6 Essential WooCommerce WordPress Tips and Tricks for 2021

WooCommerce Tips and Tricks

The fact that every single person belonging to WordPress are aware of is that more than a third of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Thus, it becomes the first choice for people looking for the top website builder.

We have some interesting news for you if your website is created on WordPress. WordPress is not only handy in nature but also it is the most well-known platform as it is considered to be the bestest content management system used for SEO.

If you really want to be benefited with your WordPress website then you should be known to some latest tips and tricks. If you failed to follow these tips then there is the chance of getting your website a negative impression in terms of trustability, SEO rankings, and user-friendliness.

If you want that your website should be kept running efficiently then relay on the tips mentioned below. These tips are going to be the most helpful for your WordPress website 2021.

Select SEO-Friendly Theme

One of the best features that WordPress provides is high quality free and premium eCommerce WordPress themes. From the hundreds and thousands of themes available in the market, it becomes hard to choose any one of them.

Thus, there are some factors that should be considered while choosing a theme for your business website and that feature is SEO friendliness. While browsing for the potential theme you will find that it has “SEO friendly” tags.

Ensure while choosing a theme that it has SEO friendly tags and the following features

Responsive Design

Responsiveness is the most important feature that should be in an SEO friendly theme. Responsiveness in simple means that the theme you choose should look great on every small and large device.

In today’s internet world, responsiveness is the most important feature because there are higher possibilities that your visitors will be coming from tablets, desktops, smartphones, etc. So it is very crucial that your website should adapt to the size of every device.

Extra Tip: Nowadays, the most preferable device for browsing is Mobile. Thus more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. therefore we would suggest you check the responsiveness of your website or a theme by testing it on Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. by checking the website on this tool you ensure that your website works best on mobile devices and other latest handheld devices.

Lightweighted in nature

Another biggest factor to consider while choosing a theme is lightweight-ness. How your theme is lightweighted will influences the SEO rankings. Page loading is the major factor that affects your website rankings on search engines. Thus it is very important that your website should be loaded very faster as much as possible.

And one of the best way to make your website load faster is to choose a lightweighted theme. If you are unaware of this factor then you might end-up up choosing a slow theme which will ultimately make a bad impression in front of your user.

Some of the templates come with the integration of plugins which makes your page speed down. GTmetrix is a wonderful tool that helps you to check the performance of your website with the current theme.

Create Clean Permalinks

Another biggest tip would be the creation of clean permalinks.

Permalinks are also known as permanent links that are viewable while accessing a web page. In the top section of the editing page, you will be able to see the box. In this box now you can add permalinks that you need for your post and pages.

While creating the links make sure it has been making simple and clean. As compared to the longer permalinks a simple and clean one is more user-friendly. Permalink should not be included with numbers.

For example, “https://mywebsite/new-permalinks” is better than “https://mywebsite/ehocode7635/f47kss”

Get an SSL Certificate

You can enhance the trustability of your website by getting an SSL Certificate. In from of your page URL you might have seen a small green padlock.

If your website has a green padlock then it means you have an SSL certificate i.e. secure sockets layers. In simple SSL is a type of coding layer that will encrypt the connection between web pages and browsers.

If your website has an SSL certificate that means your URL will look like http.mywebsite.com to https.mywebsite.com.

Don’t Brush off Backlinks

Backlinks are the oldest tip and the most important factor for best SEO. However, google’s algorithm changes periodically but backlinks will remain the most crucial factor in 2021.

Page authority is build because of your backlinks. Your web page seems to be more valuable if the high authoritative or well-ranking website links to your business website.

Dedication and more time are required to be good quality backlinks. You can follow some strategy to back such backlinks. Some of them are email outreach, blog commenting, guest posting, infographics, and more.

Another extra tip for getting good backlinks will be to build an internal link structure.

Optimize Your Site Speed

As per Google, mobile users will leave your website as soon as they found that your website is taking more than 3 seconds to get load. The 3 seconds figure is similar for desktops and laptop users. So it is very important to optimize the speed of your website. You can used cache plugins to speed up your website.

Some methods for maximizing the page speed are

  • Select lightweighted theme
  • Select a responsive theme
  • For web optimize all images
  • Reduce redirects
  • Make use of browser caching
  • Server responsive time should be improved.

Optimize for Voice Search

Most people nowadays are loving voice assistants i.e. Siri and Alexa. Because of an increase in demand for voice assistance, it becomes important to use voice search to browse the web.

It has been noted that more than 1 in 5 queries in google are voice search.

You can perform so much of things to optimize the website for voice search. Including conversational language, local Google My Business Listings up to date, optimizing website to get load faster and many more.


Hope these tricks and tips will help you out to get best theme for your online business. If you are still struggling in finding the best template then connect to the team of SKT Themes via contact form.

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