7 Reasons why a Web Designer shouldn’t ignore WordPress

Big Success with simple ideas

As a freelance web designer, your time is literally money. Your time is a valuable resource and how you choose to use it defines your profitability

Having been a freelancer myself for years, managing it has been one of the toughest challenges I’ve faced. Till now, I’d primarily been working on Drupal or Joomla. It’s only when I started using ResellerClub for Hosting & Domain Names that I truly discovered how useful WordPress can actually be. For the unfamiliar, WordPress is available as an easy to install option within the leading auto script installer, Softaculous, which is available within CPanel, Linux Hosting packages. One click of the Word Press plugin within Softaculous, and you will be exposed to the beautiful features that one of the most recognized Web Software tools can offer.

Most of us associate WordPress with professional bloggers or first-time amateur Web Developers; but after using it for a while, you realize it’s just as powerful as the other popular CMS tools (Joomla and Drupal) available in the market. It might not be considered sturdy as Drupal, but it’s a lot more simple and effortless to use. WordPress is an almost intuitive CMS, and it reduces your turn around time on new projects by as much as a week, or even less than 7 days.

Now most of us deal with two distinct type of clients. The first type include individuals who want a complex, design rich, very well customized website which could end up stretching the creative and mental barriers of a skilled Web Designer  – I would like to refer to them as “Type A” Customers. And then there also exists individuals operating small and medium sized businesses who would love to have a stunning yet simple to use and manage website for their business to own an online presence – These set of clients I would like to refer to as “Type B” Customers.

Type A customers, though few, are willing to pay far more for the work you can cook up, and this would entail a significant amount of your resources (Time & Time Equals Money) getting invested in designing a visually marvelous piece of art. In the bargain you may be forced to either reject, or slightly delay the submission for projects submitted by your Type B Customers.

Unhappy “Type B” Customers could prove to be detrimental for your business because whether you like it or not, they constitute a majority of your Business. So what option would involve catering to your   Type A Customers, and simultaneously offer your best work to the Type B clientele.

The answer is WordPress, and I have listed 7 Reasons to explain why:

1.)    Simple To Use

This is something you will see a majority of users mentioning. Selecting a template suiting the category of website being designed is very simple. This is because WordPress offers its user the option to choose a template from a multitude of categories. So incase you have a client who wants to build a stunning website for his Law firm or Export & Import Business, then all you need to do is select the “Business” option under the list of categories they offer a template for, and then choose from the plethora of pre-designed business theme templates.

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Similarly adding a new page, content, or image is made very effortless by the popular CMS tool, and it would barely take up any design time from you. Since it’s so easy to use and get started, the time spent on formatting is saved. In addition to this, WordPress is browser based so you can log on from any computer with an internet connection and resume work. This way if you’re bored of working in your office, you can stroll on to the nearest coffee shop and resume work instantly.

2.)    No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required

WordPress is a self-contained system and doesn’t require HTML editing software (like Dreamweaver). You can format text, CTRL C & CTRL V straight from word, upload and edit images and documents, upload videos and similar, all without the use of any FTP software. This way, if you have customers who frequently make modifications & additions to their website, you could easily receive the content from them and upload it via WordPress instead of scheduling it for later; or better, you could provide them with access to their WordPress account and explain how they could make the changes easily

3.)    SEO Friendly

WordPress Code is clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to crawl and index a site’s content. In addition, each page, image and post can have its own meta tag keywords. Additionally, there are several one-click install SEO plugins for WordPress that help you tweak site settings by reminding you to add permalinks and automatically inserting meta tags etc. In effect, you aren’t just offering your Customer a well designed website, you’re provisioning them a well designed and well optimized website.

4.)    Multilingual

WordPress is available in more than 70 Languages. So if you are keen towards targeting a range of Non English speaking markets, then Word Press would be the ideal tool to help you bridge the gap and keep it simple.

5.)    Massive Community

As the most popular open source CMS available today, WordPress has an active vibrant community that constantly comes up with new features and plugins for you to use. Moreover, if you have trouble understanding the usage of certain features, or need help with developing a feature, feel free to engage with Web Developers within the official WordPress community. Additionally, 20% of all websites today use WordPress as their CMS. So investing in WordPress is akin to investing in the betterment of your website

6.)    Seamless Transfer

If you’re doing a one off project for a client who then wishes to manage the website themselves, WordPress allows a very simple handover. Less than a week of support and your client can start managing aspects relating to uploading videos, modification of content and so on. This saves you a lot of valuable time handing over the website maintenance or providing support. Additionally, the number of WordPress support videos available ensures that your Customer is never left befuddled while using the popular CMS tool

7.)    Plug and Play

WordPress has an amazing amount of plugins and themes online. From one click social media integration to Easy Back Ups, to Easy Malware Scanners and several other free and paid themes which you can tweak. Building a new website could never have been made this simple.

Your Turn my dear

So as you can see, WordPress can save you time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere. Like taking a walk, chilling with your family or friends at a coffee shop, or just doing what you love the most.

With WordPress you’ll never have to turn down your Type B clients, and you will easily boost your monthly earnings. It also scales comfortably and is completely open-source, so if you require more complexity, you can simply tweak it to your needs. WordPress tweaks for more serious developers are commonly available on wordpress.org

As mentioned earlier, several providers now offer cPanel with their hosting packages, which has a simple one click install. I personally would recommend ResellerClub given the host of features and competitive pricing associated with their Hosting. You can Sign Up with them to get more details about their program.

So choose WordPress and further expand the revenue generating potential your Web Design business has to offer.

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9 thoughts on “7 Reasons why a Web Designer shouldn’t ignore WordPress”

  1. Hi Rakesh , No doubt wordpress is a good CMS for designing small web sites or blogs. You can’t design big web portal on wordpress.

    1. Dear Mohrasim, perhaps you have not seen the power of wordpress till now. if you think yahoo india is a small website then you could be right. Keep in touch my dear

  2. Hi Rakesh, great reasons and helpful for web designers too. I also think that this reasons has to be ignored in wordpress……..

  3. Good for you. I do alot of websites and I swear some webdesigners avoid wordpress to try to get followup work. It’s a short sighted strategy getting 100-150 for a quick interruption to add some text annoys the customers and too many little interruptions will distract you from the current project.

  4. Hey Rakesh, very well said Rakesh. Can you help me in telling your WP theme name. I just want to find similar theme of yours and customize it.


    1. This is my custom made theme, its page score is 99 on Google page speed with all types of ads. Right now planning to sell this theme on my blog for $15.

  5. Hi rakesh,
    I am not web designer but i am blogger and i know what is the important of wordpress in blogging. WordPress is the best CMS for blogging because its free and very user friendly. You don’t have to worry about SEO, it is very SEO friendly and most of themes are also SEO friendly. You don’t need to do any of HTML coding in this.

    1. You are right swapnil, most WordPress themes are seo friendly but not all of them. Happy to know that you are also wordpress lover. Keep in touch

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