7 Easy Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog More Popular

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For all of us who have a WordPress blog, sometimes it is hard to make your blog stand out among all the others. WordPress has a cool feature called a reader that allows people to browse through tagged topics and categories. This browsing frequently will bring you new readers. But how do you make sure your WordPress blog shows up in the reader and does not get lost in the shuffle?

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1. Tag accurately –

The first thing you have to do is be aware of the categories people are searching for. If you go to the word cloud that shows all the reader categories, you can tell by the size of the word how popular that tag and topic are at the time you are looking. Make sure to use those exact words or phrases when you tag your post. But you should only tag things that are relevant to your post. Since WordPress punishes people who tag too much by not posting their blog to the reader, you should be careful about the number of tags you add. Ten is about as many as you want to use, and fewer is better. Around five tags will get you the best results. So, make your tags count.

2. Add pictures –

But no matter how often you show up on the reader, you will not widen your audience if no one stops to read your posts. In order to make them stand out more, use pictures. Adding images to your post can make more people stop and pay attention. If the images are funny, cute, or cool, that is even better.

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3. Comment –

Commenting on other people’s blog posts is a sure way to become a part of the blogging community. Not only will you be networking with other bloggers, but if you make your comments interesting enough, readers from their blog will come visit yours. It is like getting free links!

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4. Guest post –

Another way to get new readers in is to cash in on the connections you have made with other bloggers and guest post for their site. A good guest post can get you lots more exposure then you would have otherwise had. It is a win-win for everyone involved. You get links and the other blogger gets content!

You can also submit your guest post on https://binarynote.com  to feature as our esteemed guest author.

5. Make it crazy –

If you really want to get more traffic on your blog, then make your posts crazy. Make them outrageous, strange, or controversial. The crazier the topic is, the more people will want to read it. If you can apply your content to celebrities, current events, or well-known media influences, then you have a greater chance of increasing your hits.

6. Use lists –

Using lists makes it easier for readers to come to your blog. They know exactly how long the post will be, plus lists are easier to quickly scan. People love lists because they have little time to read in depth. Lists help them make the most of their time.

7. Keep it short –

In the same way, keeping your posts and even paragraphs short helps more readers to stay on your blog. No one wants to read a huge chunk of words. Break it up to make it easier to read. If you have a very long post, you may want to break that up into several posts. Not only it is not as overwhelming for readers, but it also looks like more content on your site!

It is not hard to do these simple things when you create a new post on your WordPress blog. But these simple things can help increase your audience and get you more followers. Make sure your content is good and the titles to your posts are accurate and you should have tons more readers coming in soon.

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Nancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, nanny background check tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @ gmail.com.

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55 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog More Popular”

  1. Thanks for all the tips, could you share how to get the first traffic? the most difficult thing for start up website is get the first traffic, I wonder if we have crazy post like what you mentioned above but nobody read it, how can it growth?

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this nice information. I agree with your all point. Those are really easy way to popular blog.

  3. Hi Rakesh, thanx a lot for share wonderful article. I am agree with you, but i think social media also can make your wordpress blog more popular.
    While I’m personally against the rise of social sharing widgets everywhere on the Internet, some small unobtrusive buttons on your website can do wonders to increase your blog exposure. Stick to the basics with Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon buttons to avoid the clutter that can make some blogs look messy i think.. ^^

  4. Hello Rakesh,
    I am familiar with joomla but haven’t used wordpress yet. Is wordpress more SEO friendly than joomla and if yes then how i can learn to work on it.

  5. I Am Agree with your bro. in most of the points to get success or to make your blog popular and guest posting is the best among all.And blog commenting is also a good way to make your blog popular.

    1. Did You read my latest post on blog commenting issues. It is really a must watch for every blogger – it is my persona opinion. Thanks ravi for your wonderful feedback.

  6. Most welcome for sharing this valuable and impressive blog post. Really this is one of the good source of WordPress blogging tutorial. Actually i never thought about using guest post before for blogging purpose. When i interest to read blog, i just visit them and i think it would not only help for creative purpose but also help eliminate publishing. I guess i should start using them to organize everything and get a great chance of increasing my hits.

    1. If you never thought about guest post than the current article on https://www.binarynote.com is for you. Must read and enhoy higher author rank on Google and other search engine. Thanks for your valuable comment. Hope to see you soon.

  7. Thank you dear sharing your knowledge with us… I want to add a tip for those bloggers who don’t have much time for creating interesting content for their readers… Just add an infographic of your choice with few words of lines – your post is ready… And your visitors will like it…

    1. infographics make a quick post but it is not as informative as we all search on the net and using infographics also dilute your site’s seo value. you can not add your preferred keywords and can not appeal your audience to act on an infographics, It also add extra load on your website. Am i Right ?

  8. Hello Nancy, really shared an awesome ways to make our blog popular. Here i prefer the most is Blog Commenting and Guest Posting. Thanks for Sharing :)

    1. If you prefer Guest posting to make your blog post more popular than you must read my latest article on this site. It is basically for you.

      Thanks for your valuable update . hope to see you very soon.

    1. I am really happy to know that you achived following the tips mentioned on my article. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. This is also my personal experience that online readers love short and crispy paragraph full of information. If you are able to write such paragraph inside your article i am sure your reader base will be much much more than the current one.

  9. Hi Nancy,
    You have share an informative article. These points are very-very important to make a WordPress blog more popular. I think Guest posting is most important strategy for growing your blog readership and providing a platform. Thanks for the share!!

    1. You can take advantage of guest blogging to spread the words about your own skills. Guest blogging is now a days is one of the best method to achive some good results.

  10. These are really some superb ways to make our wordpress blog more popular.But guess posting is the best way to make our blog more popular anyways thanks author for such a great information

    1. I always prefer to post some quality contents on my own website. Most of the time in search of some quick traffic , we submit our best post to someone else and thereafter ….always think why i submit that post as a Guest post? What i have see probloggers always submit below standard / average post to other site/blog and keep posting better idea on their own. Have you noticed that ? By the way thanks for posting your idea. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. Happyy to know that you like all my seven point, could you give me some specific point which you like the most? Hope to see you very soon Anchal ;)

  11. Hey that were some great info. I was surely missing on some of the points or paying less attention to them. But you have put them in a easy and understandable way . So I will make sure to follow all of these.

  12. Making a WordPress blog is not an easy task, unless you do work hard on it. One need to write blog posts consistently besides promoting it.

    1. In this case i do not agree with you santosh. Installing a wordpress is now a days so easy, but promoting it in front of thousands of readers is difficult and to live upto their expectation is another big hurdle. Hope to see you very soon.

  13. I want to shift from blogger.com to wordpress…due to lots of plugins available on wordpress…
    am i doing the right move??

    1. Absolutly anup, you have taken a right decision, This way you can have full control on your website. if you feel any difficuly in this process, do not hesitate to contact me.

  14. These are great tips. A picture is worth a 100 words, adding a picture surely makes a post looks attractive. Guest posting has now become a very popular way to get new readers. Thanks for this informative share.

  15. Great tips, and I agree with lots of the commentators here: Have a good picture! Remember a picture say more then 1000 words together =)

    1. Glad to know that now you also have the idea how much a picture can be effective to attract targeted visitors. Hope to see you very soon

  16. Adding pictures in any post can bring life into it. Also i agree with your point of Tag accurately because it can make or break your blog.

    1. The first and the foremost is, a good picture, that attract a person who is right now first time on your blog. If he/she like the relevant images of that article then, according to me, ready to listen/read your article. This is the prime reason, some problogger paste a relevant image at the top of the article.
      Thanks Zeeshan for this wonderful feedback. ;)

  17. Nice blog and nice articles. I love this blog very much because of Your efforts taken to write article writing impressed me a lot. Thnx for sharing this post. I belive in that this article going to help me to reach my goal.

    1. Glad to know that my article anyhow helped you to achieve. Thanks for dropping your message “Senthil Kumar”.

  18. Nice blog and nice articles. I love this blog very much because of Your efforts taken for article writing impressed me a lot. Thnx for sharing this post. I belive in that this article going to help me to reach my goal.

  19. In my opinion link building and content, both was important to create a successful blog. Guest posting, blog comments and high quality content is enough for a good blog.

    1. That’s the soul of any successful blog but most of the time we just forgot these basics. Thanks Sai for dropping your message. Have seen you here after such a long time. ;)

  20. Can you please explain what are you referring by “Use List”? Do you mean not to use slides and multiple pages for your blog? Great post. Thank you!

    1. List means here is – Ordered List and unordered List inside your article. These list shows that you are able to classify and categorized the information.

    2. I see. So just to have it bullet pointed and straight to the point instead of a story board.

  21. Thanks Nancy for your Tips….
    I agree with all your tips…
    For me commenting on others blog is working like a charm……and I am fan of it…
    this month I am giving try to Guest Posts as well…. lets see what will be the result of it.

  22. Nice post, All are valid points. Keeping posts short isn’t a good idea, I thought you are talking about keeping the paragraphs short there.

  23. Hey Nancy,

    I totally agree about using short paragraphs. I think this is so much more important online than it is on paper.

    I rarely use more than 3 sentences before starting a new paragraph when I’m writing online. It’s so much easier to read when it’s broken up.

    I also think people are more likely to read long posts if they are broken up into small paragraphs. It doesn’t look nearly as intimidating to get through.

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