8 Fresh Ways to Get Fresh Post Ideas

Big Success with simple ideas

Getting fresh ideas for blog posts can often translate to difficult tasks for bloggers. While this might not be so for pro-bloggers who already know their way around this, it is still a big obstacle for newbie bloggers. We all know that creating fresh content for our blog, and doing it regularly, can shape the returns we would expect from our blog.

But getting ideas to create new content everyday might become a task that needs to be faced and fought. Have you ever suffered from idea block before? I guess you must. Well, to help you avoid this embarrassing thing from happening to you again, I’ll be sharing some practical tips to apply. This might work like a magic portion for you if you can use it effectively!ideas for new article

Watch Youtube Video

You tube is number three website on the internet after Google and Facebook. ie a lots of people watch and upload fresh videos every days. Now  Its your term to select the most  suitable  video for your new article and convert this video into  new article.

Login into scribd

Scribd is well known among the book or article publishers. Lately it was also explored by the bloggers to increase website traffic to their blog. This popular service basically host all type of documents and PDF files.  .

Search slide-Share for idea

Slide-share share the same type of idea but they enable users to share their slides like powerpoint presentation on their websites. A lots of new research in business community share their ideas with the help of presentation.

Networked Blogs

Its not easy to search relevant blogs and forums to learn new ideas for your new post, Network blogs like  indibloggers.in and bloggers.com  – publish RSS feeds to their members bloggers.

Now you can visit these blogs to inspire yourself. When i say inspire yourself  i mean it, i really do not mean copy them.

Google Play

Perhaps this may seems to you a little bit weird first, Since Google play is basically used to host apps developed to host Android Devices, still a large number of exclusive material is available to you as a e-books.

Old trusted Method to get Fresh Ideas

Subscribe to Google Alerts

Google is the number one destination of every one using the internet today, and Google much determines what the web wants. Whether you like it or not, you’ll want to impress Google so that you can sustain your blog traffic. And the best way to do that is to always give it fresh content on your blog.

But still, fresh content is defined by what Google wants to see on your blog. Which makes it only better that Google suggests what you blog about on your blog.

You can enlist for the suggestion of fresh post ideas from this search engine giant by subscribing yourself for its alerts. This will always deliver, right into your inbox, suggestions on topics that are hot on the web right now, and blogging about them will only translate to an increase in traffic, and a boycott to idea block.

Sign-up for Blogs’ Newsletters

Signing-up for other blog’s newsletters will give you significant breakthrough over lack of fresh content. By subscribing to other blog’s newsletters, not only will you stay up to date on what your competitors are blogging about, but you’ll also be feeding yourself fresh ideas which you can blog from regularly.

You will want to make sure the blogs you are subscribing to their newsletters are those you know the level of the quality they produce when it comes to creating content, not just subscribe to some blog that will continue to churn out articles regardless of the relevancy of that topic.

Read Magazine and News Sites

Reading magazines and news sites will also help you to remain loaded with fresh ideas to blog about. Select some tech news sites that you trust to deliver hot news about happenings around your niche. A good example of news site/magazine site you’ll want to commit to is Lifehacker.

Your Turn on 8 Fresh Ideas

There are a lot more news sites out there that you can always rely on to get fresh ideas for blog posts including, but not limited to Gizmodo, TechCrunch, SEOmoz etc.

While subscribing to these big blogs will help you to overcome idea block, you would not want to permit them to divert your interest from your blog.

Use the tips shared in this post and overcome idea block with ease.

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    1. You are welcome pronce, Words like yours give me the necessary tonic to write something useful for all the fellow bloggers. Hope you would love my next post on wordpress themes.

  1. It’s really important to have fresh ideas especially in blogging. New things and topics will surely bring more visitors for they are most likely not to get bored.

    1. You are right my dear friend, New ideas always bring new visitor,and this way blogger will always have some fresh ideas for his/her blog. Hope to see you very soon. ~rakesh

  2. It is good to do something new. I agree with you, you give a great example of YouTube videos, updated every day or even updated every second. You share very nice tips to get fresh post ideas. We should read posts of others and learn new things, what they write and how they write and how they made blog better etc.

    1. Thanks Sarah, You read my message very right. Hope this will help you to generate some new post. ~rakesh kumar

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