6 Best Cost Effective Online Marketing Strategies

online marketing strategies

For most small businesses, successful online marketing depends on a diverse and persistent approach. However, this doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Below, are 6 cost effective online marketing strategies that could really help your business soar without the need to break the bank.

1) Set-up a Website or Blog

Even if your business doesn’t sell anything directly online, having a website, blog or combination of both is absolutely essential to its success. These days, if a business doesn’t have an online presence people simply won’t take it seriously. A website or blog provides a quick, convenient way for your customers to find details about your services and forward them on.

It is also important that you keep your site as up to date as possible, if you have a website, having a regular blog section is a great idea. Remember, anything a potential customer may find current or interesting is going to increase your marketing efforts as web users are highly likely to share these items with friends.

2) Get Emailing

The most powerful online marketing strategy is undoubtedly email marketing. From day one you should be working to develop (not buy) a strong email list of customers or potential customers that have expressed an interest in receiving information about your products or services.

Regular updates and newsletters sent to these people will generally be better received than other types of advertising and could boost repeat business as well as word of mouth customers.

Check out VerticalResponse and Constant Contact, programs that allow you to customize your email to individual customers so you can send them information that may be more relevant to their interests.

3) Advertise Online

This is the most neglected online marketing strategy amongst small businesses, as generally, small business owners prefer to stick to free marketing. However, free marketing takes-up a lot of time, which means it can actually be more cost effective to pay for advertising.

There are two cost models within online advertising, CPM and CPC:

CPM is short for ‘Cost Per Mille.’ With this model you pay for each thousand times your advert is displayed on a web page (‘mille’ being Latin for ‘thousand’). Most banner ads are charged on a CPM basis.

CPC means ‘Cost Per Click,’ and with this model, you pay for the number of times someone clicks on your advert. Google AdWords is a popular CPC model as it ties the appearance of ads to the keywords people enter into Google meaning they are likely to already be interested in the services you provide.

Online videos are also an excellent online marketing strategy that can become advertising gold if they go viral. Check out YouTube Rocks for business advertising.

4) Get Listed in a Directory

Listing your business in a relevant online directory is a quick, easy and often free way to increase exposure. There are a plethora of directories on the internet from local directories, business directories, niche directories etc. As mentioned, many are free to submit a listing to while others may charge.

Paid for listings are often with more popular, better regulated directories and are usually well worth paying for. Dmoz and Yahoo directories are popular among all type of internet users.

5) Use Social Media

Getting involved with social media through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker and online forums can be a great way to get people talking about your business. However, social media marketing involves a far more subtle technique than advertising – you need to meaningfully contribute to conversations rather than spam everyone with your web address. This of course can be very time consuming, which is the downside of this type of online marketing, but it can really pay dividends if you can generate a buzz around your products and services.

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6) Get Networking

Online networking is as important as face-to-face networking for business owners, especially where LinkedIn is concerned. Originally designed to help professionals connect with each other, LinkedIn now has 40 million members in over 200 countries and is an invaluable way to connect with potential partners, colleagues and customers.

Forums are also a fantastic way to network with people and can be a great source of support and advice. They give you a unique opportunity to chat with like-minded professionals and potential customers on a more personal level. Treat online networking as you would face to face networking – always give more than you get and eventually, like all good marketing, it will pay dividends.

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  1. Those are really effective online marketing strategies that better to use for your business, I think these days, most of the business owners use social media and they also start setting up their own website where they can easily promote their products or sales online.

  2. Dear Admin,

    I am new in this field of online marketing via internet…was searching in Google about it and i landed on your blog,Learn t a lot of tips on it ….i am doing lots of directory submissions to rank my keywords high…Please guide me if i am doing the right way!!!
    rakesh recently posted. website development in noida

  3. I think that Google adwords provide the specific result in short time and it prevent the fake traffic.It helps in the finding the right keyword for the our website.

  4. I think Its good to advertise online via Google adwords to get good results and I think we can control on our budgets too.

    1. Another Benefit of Google adwords is you need to worry about fake traffic the main hack in this case is the targeted adwords, you are trying. Thanks Puneet for your time to comment

  5. Social media marketing does indeed have quite an upward battle at first and I guess that’s why a lot of people don’t bother with it. These are all great online marketing strategies and great for generating targeted leads.

  6. Hey Niall

    These are great strategies for online marketing. Marketing a website or blog through social media and building network is a great way. Advertising is an important part of every strategy. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    1. Dear richa, Social Media marketing , you can not ignore in this time. The same way advertising, The amalgam of these two can bring wonders for your. Do not forget to read the attached article.

      Thanks for your time to comment, hope to see you very soon.

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