7 SEO Mistakes People Are Still Doing in 2018

SEO mistakes in 2018

With the approach of online marketing took a new turn. It won’t be right to state that organizations which are putting resources into online marketing quicker turned out to be more effective than organizations that didn’t. Everything that used to be on papers, daily papers, announcements, flexes, and so on has now moved to the web.

SEO mistakes in 2018

You currently have online banner ads that demonstration like bulletins. You have affiliate programs that work like referrals and sites are vastly improved than daily paper ads.

If you need to make your business a global element, you cannot depend only on tossing pamphlets in everyone’s homes or giving handbills over. You have to put resources into different digital marketing programs for that reason. Much of the time, you don’t need to spend any cash to showcase your business, item or administration.

More often than not is spent on enhancing your image and notoriety. In the majority of this, SEO fills in as the blood and fuel of all web-based marketing since web crawlers results are where the cash lies. SEO has developed incredibly in the last 6-7 years, and Google must be given kudos for that.

Here I’m sharing some SEO mistakes you should have to avoid in your business.

Overlooking Mobile Users

As you know day by day mobile users are increasing, and Google had taken vast update which would affect all the websites which are not mobile friendly drastically. After the update took place, the rankings of the websites, who had not made their sites user-friendly got down drastically. That is why afterward templates and plugins which came for which came just for desktops also started to support mobiles. The themes which are made nowadays are fully responsive which means your website will show very beautifully in all PCs, mobiles, and tablets. So, everyone started to focus on mobile users.

Therefore, if you haven’t made your blog or eCommerce website fully responsive, then you are going to lose a lot of visitors and customers. So start focusing on mobile users as currently there are more mobile users than desktop users. This will help you in increasing your search engine rankings to a very great extent which will automatically help you in getting more visitors and customers increasing your revenue.

Focusing on The Link Quality Rather Than Quantity

Years ago the SEO technique which people used to get higher rankings was just to build more backings. No one focused on the quality of backlinks; they just made more and more backlinks from wherever they were able to get. But after the recent updates of Google Algorithm, the intelligent bots of Google are capable of recognizing the good and bad backlinks and not only that they are now capable of finding relevant and irrelevant backlinks.

That is why it is said nowadays that one good backlink is equal to a hundred crappy backlinks. And for example, you have a blog on the niche of guitars, and there are backlinks which are coming from a pet food niche website. Then the Google bots can recognize that what are backlinks from a pet Food website are you doing on a guitar niche website and they lower the rankings of both the sites. That is why the relevancy of backlinks also matters.

Google has become very strict on spammy backlinks, if you have some spammy backlinks on your website then remove them immediately because the chance of Google penalty on your site has increased and trust me once Google penalize your website it’s too hard to get out of it.

So, the best way is to let your website generate natural backlinks automatically which will only happen if you write good content. Other methods of getting good backlinks are Guest posting, explainer videos, infographics, broken link building methods, etc.

Researching Keywords Properly

Some keyword searching is one of the most crucial things if you are working on a website because if you do keyword researching properly, then you can quickly get to the top ranking or at least on the first page of Google. The one who Masters one keyword researching will have no problems in getting traffic or getting the first page of Google or getting sales in the future.

And knowing the keywords which are related to your business is a thing, and mastering on your keywords is another thing. Therefore if you are master in keyword researching, then you can quickly know that which keywords will help you in getting the awareness of your brand, or getting visitors or getting more sales and many other things.

Keyword researching is the main gameplay if you want to rank your blog or website the first-page or first rank on google. For keyword researching there are many tools available online like Google keyword planner, Google trends, SEMrush, Ahref, Google itself, etc. Give more time on your keyboard researching and you will get amazing results.

Not Structuring Your Website

Just writing content on your website or blog or just doing a little bit On Page SEO won’t help you get higher rankings. Doing proper On-Page SEO is one of the most critical factors of Search Engine Rankings. This is because a human is not going to read your content and mark it as good content.

The intelligent bots of Google crawl your site so try to make the content as much SEO friendly you can. It will be easier for the search engines to crawl your content and you will get higher rankings easily.

This is why it is good to make the structure of your website smooth. You should also use internal linking so that the spiders of the search engine can move to the pages deep in the layers of your site. Also submit XML sitemaps immediately after adding content to your website and use structured data markups.

Not Adding Latest and High-Quality Content

Most of the beginner bloggers copy other websites articles and write it on their website. You should not copy materials from others because people need new and high-quality content. So try to keep your article 100% unique and post regularly.

Some bloggers and website owners stop writing content in their website regularly after a right amount of traffic starts coming in and because of not adding new and fresh contains in your site, Google lowers your line rankings because Google gives preferences to the website owners who are posting regularly. This is why posting regularly is also one of the most important factors of SEO.

Not Using Long Tail keywords

This is one of the biggest mistakes new bloggers and website owners to do and their field tour and their website. Generally, beginners search for some specific keywords and write articles on them. And due to the competition on small keywords, they fail to rank their website.

This is why most of the experienced bloggers always suggest that if your website or blog is new, then you should go for long tail keywords rather than short tail keywords. The competition on the long tail keywords are generally easy or medium, so they are usually easy to rank.

Not Getting Social

If you are not getting social, then you are making a huge mistake. The power of social media is just enormous. If people like your website then its revenue graph can skyrocket. But social media also has the potential of taking your site down because there are a vast amount of people in the social media and if they don’t like your product or blog then it can go on a negative way. That is why try to provide best content or product on your website.

People will start coming on your website; your search engine rankings will gradually increase, your revenues will skyrocket. So start using the enormous power of social media from now, begin sharing the stuff on your website and bring products or content which people like or are getting viral. Many people in business think that social media is not for their product or material but this is very wrong.

There are all types of people in the social media and if you are doing business then definitely your work is to sell products to customers, and social media is filled with customers so if you are one of them then start sharing your stuff online you will get results very soon.


After reading the 7 SEO mistakes that people are still doing in 2018, you would have got to know that what mistakes you were doing so now go to your website or blog and stop making this mistakes and very soon you will see the practical results.

If you are one of them who had left blogging because they aren’t able to rank their website even after doing a lot of hard work and you think that you were making some mistakes which are outlined above then start over again from now.

Start to correct all the mistakes you were doing and learn from them, very soon you will see that your blog will go and an excellent pace.

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