored. Just Transcript some of them talking about your niche and your content is ready.

Final words on  –  why bloggers fail

These are some of the reasons why you might not be getting frequent update from your chosen blog. Though I have suggested here how you can overcome these blues still I strongly believe that there are some more methods available out there that can help you. Which one is your favorite ?

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  1. From your article it is quite clear that Marketing is also the King where many agree content is the King.Many of them who look out for an instant Income building up a blog are unaware and neglect the Marketing part that they have to Face to make a blog Generate a Constant Income.This might be because of the shortage of resources available to hold on and turn away to ways that can generate instant income even not much profitable.

  2. Hi Rakesh!
    You’ve written an excellent article on Blogging Failure. Your points about overcoming blogging failure are definitely the cause of blog downgrade. Change is what remains constant is the accurate phrase you used & change we should believe in as SEO never remains constant. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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