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Even for an experienced blogger, webmaster or online marketer, Finding ideas for blog posts is quite a difficult job. Doesn’t matters that how good you are in finding ideas for blog posts, time will come when you will run out of all blog posts ideas.

Well, You can easily find many links online which explains to you how to brainstorm ideas for blog posts. But when you start reading those articles carefully you will find that many of those links fail to explain how to brainstorm ideas that can help you in attracting real backlinks for your blog site.

Undoubtedly, Creating high-quality blog posts and promoting it properly is the best way of building natural backlinks.  But for creating high-quality blog posts, finding ideas related to your niche which have the potential of driving huge web traffic and backlinks is very essential.


So, Today in this post I’ll be showing how you can easily search for blog posts ideas that can help you to drive high traffic and backlinks for your blog. Let’s begin:-

1. Quora

In case you are out with Ideas for blogging then Quora can get you some serious help. Not only for finding Ideas but Quora also helps in building your blog.

Let me tell you that how could you find ideas for a blog post using Quora that can drive backlinks to your site. Start following the below steps :

  1. Open Quora
  2. Search for your blogging niche.

In the following example, I’d searched for “Content Marketing”. I have got the list of questions which have quite a decent number of followers.

Quora and Backlinks

Tip: If a question is having quite a decent number of followers then you better know that’s a common question. If you choose that question for your next blog post then no doubt you’ll be getting a huge readership.

If you create unique content on that topic then you can even attract backlinks.

Remember, whenever you create good content for your site taking help from Quora, try to answer the original question giving your site backlink.

This practice will not only help you increase your website traffic but also helps you to boost a number of followers for your questions.

Even you can boost your social shares by targeting your blog traffic and may also attract quality backlinks.

2. Using Google Power

Google, one of the best way to finding a new blog post ideas.

But what ideas should I search for when I’m already out with all my ideas ?.

Here’s the answer.

I’ve personally found that there are a number of contents which are shared or linked within a blog post. The following are the types of content:-

  1. Ultimate Guides
  2. Infographics
  3. List Posts
  4. Case Studies

But before working on this trick, I’ll recommend you to install Ahrefs Toolbar in your browser. Basically, It’s the largest database of backlinks. The ahrefs toolbar shows you the number of backlinks a particular search result have.

Let me make this point clear to you, Keep scrolling down.

2.a. Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Guides can be used as link magnets. They have the potential of attracting quality backlinks if promoted properly.

You’ll be needing some great ideas if you want to create ultimate guides in your niche.

Here’s how you can use the google search engine for finding ultimate guide ideas.


Have a look at the above screenshot which shows how Ahrefs toolbar actually works.

Simply search for “Keyword + Ultimate Guide” or ” Keyword1 or Keyword2″ + “Ultimate Guide”.

Search for your query, Scan the top google results which have good backlinks and then come up with a unique idea for your ultimate guide.

Tip: If not getting proper results then try replacing “Ultimate” word by other similar words like “Definitive”, “Essential”, “Complete”, etc.

Creating high-quality content, Proper promotion and start attracting backlinks. Isn’t Easy?

2.b. Finding Infographics Ideas

In the same way, Open Google Search engine and search for your “keyword” + “Infographic”

It will show you top results which have a good number of backlinks.

Google to find our ideas for Infographics

Not only single keywords but you can also try combining multiple keywords for more ideas.

Suppose, Your blog focuses on both “blogging” and “SEO”, then search for “Blogging or SEO” + “Infographic”.

In this way, you can find a number of blog posts ideas just by using “or” operator for multiple keywords.

2.c. List Posts


In the above screenshot, I’ve added an asterisk symbol that matches any result having the word “list”.

With this trick, you can easily get the top list posts related to your niche. You just need to check all the results and pick them up on the basis of good backlinks using ahrefs toolbar.

Remember, keep your list posts quality higher than the original source. This practice will help you to attract good backlinks as well as improving your search engine ranking.

2.d. Case Studies

Follow the same methods for case studies in your niche as described above.


SEO case-studies

Here’s an example:-

Simply type your “Keyword” + “Case Study” and search for new ideas for your blog content.

3. Publishing Interviews and Roundups

Publishing Interviews on your site can help you in driving huge blog traffic. Not only beneficial for your daily blog traffic but you can also get some high-quality backlinks for your post by this method.

Let take an example.

Suppose you have interviewed someone then he/she will be listing his interview on their about us page which will help you in getting a backlink to your blog.

You can also do people roundups in your blog. Chances of backlinks actually increase with this method.

Whenever you run out with blogging ideas then publishing interviews, roundups, reaching to marketers and other bloggers help you in gaining easy backlinks and blog readers.

Simple, Isn’t?

4. Building Broken Links

Probably the best way for building backlinks and generating content ideas at the same time.

For this method, you have to search for resources in your niche which is updated regularly.

You need to search for top articles relevant to your niche. Use extensions like Check my links for scanning broken links on the resource pages. Now you have to write content on the same topic for your blog. That’s how you got a new content idea.

Now for getting backlinks, you need to ping the webmaster tools about the broken links and inform the site owner about your blog post. By this, the site owner will be happy giving you a backlink to your site which will result in him to fix his broken links. The majority of people will not have any problem linking to your site.

5. Check The Headlines

Checking headlines not only helps you in boosting your blogging ideas but also helps you in getting backlinks.

Below I have listed some of the best platforms where you can check for headlines and generate new blogging ideas for your site:-

  1. Flipboard
  2. Alltop
  3. Pinterest boards
  4. Scoop.it
  5. blog communities
  6. Feedly
  7. Twitter hashtags

Simply type your keyword over these platforms and generate unique ideas for blog posts.

Here’s an example showing you how it works for Twitter hashtags.



You need to simply type your keywords in Twitter search and scan all the relevant headlines.

6. Ask Your Reader About Their Queries

Many professional bloggers use this strategy for generating new content ideas for their blog.

For this method, you need to have a good number of subscribers on your blog. Sending emails to your subscribers and asking them for feedback can help you a lot in generating a good and unique content idea.

You can also ask your blog subscribers “What kind of posts or reviews do they expect to see on your blog ? “. In this way, you can easily use your email list in an effective way.

Suppose you are having around 1000 subscribers for your site. If you get even 2 % reply rate then you can easily get 20 different blog post ideas.

Writing blog posts on what your readers are struggling with is an amazing way to get more traffic on your blog, improving trust flow as well as getting loyal readership.

 7. Browsing Forums and Communities

There a huge number of communities and forums available online which can help you in finding ideas for your blog content. If your blog deals with internet marketing then Warrior forum, digital point, site point are some best communities which can get you some serious help.

You just need to browse through these forums and communities for finding content ideas.

Creating content related to the reader’s query is the best choice.

Joining popular social communities like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus can help you growing your network and getting new content ideas.

You should also use the Disqus community. This community is used by the majority of sites.

Browsing forums and communities and searching for new and unique content ideas can be very beneficial for your site.


So, These were some effective ways which can help you to find blogging ideas that generate backlinks.Always make sure to create high-quality content for your blog because no one likes to link poor quality content which doesn’t offer value to their readers.

Hope, you have found this article interesting. Please feel free to leave your feedback below in the comment section below.

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