5 wordpress plugin to reduce bounce rate Exponentially

left Hand Side Floating sharebar

90% of the visitors bounce back from a blog because of the opening visual impact it gives.  Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page.

A high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors i.e. You are giving two different information to your visitors and search engines .

The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert.

WordPress user has some beautiful plugin to reduce bounce rate from your site. Though there are numerous plugin like Search Term to Tagging, that boast to reduce bounce rate dramatically by adding all the coming search Terms into Tags, but could not appear in this list due to their poor performance or the penalty they attract from the Major search engines like Google, Bing.

search term to tagging which could not make their entry in this list as this plugin automatically insert all incoming search term into your tags and thus abuse this beautiful system that can enhance even your traffic for the time being but can increase your bounce rate a lot.

5 WordPress plugin to increase traffic

Some other most recommended plugin to increase traffic and decrease bounce rates are, according to me are

1.  nrelate flyout :

This is the one of the most used plugin by the probloggers like Neil Patel of QuickSprout.com and NYtimes.com. This wordpress plugin bring out a list of recommended articles based on the users current read. Thus give an opportunity to reader to explore more from your site.

The beauty of this plugin is it does not load the script at the beginning , so does not increase the page load time of your website. It only add the script whenever your reader want to read the whole article and display the recommended article at the end.

If  You want to monetize your wordpress blog/site, nrelate flyout also have some monetization method, In this case you can add some sponsored ads in the list. All you have to do is –Become their member.  ( Screen Shot attached )

MOnetised nrelate flyout

They will automatically add their ads in your most recommended article list. Here you have choice where you want to show this ad and number of ads.  Extra Ads script is not required like in other ads serving network.

Simple Reach is another such wordpress plugin to show the recommended article for your reader and it has almost same functionality but lesser option and also no advertisement to monetize your blog.

2. CommentLuv :

CommentLuv  enabled blog

CommentLuv plugin is widely used by the bloggers to attract readers to leave their link in the comment box.

This plugin now available in two flavours.  Simple commentLuv and CommentLuv Premium that cost $99. The values and features it render to its user is unmatched in its class.  No-other plugin is there to even compete.

after installing this plugin, do not forget to fine tune it. Though it increase the page load time but the value it adds,  if compared then negligible.

3. Mashable Like ShareButton

This is the latest rage in the internet, if you are not a problogger or not using any premium theme or customized theme on your own blog, then I am sure you must have seen this plugin or want a plugin like this on your own blog.

This is a collection of most popular social medias like google+, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, rss feed subscription etc  that really has a beneficial impact on  your effort to increase your social impacts.

Download Mashable Like ShareButton

4. Comment Reply Notification

How do you establish rapport with your readers? Simple Question but a very difficult to answer? There are so many ways to do so, one of them is answer their comments on regular Basis.

So do you think all your commentators will visit your blog to see your reply? Do all of them remember your blog name and the name of article URL? I am doubtful? So should you.

Simple solution of this small problem in Comment Reply Notification, this plugin send a simple email to the original commentator a simple email containing his/her comment and the current reply of that comment along with the other details.

A very easy to setup and does not increase page loading time and anything, A must have wordpress plugin for every type of blog.

Download comment Reply Notification.

5. Left Hand Side Floating Sharebar

left Hand Side Floating sharebar

why I have suggested you only left hand side sharbar, because it has maximum impact on your reader. Most of the time bloggers write wonderful article, place their sharebar either at the top or at the bottom , and even expect reader to go back or forth to share their content on social bookmarking medias.

Do you think they do, I am seriously doubtful? Do You ?

Here goes my another suggestion in this case, Do not add any sharebar from the wordpress plugin repository, Some floating Sharebar  add some extra fields in the table, some create new table to hold the information.

Download Sidebar Floating Sharebar

Your Turn

Google Panda and Penguin, the main aim of  these algorithm is to provide totally relevant information to your reader. If the reader is not able to find his/her relevant information, he move on to next search page.

Strong content along with these recommended wordpress plugin can hold your readers for a longer time on your site, So which one is your favorite in this list and how many you use to reduce bounce rate of your website/blog. DO not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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25 thoughts on “5 wordpress plugin to reduce bounce rate Exponentially”

    1. Thanks Ansh, Keep in touch. Alternatively you can subscribe to receive all the post by email.

  1. Thanks Rakesh, For this awesome list. However what do you think about po.st share bar? Is is po.st effect seo?

    1. Po.st is working as a social sharing plugin. so in my opinion, it does not effect your seo any how?

  2. Hello Rakesh
    All the plugins are really cool in order to reduce bounce rate of a site.But I want to recommend to use Related post via texonomy plugin for reducing bounce rate.I prefer this as it does not pop a window in front of reader ,as I feel user get distraction by popping up a new window in front of his,He simply close it in frustration.But the plugin I mentions put related post at the end of post.This is more effective way for reducing bounce rate in my vision.

    1. Dear mahendra I do understand this human behaviour, so instead of relying on any plugin, i have my own method to show some related post at the end of each article. Thanks for suggestion.

  3. Your topic is very interest Rakest. Plugin to reduce bounce rate is very needed to many purpose in online business. With low bounce rate will prolong the visit time also the chance to get money from adsense and other banner promotion.

  4. Maybe you could add the slideshare plug in there. It is the first I heard of the nRelate flyout and I think it looks promising. I will give that a try once I settle things out on my blog. Thanks for the cool plug ins!

    1. Slideshare and nrelate do the same thing- besides sliding your content, you can also monetize your blog. This is the beauty of this plugin, thus included this one. If you do not want monetization than both are same.

  5. Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for this list of plugins, this stopped my searching for a good plugin which sends mail to commentator. Comment Reply Notification is really good way to decrease bounce rate and every blog should use it.

    Because most the time we don`t get back to see replies. This plugin made my work easy.


    1. Comment reply notification is really a good plugin. Even we are also using the same on my site. Hope this will help you to gain some momentum. ;)

    1. Let me little bit blunt and frank. As you can see right now i am not using it on my site/blog. Since it may seems to me it also increase the page load time.

      But i am delighted that you find it useful. Hope to see you very soon.

  6. These 6 are really helpful to reduce site’s bounce rate. nRelate plugin is very useful, it suggest similar posts to readers which increases the pageviews. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Related Article or suggested post are one of the best method to reduce bounce rate. Glad to know that you also think like me. Hope to see you very soon

    1. Glad to know you find this set of plugin useful. Remember more you have plugin, the more loading time, so before using any of these try to find out how much time they increase loading time.

    1. You are most welcome my dear friend, You really developed a nice and useful plugin. Otherwise we have to struggle a lots to include all these. Thanks to you.

  7. The guide and instructions that you have shown and discussed here is very useful and I find it to be very helpful and relevant. I hope many will be able to receive great benefits from this information that you have shown here.

  8. I already using commentluv for my blog,
    Well, first time i came to know about Comment Reply Notification from here, i gonna use it.
    Thanks a lot for share :)

    1. I have increased few hundred daily visitor using these plugins, hope they will also help you the same way.

  9. Yes – These sharing buttons are key to having a presence in Google when it comes to social signals and recommendations. But at the end of the day it’s all about the targeted user. Having a thousand people follow through to your website and not having a single sale won’t be of any benefit (Unless you are relaying on ad revenue – not a good idea). Overall the various plugins available for WordPress still makes it one of the best hosting platforms one can be using in today’s competitive market.

    1. Dean Anton Koekmoer, You raised a very Good point here, But we are not discussing here how to attract targeted visitor for your website rather than we are targeting to reduce bounce rate and i think these tools will help any blogger to do that.

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