7 Great Web-site Design Ideas for every web developer- Designer

We all want a great website. A great website begins with a great web design, So how to design a great website. Here are my ideas for designing a great website layout.

Tip #1.  Use CSS (Cascading Style sheets)

I am not asking you to develop a special type of cascading style sheet for your every new design you are going to maintain or customize.  I am advocating,  use style sheet to maintain your design. Later on as website grow, you would be more happy to maintain your design.

The easiest method to maintain such style  are CSS Frameworks.  These frameworks allows you to maintain the formatting of your town (e.g. the color or size of a blond of text) on a disparate at variance page – a CSS document. Thus, with CSS you’ll be able to impinge the formatting of a common-element by just updating 1 piece of code on one page, rather then updating all of the pages of your site.

For example, should you need to change the back-ground color of your web-site, you could just change your one  CSS sheet and your whole website’s background color would change. An additional terrific aspect of CSS is that you are able to use it to set the default properties of HTML tags. This might be used to counter browser compatibility dilemma – that distinct browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet  Explorer, Opera, etc.) use distinct default settings.

Some most common and widely used CSS framework to enhance your productiveness are  960 , blueprint , YAML and lots more.     Some popular websites designed using these frameworks are given in this picture.

Tip #2. Test your web-site in all browsers.

Just now your web site appear perfect in a single browser, does not mean it will appear and behave exactly the same way in all the popular browser. It is always advised by the best brain in design that test in the primary following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, World wide web Explorer, and Netscape, and Opera.

CSS  Framework, Now help you a lots in this case,  it render the same webpage in all the popular browsers same way. Thus, can save your lots of time and efforts

Tip # 3. Use or Produce Basic software and freeware

when you need to plunge into an energizing website. Even in the event, you undergo influential languages  (for instance JavaScript, PHP, and CGI) completely sufficient to lead your obtain software and features, you do not want to do that if you are a beginner. There’s no reason to produce your own dynamic scripts e.g. shopping carts, chat-rooms, etc.  You can come across full-functioning customizable freeware like WordPress, Joomla and OS Commerce.

An excellent benefit of this technique is that the customization choices, These will separate the code that changes your website’s look and feel from the functioning code.

In case you design the code your self, you’ll be tempted to mix the look and feel with the functioning aspects. So, if later you would like to update the look and feel, you will have to dig by way of the long software scripts. If you’re going to be using freeware or any other code that you didn’t design your self, you ought to still be familiar with that language.

Tip # 4. Do not use totally free or tasteless web-hosting.

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a commence tip. Having said that, hosting is may boost your design efforts. Totally free hosts may well emit your site with awkward ads. So, you won’t be adequate to job your region as is. Free and cheap hosts normally don’t support dynamic websites. Unless your web site is supposed to be a joke, do not use a free of charge host.

Hostgator may help you in this case very much. Their hosting plans are next to free as compared to the service they render us.

Tip# 5. Do not compose your email superscription on your internet site.

Should you have a phone No. or mailing directions that your buyers can use to discharge you or your organization, on your web site. Website’s having phone Nos. or mailing directions seems much much more reliable and honest than websites without contact facts.

On the other hand, don’t publish your email address, because spammers will use web-crawlers will to pick it up. Instead, design a form on your web site that buyers can use to send messages or questions without giving your email address.

According to a British survey website’s having phone numbers or email address in the internal pages, does not attract. These references must appear on the most visible pages on your websites.


Tip #6. Take it slow.

Slow and steady wins the race

Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3 , 3.0 and Now Android 4.0. Did you notice, What is so common in  all these. Well,  This is the evolution of a new Operating system for mobile.

Regrettably, Most of the time, You dispose our initial designs, in search of the brilliant or perfect design, but your Text Editor can’t render all these brilliant ideas into webpages. Don’t go to generate confused and dynamic websites without the capability.

In the case,  you attempt to design a code, but obtain it challenging plus the code begins to come out sloppy, do not hesitate to just throw it out. It is far better to have a basic, sleek, and functional web site, than to have a complex, sloppy, dysfunctional web page.

You can always improve your basic code /design if you have a working framework.  Subversion of your own code can help you a lot in this case.  After every major change in your code always save this as a new version.  Major wordpress themes  like Thesis, Genesis  and software, even microsoft and Google also follow this.

Tip #7. Invest in Good Icons.

A good set of relevant icons can enhance the whole experience of your website. There are a lots of websites dedicated to icons, from here you can download a lots of free icons. They just need a little attribution to themselves. Freeicons.com , freeicondownload.com are two most famous such sites.


So What’s Your great design idea? Do you use anything else to design killer website. do not hesitate to share your ideas with me.

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  1. Such an incredible article you have shared here. I must appreciate and thank for this precious blog post. I really enjoyed that being a graphic designer.

  2. Tip #8: Invest in genuine software. I have friend who has done a lot of web design works but uses pirated software although the output is good but there is still a very big difference when you use a genuine one specially when extra features are really needed to make the design very good. And for me Freewares are a good thing for start ups but if ever you can afford quality software please do buy one.

    1. With original software you can ask developer to support and that become the differntiating factor sometime. Glad to know you read find this information useful.

  3. Another good post worth reading.
    I implement most of them in my designs but not all.
    I got something to learn hear.

    Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Gyanendra, Glad to know that you implemented some of them to your design. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. I am really deligheted to know that you love the idea. hope to see you very soon.

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