6 Reasons to Choose SaaS Based CRM Solutions for your Business in 2020

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A seamless technology that integrates all your functions and calls up the right information for each function seems to be the need of the hour, more than ever before. This is simply down to the fact that we have actually stepped away from our previous reality and unexpectedly stepped into a whole new reality of digitization in the year 2020. The COVID 19 situation has led to a number of issues and doing business now seems to be a challenge and a greater opportunity than ever before.

While it is true that the economy and many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, the world over, there is also a silver lining. We now have ease of doing business thanks to the fact that everything is now online. This is where our introductory statement about seamless technology comes into play.

With the new reality, many small and mid-sized businesses are facing a number of challenges. One of the greatest challenges is to be able to sift through the bulk of big data in each audience segment so as to find and nurture the right prospects or leads, as they are known in digital business jargon. In such times, it would be easy to see why you need a CRM software for your business. Yet, at the same time, all small and mid-sized businesses may not be able to afford the same, which is why we can always turn to the less expensive SaaS CRM software.

 What is a SaaS CRM software?

A SaaS CRM software (or Software as a service CRM) is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. It can be accessed from any device, enabling users within the team to access the same information at the same time. With real time insights, the cloud based CRM software can also give your business the right basis to qualify lea       ds and to nurture them in the best way possible.

A SaaS software is different from traditional, on-premises CRMs in many ways:

  1. A traditional on-premise CRM is way more complex than a SaaS CRM software
  1. The set up cost and time for the traditional CRM is way more than that of the cloud CRM software.
  2. Updates, maintenance, and storage of a CRM software for your business is done by the SaaS CRM software provider, whereas with an on premise CRM software is managed by an in house IT department that looks after its deployment. This points at an added cost for the operations.
  3. Unlike a traditional CRM system, a SaaS CRM software is easy to use and offers instant access to critical information.

SaaS CRM software tools are proving to be an asset for the current phase of transition and here are 6 reasons why you should consider a SaaS CRM software for your business.


For supporting businesses, a seamless customer support team requires a robust infrastructure in terms of servers that are up at all times, along with data centers and a user friendly interface, both for the customer and for the business partners and employees. Low failure tolerance systems are the need of the hour since we are now confined to our laptops and personal computers when it comes to conducting business.

A SaaS CRM software takes care of these requirements to provide you with a simple and elegant interface solution, where you can simply login from anywhere and at any time, and leave all the worries behind. No more downtime issues, data maintenance worries, and no-requirement for end access points or terminals. There is no need to employ infrastructure maintenance teams round the clock. This would save a huge amount of investments on time, money, and man force.

One can integrate any sort of application and can configure the same with cloud, plug-in into the APIs provided, and enjoy seamless integration. SaaS CRM software offers integrations with various apps and tools for ease of sales and marketing.


Noticing heavy traffic or a sudden increase in demand? No more worrying about imminent downtime or overloads. SaaS CRM software scaling up can be done as per the customer’s requirements automatically or simply following instructions that would help you achieve your requirement, so your product can be scaled as per your requirements, just by following a few steps.

3.Easy and quick deployment

A SaaS CRM software provides you a quick one-point deployment to reach your entire target audience in real-time. This essentially means no more update cycles would be required from your end at every terminal point. This shows that you can easily add and remove features from the customized framework to make the SaaS CRM software work for your business!

4.Advanced Robust Security

SaaS software systems are heavily protected with an inherent security system that translates into ease of operations and protection of your precious data along with the customer information. So you can concentrate on making your products more valuable and uphold your customer’s privacy requirements.

5. Pocket Friendly

All the benefits of a cloud-hosted distributed CRM solution are offered at a fraction of the cost when compared to similar self-hosted solutions. This leaves you with a larger chunk of your overall budget to take care of other new marketing campaigns and other new innovations can further your business goals and the needs of your team as well. This is definitely user as well as pocket friendly.

6. Analytics

A SaaS CRM software for your business can provide various valuable analytics tools and insights that help you serve your customer better and keep your planning team updated with the latest behavioral and demand trends for your segment and multiple segments for multiple products as well. Some variations of the SaaS CRM software would also allow you to configure your analytics model suited specifically for your business needs so that you can track your goals efficiently.

Additionally, one of the best things has to be the easy on-boarding and off-boarding that you can attain with a SaaS CRM software.

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