7 Most Powerful Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools

I do not know how many of you care about SEO for every blog post and do proper keyword research before hitting that the most hard button- Publish.

When you do care about SEO, it means you are targeting a well researched article for your readers and for the major search engines. A well researched article will always test the time and bring that targeted traffic to your blog or site over the time.

It seems ridiculous when we see the same type of information, is shared by the most , newbie bloggers again and again, they does not care what is the importance of fresh and well researched post.

When I talked to some of these type of bloggers… their response was, they do not have money to spend on these costly keyword research tools. Whenever they will be able to earn such amount from their blog…will surely purchase these elite keyword research tools.

Keyword research toolsExperienced SEO Enthusiast and bloggers will recognize these tools so easily, These are free, these are powerful and most premium Keyword research Tool, Believe me take information , as a feed from these tools and present them in a fancy way to impress you. …………..Yes, it’s true!!!

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The big daddy of all keyword research Tools. It works better, if you have google Adwords account. I always recommend you to create your own account . Before you start using this tool.

I have already written a detailed article on how to use Google Keyword Tool to find out profitable Keywords.

The major drawback on this tool is – It does not show you… your result in a fancy manner, thus you have to learn its lingo first. Otherwise you have to purchase that Premium Keyword Research Tools that shows this information in a fancy way. ;)

2. Google Trends

One of my favorite tool inside Google Keyword research Tool was Google insight, now merged with Google Trends. Using this tool, you can find out , how people search for this keyword on the internet. I.e whether they search on the web , or on the images or news.

A must have tool if you want to optimize your blog contents -…..if you publish article related to latest trends in the market – like mobile phone, android, iphone. This will also help you to optimize your images for search traffic.

3. Google Search Box Drop Down –

This is one of the most ignored keyword research tool on the google website. Yes, it was from the beginning , but none of us ever tried to capture the power of this tool. Instead of that we start blaming google- how they are inserting their ideas in our minds

Whenever we start typing on google search bar, it start showing us the most popular current terms on that keywords, thus give you very quick insight into the trends.

Note : If you are wordpress user – then This type of facility in also available through Yoast SEO plugins, under Focus Keyword .

4. ubersuggest.org

You can say this is the extended version of previously suggested keyword tool- Google drop down tool. If you want to use google search bar as your keyword research tool, then instead of that use ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest will give you more keyword ideas and find out the idea not listed in google trends and give you more insight.

 5. Soovle.com

Does google, google, google, sometimes gives you headache? Yes internet is beyond Google.. So what people search on WikiPedia, Amazon,Yahoo, Bing, Answer.com and on Youtube.

Don’t you want traffic other from Google ? If I am not wrong …Your answer is yes.

Try Soovle.com to find out latest trends on these popular websites at a single place. It does not drill down your keyword research quest but very good to show what is popular on these sites at once.

6. Yahoo Clues

This is one of the most underestimated keyword research tool. It is second to none. Yahoo clue results that can also tell you which type of people are consuming your data and what are the age group of these consumers thus can help you to write your post accordingly.

Here you can say it is the combination of Google Trends + Google Keyword research tool + Alexa stats all in a single window.

7. WordTracker

If Jonathan Morrow. of copyblogger says “Wordtracker is my first love for keyword research” it mean something for all of us.

What is special in this tool is using this tool you can find out low competition keywords very easily with a single click.

Right now wordtracker is offering only seven days free plan for checking its capabilities but before that they need your all information ie name, email, phone no. etc.

Conclusion on Free Keyword Research Tools

Though there are a lots of other free tools are also available like traffic travis, wordstream . My aim was in this article is to, Give them that required tools, so that they can do some proper research before hitting the publish button.

If you know any such tool, please share with us. It will help us to grow as blogger as well as human being.

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46 thoughts on “7 Most Powerful Best Free Keyword Research Tools”

  1. Google is making keywords hide from us. We will only get not provided. No keywords from Google. So is it reliable to depend on keyword research?

  2. Thank you RAKESH . You have done a great job indeed. Have you ever tested colibritool before? Probably it’s the best SEO tool. I tried many of the free tools over the internet but they couldn’t just able to satisfy me. At last I’ve found colibritool, and still stick to it. You can find it here (http://colibritool.com).

  3. hi rakesh, thanks again for share good article.. so are really awesome with more of tips ^^
    i am agree Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the best tools for keyword research tools. I am also find best keyword for my website using this tools. thanks a lot for share.. i am already subscribe your blog :D

  4. Well, I actually I use just two tools for keyword research tools and from this article I know another keyword research tools.

    1. Remember jack…A tools is as intelligent as its user, so do not hesitate to experiment with these tools and if possible update us also.

  5. Hi Rakesh,
    I admire the effort placed in your researched.
    I knew of Google Trends and the Adword keyword tool but this post has broaden my knowledge.

    1. “A tool is as intelligent as its user”. These are my favorite lines my dear , so use these tools to get targetted traffic and lots of respect from the community.Thanks for your valuable feedback, will catch you soon Kabenlah Cudjoe. ;)

  6. dear Sanyam , there are a lots of free as well as paid keywords tools available to help you to find out buyers keywords for your online success. Thanks for posting your valuable feedback, see you soon.

  7. I never knew there were so many tools available… i only use Google Adwords which i think suffice all the needs…

    1. No other tools are equally competent. give them a try and update me how useful they are ? Thanks for posting your comment.

  8. Rakesh Kumar, I have really found your great creativity in this source because of I have got very special info about keyword research. I only know about Google Adword Tool but your rest of options are really looking incredible to get perfect keyword for site.

  9. To find out that there are free tools and methods to find keywords is a very wonderful experience. Thanks for writing this tips. It was very informative.

  10. I’ve never heard of Soovle.com before, but thank you anyway. I find your article very informative. It feels great to have a new learning experience. Looking forward to more of your future posts.

  11. My knowledge of keyword research tools was limited to Google adwords. Thanks for sharing the useful information about other keyword tools that may come in handy.

    1. Dear Fatima, Google adwords is not a single keyword research tools thus written this article to educate my fellow bloggers. Thanks for posting your valuable feedback, hope to see you soon.

  12. I’ve heard and read so many things about Google Adwords and other latest keyword research tools from many bloggers and websites. I might as well try some of them. And thank you for introducing us to Soovle.com. Never heard of it before, but i’m sure it’s Narnia personified.

    1. Welcome Veronica, It is really a Good keyword research tool as i have shown in the image. This you are able to find out the related keywords in different website. Thanks for your valuable feedback and hope to see you soon

  13. Great and useful article i really enjoyed it .. Really powerful keywords to make good research in your market .. Thanks for share :)

    1. Thanks Abdelrhman for your valuable feedback. Hope your keyword research using any of these keyword research tool will be great.

  14. Hi, I’m New bee…
    This is very helpful information for me…
    I have learnt a lot of things from your post…
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Your are most welcome Vivek Kumar. Do not forget to subscribe our rss to get yourself updated on regular basis. Thanks for your valuable feedback

  15. Hi

    Great point. Well detailed . Very useful for freshers like me. I always find difficulty in keyword search and i try one tool after another . Some of the tools are new for me . Brief yet very helpful tips. I really have some problems with doing seo on my little blog. somehow, i think with this, i can do better SEO on my blog.

  16. I am still learning about SEO in depth. Thank you so much for sharing this post. You have done on SEO becuase I saw this post on Search Engine ,,, I wondered if you use some plugin into your blog. Any way,, Thank You again for sharing and I bookmarked to my list to come back again for your update…

    1. Yes Saheem, I am using seo plugin on this site, till now i was one of the greatest fan of SEO by yoast. but after checking the features of seopressor, i think i will no longer be able to pursue my passion. But, i strongly believe that without proper keyword research nobody can excel in this highly competitive world of blogging.

  17. Thanks sir share me your ideas about keyword tool. I think it is very useful for every blogger.Thanks for share me this important post.

    1. You are most welcome Deepak, without a proper keyword research it is just like your are shooting in the dark, thus suggested some uber cool free keyword research tools. Hope you will use in your forthcoming projects.

  18. The keyword research holds great importance in the SEO process. I have used Adwords in the past, and it is quite an impressive tool. Thanks for providing this lavishing list of great tools for the purpose of keyword research.

    1. You are absolutly right Aayna, Without proper keyword research, it is just like you are writing blind and do not know how search engines will index your contents and how much traffic, you are going to recieve. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  19. I was struck at google trends. I think its a nice place to search and find right trend to post on your blog as it will generate organic visitors.as newbie still searching for more ways to increase Sepr and improving my contextual skills

    1. I am really pleased to know that, Hope Google trends will give you more ideas to post on your website, Besides twitter and facebook , google trends is also a very good tool for your keyword research. Thanks harshpreet for your feedback.hope to see you soon

  20. Well, I have used Adwords tools and its great never used any other tool than that . Might be looking into these tools sometimes later on.

    1. I am sure you will love them also for your keyword research needs, Thanks Bishwajeet for your wonderful and sincere feedback. Hope to see you soon

  21. Thanks for the list,,,i was not aware of ubersuggest .org,,,will give it a try..I have used others and my favorite one is till adwords

    1. An please do not forget to provide us your valuable feedback of this usercool keyword suggestion tool. Thanks for stoppoing by bro.

  22. Hello Dear

    what a great tools really its very useful tools and i am also using Google Adwords Keyword Tool and its very helpful tools and really thanks for the sharing me

    1. very happy to know that you use google adwords tool for your keyword research. give others also a try to see the difference and do not forget to update us.

    2. Hi Rakesh

      yes i will try all tools and i will read you new post and thanks for the sharing me your costly advice

  23. great information,thanks…. for the information about free keyword research tool.it is very useful for bloggers
    actualy i am new in blogging line so m spending time researching and learning abot good bloggers.

    1. A good keyword research tool can lead your blog to the next level and these free tools can help you to climb upto that level. Thanks bro for leaving your valuable feedback.

  24. Hi Sir thanks for sharing those concept i am a fresher in this field and i was after some good information about the subject then i found this blog i gain lot of knowledge from your post thank you sir

    1. Thanks ashutosh for your kind words, Hope you will do proper keyword research using any one of these tools for all your future post to gain some good exposure. Hope to see you very soon. ;)

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