5 Must Know Backlink Building Methods for Every SEO

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Content is King”  This is famous proverb. You can see almost on every website talking about SEO and Google. But only few will tell you if  Content is king then the “Link is it’s Queen”.  Most of the time SEO expert suggest you to create a lots of Backlink to your site/blog. so that your Visibility on Seach engine is much more than your competitor.

Below are a handful of well known backlink building approaches. These are the most well-known and effective link building techniques and practiced by Modern white hat SEO experts.

Directory submission

By submitting your site to online directory categories which are relevant to your business, you’ll be able to improve your search engine position for the chosen keyword

There’s a handful suggestion.

Firstly, the title that you simply undergo the directory must be one of many keywords you are hoping to enhance your quest position for.

Secondly, your directory should be “search engine friendly“. From this we imply your directory must have a direct hyperlink to your website while using title because anchor text of the link. You can check this by placing your cursor on the directory link and checking the status bar to see where the link goes.

Directory content articles are the bread and butter technique employed for improving internet search engine position. It’s an ongoing, often tedious but necessary process utilized to increase your search ranking.

Article Submission

Article submission allows us one of the links to our website, using our keyword because anchor text, from the relevant, authoritative website. This will assist to further improve our website position online for this particular keyword

The concept behind articles directory is-  people can use the content automatically website, on condition that the author notes (biography) and the link inside it, remains in tact. So a web link may be gained not merely from your directory itself but the website designed to use the content.

A write-up should be over 500 words and contain unique and relevant content. It ought to be well written and informative in regards to the particular subject. A write-up is just not about your business, it s about the subject (keyword).

The article will likely be listed in the countless hundreds of article submission sites on the net. These directories allow a biography or section for author info, It is this area that individuals add your link and write a number of sentences about your organization.

If You are fed up to submit your article manually, then you can try these automatic article submission tool. Some of them are even have article spinner embeded in it.

Social bookmark submitting

Social bookmark directories /site are websites that store and invite users to manage their favorite websites. It is very just like the favorites inside your browser however it is a web-based version and also by allowing others to do the same a searchable directory is created.

For each and every submission you give you a title and outline for your particular site. The title becomes your anchor-text for a link to the page you submit. Thus the keyword we’re targeting for improved search results position as search engines like yahoo crawl these directories. The description will be a paragraph explaining the site.

The social bookmark directory also asks you to tag the site. They’re words that describe the site, normally comma separated. It is these tags that constitute the category structure of the directory, grouping websites concentrating on the same tags.

An advantage of social bookmark sites compared to normal directories is that you may build links to pages within your site (deep links) instead of just the homepage.

You can find a huge selection of social bookmark internet sites. Some of the big ones include Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Diigo, Reddit. Sign up and have bookmarking.

Most of the time users complain about they have bookmarked a lots of sites and information on their social Bookmarking profile, still  not getting proper traffic, The hack is how many users you are following and how many are following you.  So before  bookmarking make a lots of friends  on these websites.

In this case my previous article on 10 Mistakes on Social site can guide you a lot. If you have not read that article, here is a quick review of the same

  • Activity : You are less active on social Networking sites like Facebook and Stumble Upon. I have only mentioned here only two since , they are most traffic sender after Google  search engine.
  • Friends :  Social Networking means a lots of Friends and the basic aim is proper friends, Not your friend but the friends who have same type of interest.
  • Profile :  Here profile does not mean, just paste your photograph, but also define your aim and objective in your profile.
  • About Yourself : This is must and only disclose the intended information that attract/Inspire your readers.
  • Links  : Do not foreget to mention you website and link with your own website.
  • Beside these some points are also discussed in this article like spam sharing, wrong profile  etc.

Profile Backlinks

In addition to promoting your internet site to seem in the search engines, it’s also possible to attract traffic and enhance your listing by creating profile pages on certain websites like wordpress.org.

A user profile page can be an informational page about your business on a popular business directory that lets you elaborate on your business profile, products. Many of these profiles page websites such as Hotfrog allow links straight to your internet site improving your own search position.

With the addition of your website profile to sites for example Freeindex and Hotfrog, your web site will even show up in the search engines through the pages that Google finds on that one directory, enhancing likelihood of a contact or visit.

Blog Commenting

In addition to promoting your site to seem online, you can also generate traffic and enhance your listing by creating profile pages on certain websites.

An account page can be an informational page about your small business on the popular business directory that permits you to elaborate on your business profile, products and services. Many of these profiles page websites for instance wordpress.org allow links right to your website improving your own search position.

By adding your website profile book stores in finland to sites such as Freeindex and Hotfrog, your web site will likely appear in the various search engines through the pages that google finds on any particular one directory, enhancing your chances of a better visibility.

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