A Simple Way to Turn Your Website Visitors Into Leads

Well, every visitor to your website is a potential customer. Sure thing you believe that each of them is ready to buy once they land on your website. To succeed online, you need a way to turn your website visitors into leads. But, the truth is that over 96% of the visitors are not ready to buy. That’s the fact. Naturally, you could just hope that they reach out and contact you actively. Moreover, you want to get lots of website traffic.

Yet, if a visitor landed on your website – then he/she has some level of interest. And that means that the better you understand your customer’s needs, the better the chance to close the deal. So, what things should you know about your customers to achieve your goal? No matter what a visitor is looking for, be it a service or product, your job is to get the solution to their problem.

You can never reach perfection, however, there’s always room for improvement. So, let’s learn a simple way to turn your website visitors into leads.

Tip #1. Use Strong Call to Action

Don’t underestimate the simple item off of your website. The truth is that a clear call to action is your first step to guide your visitor in the right direction. Even the most interested your visitor doesn’t know what step to take next once he/she lands on your page. That’s why exposure to those clear offers takes a priority. Think of this as an instruction for what to do next. So, focus on a clean and compelling offer that persuades the visitors to take the action you want.

Simply put, a clean CTA works as a persuasion element where it matters most. Moreover, it defines the success of every individual page of your website. The gist of the story is that you should put yourself in the customers’ shoes and consider needs of visitors for every page. So, make those CTA offers visible and very accessible. Include only important actions. Besides, best practices show that CTA works best on prime replacement (the header is the perfect location). Don’t forget to use the accent color, specific language, and a large size. Be direct and make the next step very clear.

Tip #2. Push to Landing Pages

The next step is your landing page. In fact, every CTA should drive a visitor to a landing page that helps capture the attention of users. A classic mistake of most website owners is sending traffic from CTA buttons to the home page of your site. Instead, send your visitors to specific landing pages. That’s make sense because your home page offers too many distractions and choices. That means that too many choices can lead to no choice at all. That’s not an option.

Turning visitors into leads follows the idea of capturing as much of the converted traffic as possible. That’s where a clean and simple landing page can help. A landing page requires a unique design with the focus on the completing information-collection form. Say, if you want a free e-book, one click will probably convert you. But dozens of statistical information will probably turn you off. The same here. It’s important to respect the user’s time. Make your landing page clean and specific to the offer in CTA a visitor clicked on. Remove navigation to encourage the users to take the desired action.

Tip #3. Thank You Pages

Once a visitor has converted into a lead or customer, it’s important to send him/her to a thank you page. So, creating a thank you page you confirm the visitor’s purchase/download/offer. A thank you page may include social sharing options or a link to the home page.

Thanking the visitors for their purchase/content/download, you can offer promotion to keep them engaged and involved. It’s a great way to offer them successfully sign up to your newsletter or any other additional CTAs. Depending on how far you’d like to move your leads into a buyer’s journey, don’t forget to align them with a clean thank you page.

Tip #4. Great Design that Keeps the User Happy

A Way to Turn Website Visitors Into Leads

The purpose is to get people to pay attention to your products or services. The point is that a well-designed website is well worth the effort. You simply can’t turn your website visitors into leads if your website doesn’t deliver great user experience. The website’s design affects its trustworthiness. It’s important to create a website that can best represent the values of your brand. Avoid clutter and needless navigation. Keep it clean and easy to navigate.

Besides, if you’re only preparing to take your first steps up the web design mountain, you just can’t pass on a bunch of WordPress themes for journalists. Instead of having just a pretty website, create the one that converts. The good news is that you don’t need to invest a ton of money in your website’s design. Everything comes already included, so you just need to make some customization remarks to fit your particular business needs best.

Remember to make your website responsive. With over 80% of people using mobile devices to browse the Internet, it’s simply embarrassing not to have a mobile-friendly website. Moreover, use plenty of white space, bold, concise headlines, and of course make sure your website loads fast. As a result, when your website is designed correctly, it can turn website visitors into leads. The better a website you design, the more results you’ll get. That’s the gist of it, right?

Final Thoughts

Well, what is the lesson here? The lesson is that without the conversion process you just can’t turn website visitors into leads. Don’t let your website visitors get away. Don’t create meaningless visits.

So, no more excuses when it comes to your website. Now you know how to turn website visitors into leads. Use it to your benefit. Pick at least of the tips mentioned above to experiment. If you succeed, your business could be an overnight success.

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    Brilliant move to make a new leads to our business. I agree precisely the way you displayed here. Better position of suggestion to call to action and few fact stories about the items will most likely convert over a new lead to us.

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    Smart and clean web architecture will give an additional opportunity to readers to continue proceeding with others page reads as well.


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