6 Extreme Benefits of blogging for students

Student blogs are now commonplace, in fact, some curriculum insist that students have a blog. For example, the American and European teaching courses often ask students to upload one of their essays onto a blog.

Social media is slowly working its way into the teaching process, and some institutions insist that students post at least one blog post to show that they understand the principles. It is also a nice (if not novel) way of checking a student’s newest essay.

But, if we leave the national curriculum to one side for a moment, are there actually any benefits to a student having a blog?

The answer lies with the student. Some students learn better if they speak their notes aloud or present them to a class. Other people work well if they mind-map their study notes or turn them into a PowerPoint presentation.

Some students (especially in the programming community) are thriving through creating video tutorials of the things they have learnt. Not only is it a good revision exercise, it actually helps them to cement some of their most foundation principles in their mind. Some people are able to do all of this by typing up their notes, and if this is the case, then adding them to a blog is only common sense.

 A student may be able to revise his or her notes via a blog

In the same way that creating a video tutorial may help some people, typing up a blog and posting it online may help others. Some people make lots of notes during their lectures.

All a student needs to do is type up these notes and bulk them out with revision from learning material (textbooks mostly). Not only is this a good way of remembering what was said in the lecture, it also allows the student to expand on what he or she is learning.

The material that is typed up is not lost, because it goes online onto a blog. The blog may later be used by the student in order to revise.

Students are able to swap study notes

If more than one student types up and posts his/her study notes, then both students may share their ideas via their blogs. Each may plug holes in the other person’s knowledge, or remind one student of something that he or she may have missed during the lecture.

If more student do this, then there is a good chance that a supportive online mini-community will be formed, where each pool their knowledge for better learning.

It offers the student a diary of the things that he or she has learn

This can be a very powerful tool when it comes to revising for tests or doing coursework. We are all human, and the things we have learnt at the beginning of the term are often a grey memory by the end of it. That is why using a blog as a learning diary is such a good idea.

When a student revises, he or she can go right back to his or her blog and start from post number one. This has the added benefit of the fact that all the things that were written were done when the material was fresh in the students mind. It is far better than going back to the first chapter of a textbook and trying to re-read it all.

Traffic to the blog may actually generate a few dollars upon occasion

Blogs have been known to generate a few dollars per month, thanks to affiliate advertising. If your blog starts to receive traffic from people within the same study field as you, then adding affiliate adverts may not be such a bad idea. The few clicks that you get from them will pay off at the end of each month by paying you a few cents per click. It is not much, but it is better than nothing.

A student may suddenly become seen as an expert through a successful blog

A successful blog that is crammed full of information about the student’s field of study may elevate the student to the position of an online expert. If you link your blog to your LinkedIn profile, and to a lesser extent, your Facebook profile, you may find that other people start to regard you as an online expert.

If you can keep this image going until it is time to start looking for a job, then it may help to improve your credibility a great deal. This is especially true if employers have already started to notice your expertise before you even graduate.

A blog may help to show employers just how much you learned and how good you are

You can mention your blog to the HR team of the job you are trying to apply for. You can mention how you updated it every week whilst you were in college, and how it chronicles your learning. Not only will this help to prove that you did not pay someone to do your essays for you, it may even impress them enough to employ you above people who already have experience in the job you are applying for.

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35 thoughts on “6 Extreme Benefits of blogging for students”

  1. To be honest, t, not every student will take to blogging the way that we envision as teachers, and to be honest, that is okay.

    – – – – – – – – –

    Hey Pal,

    Just wanted to offer a quick language revision to this line that I know YOU understand inherently but that many of your readers may struggle with.

    Convincing students to “take to blogging” isn’t what we’re after, right? We want them to “take to continually reflecting on what it is that they know and care about.”

    The blog is just the vehicle for making that reflection possible.

    I know that’s what you mean — you even say it about a dozen times in your post.

    But I worry that other people will read this as, “Blogs matter” instead of “Reflection matters.”

    Hope you’re well, by the way!

  2. Blogging is really taking off at my school in meaningful ways. Student-led conferences are taking place right now and a majority of the 3-5 grade students are using blogs to guide their parents through their learning.

    Last Friday, a 5th grader who was returning to Japan for school came to me wanting to gather her work from her blog to take with her. We couldn’t find a pen drive to export her data, so she and I took a laptop and walked down to the library where her mom was waiting, and we created a personal blog for her. After transferring the data and seeing it appear on the new blog, mother and daughter cheered, gave high fives and hugged each other. Her work, connections and reflections mattered to her and she wanted to hold onto all of it.

    This experience has strengthened my resolve, as a tech facilitator, to promote the five points that you stated in your post through blogging

  3. i doing blog for learning, money. use my free time to learn new thing about coding and search engine optimization.
    thanks for this post

    1. That means you are using your time to learn new things as well as earning some money. Good to know that abhilash. Keep in touch

  4. Really nice article rajesh, blogging is the most rising trend in students, I m proud to be a blogger.

    1. Glad to know that Sahil, You are a student blogger. I am sure you can bring a lots of fresh ideas to blog-sphere. Keep in touch

  5. Great sir ji.I’m student and loev these ways you stated here.actually blogging with studies is quite difficult..

    1. student are requested to involve only in those fields they are masters in like article writing and commenting. If they are able to read some good blogs, i am sure they can learn how to earn easily online. Problem starts when they start comparing their blog with the professional bloggers.

  6. I completely agree with all the points you have made, especially the one about students being about to swap study notes via blogging.

  7. Hi Rakesh – as a new reader to your blog I though I’d just hop on and leave a quick comment here to say I’ve been enjoying it very much. Very useful post here for student bloggers. Cheers! Shaun

  8. I believe what’s important is that college themselves provide students with a platform to blog. I have seen western universities provide .edu blogs for all students so why not any Indian university!

    1. This is the main reason, indian universities are not able to produce quality students. They are distributing paper degrees to their students only. Thanks Nina for this wonderful update. Keep in touch

  9. Thank you for such a great information. your efforts are really good. You always inspires me with your articles. I really impress by your above article, nice points are cover here. I like to learn more thinks from you keep updating your blog…. I will be always come back for gain new tips from you

    1. Dear Saad, If you want to learn by my post, why no to subscribe by email, i think that will help you a lot. Thanks for your kind words

  10. Hi,
    I am a student blogger and all the points you give here are correct.Blogging helps me to study more than what we learn from school .Also helped me to pay my fees myself

    1. happy to know that you are able to pay your fees through blogging. Keep in touch my dear.

  11. Hi Rakesh,
    I like your post. It will be obviously be prudent to make students to have blogs.
    It will obviously make networking far more easier.

    1. This is the another prospect that i forgot to mention in my post. Thanks Emmanuel for this feedback, keep in touch my dear.

  12. As a recent college grad I wouldnt say the role of blogging is exactly commonplace or even interconnected in the curriculum. But the use of integrated social media is definitely commonplace and a requirement because of its every day/real world application and functionability. Obviously as time goes on the use of both blogging and social media use in the classroom will be the new norm for every subject taught within an institution of higher learning. As of now it seems to be a matter of the department or teacher who has decided to embrace blogging and social media with open arms and implement it in their personal curriculum.

  13. Wish India too had a curriculum for blogs in their regular syllabus. Even I started to blog when I was a student and these days many students are turning bloggers. Should see whether people would accept blogging as a career choice in future.

    Thanks for the article Rakesh…

    1. its not possible right now in india, as our educators are right now busy in ruining the whole education system, how they can implement such a bold steps? Blogging as a career is a double edged sword, and i am sure blogging can not replace as a full time job in near future.

  14. ‘Student blogs are now commonplace, in fact, some curriculum insist that students have a blog. For example, the American and European teaching courses often ask students to upload one of their essays onto a blog.’This is interesting.I really like blogging.It opens the doorway to learning and developing our knowledge.

  15. Hi Kate

    Nowadays, we are seeing that, most of the blog india is running by students. The points given here is really useful for them to equip their blog.

  16. These advantages of Blog is not only for students. They are nice for freelancers also. 2 years ago, I posted my CV into my blog and get a surprise interview call for only after 1 week.

    But it’s pity, all students and freelancers of my country are only familiar with Social network only.

    1. Do not worry about that sooner or later they will learn automatically. Thanks Tien for your wonderful feedback.

  17. Hello kate,

    I like all the points which you have given in this post. Iam a student who love to write about wordpress themes and plugins.I think you forgot to mention one things in this post i.e. knowledge of coding.We will also learn some HTML/CSS coding after customizing our own theme.It will really quite difficult for us but with the help of an senior,we surely do it.

    1. Hello kate,

      Article is good. simple and useful information.

      Hi Himanshu,

      if we use blogger.com to create blog, we don’t bother about html/css. It is easy to understand. While if you go for wordpress, you have to learn about html & css.

  18. HI, Kate. Thanks for a wonderful article. If it is confined to students’ publishing a blog post on a blog, it’s ok. But many students ruin their studies by being bloggers. Any way, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Thank you.

    1. you are right Mr Achari, right now a lots of students are coming in blogging in search of easy money , even if i am not wrong 90% blogs are right now run by these student bloggers. Thanks for this wonderful feedback on this article. Keep in touch.

    2. But I think this is harmful for students ! Because they are concentrating on their students ! They just feel like earning money :-) from my point of view first they have to keep concentrating on studying and then blog :) .. Nice FeedBack :)

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