Rakesh Kumar

rakesh kumar

Follow your fear and it will set you free”. This is the tag line, I used to read several times in a day and also used to tell my students and users.
I have been developing Google Adsense Optimized WordPress themes since 2010, Google Oriented means they are optimized for Adsense as well as for speed.

Did you really notice my website loading time? Yes last time when I checked my website speed using Pingdom tool, it was 592ms! Yes, 592ms and its PageSpeed score were 100/100,  using my own developed Fastest WordPress Theme PageSpeed. That status was also updated on facebook with a screenshot.

Right now, I have more than 50 themes in a different niche, using the different framework from 960 grid system to bootstrap using my own style of programming but let me confess with you people, never ever taken any formal education on designing, so you can call me a complete self-obsessed WordPress Developer.
Before that I was busy with database programming – mostly in Visual Basic 6.0 and MySQL, thus MySQL is in my blood and programming in my brain.

I did my MSc in computer Science late in 2000, and start my carrier as a computer Teacher in DAV group of schools in Ghaziabad, in my initial years I was a little bit confused about my destiny as some of my well-developed software could not perform well in the market. Now as a niche blogger, I understand what went wrong at that time.

Even in the same year, Established my own Computer Software company Vani infotech with my friend, alas, it was a great disaster besides my full efforts. After one and half year, I came to know, its business ethics and marketing skills and some fundamentals that you must learn before any entrepreneurial journey.

The journey of RSA Technologies, start from the ashes of Vani infotech, it was basically a domain name, me and my friend booked to create a website to promote or showcase our e database software but in that time we were not sure how we will receive money from the buyers and internet accessibility was an alien dream.

Maintained that domain for more than a decade and finally developed my own first website – rsatechnologies.in in late 2009 using Joomla. Next 9 months were more than exciting for me, I was able to register/upload some plugins on Joomla extension repository. But later realized that it was very hard to update Joomla and Joomla did not have any such features so that we could load our site in less than 3 seconds!

Yes, my Joomla site was taking more than 10 seconds to load, It was a turning point in my life. Then at that time, Linux for you –an open source journal published a new blogging platform, that was easy to install and upgrade grabbed by full attention it was mid july 2009.

As you know Every new WordPress blogger always try to find out some free WordPress themes, so did I and landed on websites like newwordpressthemes.com, provide free WordPress themes, encrypted with bad links on the front page, thus hurting new bloggers more than they were helping.

The same website also inspired me to developed my first WordPress theme, but in order to make some quick bucks, I just copied one of their theme, customized and start promoting the same theme on digitalpoint.com for sponsorship.

The owner/developer quickly, caught me, stealing. On the same thread, I promised- would never ever touch anyone’s theme and start reading WordPress theme developing tutorial on different sites.

Now, its been more than 8 years, and I am still learning , Hope in near future I would be able to produce some useful Themes for my friends around the globe. Right now my funny image WordPress theme and wallpaper WordPress theme are doing very well, my PageSpeed WordPress theme , though taking less than a minute to load, but not gained any such momentum like WordPress theme for funny Images or my other WordPress themes and plugins.

Right now having some plans to add a few more WordPress themes and plugins for all my wonderful online friends, struggling to earn affiliate money online.

Thanks for reading my journey as a WordPress developer. Keep in touch

Rakesh Kumar