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Wondershare AllMyTube is a simple download utility for downloading videos from video streaming site like YouTube, Vimeo, and VEVO. This small software can download  videos  from YouTube  Facebook  Vimeo  and 10000? popular site

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Perhaps you may think why we are going to review or introducing a new Video downloader to you when most of the time we can watch them online and even YouTube had introduced an offline option recently.

Ok…..Just wait a second

There are several issue that forced me to search a software that could solve our day to day issues like.

  • Slow internet connection does not allow us to watch the whole video in a single go ( It was the main reason YouTube introduced offline option )
  • Our devices does not support all types of video formats.
  • Sometimes video comes in list so we do not have any tool on any streaming site that could download all the video of that list or channels in a single go.

Fortunately, I was totally wrong, a small utility software AllMyTube from Wondershare can solve all these issues very easily -. Some of the best feature of this software are.

Batch download videos.

Download Videos in a Bulk

Just copy the link of first video of the playlist and this small wonderful software is smart enough to target all the videos available under that list and prompt you to download all of them or one by one at a time or even you can skip some video from the list and you can also select the download quality of your videos.

Built in Video Converter

AllMyTube not only help you to download but also it can Convert  videos  to  150 ?  formats  for  iPhone?  android  Phone  and  various  multimedia devices.

How to convert any Video

The interface of their video converter is so simple. Just select the desired video and select the output. You need not to be a geek to convert one video format into another video format.

Built in Video Converter with lots of options

If you are totally noob then you can select the device model otherwise they have complete list of audio and video formats.

Record screen or any video from online websites. This feature is particularly useful on the sites that does not allow us to record their website video/download their video like Lynda.com or Treehouse.com

[  Video Showing How to Download YouTube Video Playing Using AllMyTube ]

We have just recorded a video for you so that you could see the result of this wonderful utility. In this video, we have just shown you how to download a playlist from YouTube.

Review of WonderShare AllMyTube

In order to review this wonderful product, we have downloaded this product from its official website. The website provides its Web-installer –that is totally free to try. Get your  copy from here

The installation of the web-installer was quick and easy. It had not shown us any issue. It was just a click-click next finish event.

After installation what we do, we start downloading a few videos of the most common video streaming site YouTube. The first impression was – It is 3x faster powerful video downloader than any other YouTube downloader.   It is super quick and easy to download a video.

To download any video you have three methods –

1- Just copy the URL of the video, open AllMyTube and the system will automatically sense your intention and will show you the details of your download. If this is the list then it not only displays the list of containing videos but also provide you the option to download YouTube HD videos ( Even 1080 HD and 4k Videos ) and YouTube 3d Videos. It totally depend on you which quality of videos you want

2 – Just open the video and its browser plugin will show you a download button next to that button. Just click on that button and that’s it. Thus you can say it works seamlessly with common browsers such as chrome, Firefox and IE

Downloading YouTube Vide Using Browser AddOns

3 – Play video and record everything that is happening on the screen but we would not recommend this to anyone ( The quality is inferior compared to previous two methods )

Another feature that we noticed that it has a feature –enable that and it will not only download your video but also will convert the same video in one click.

Now its time to check the converted /downloaded video – No need to install any extra video player. It has a built-in the video player to play video.

How to transfer Videos without USB cable

IF everything goes as per your planning – now its time to carry the same video into your mobile device, What mostly we people do at this moment- Start searching for USB cable but you will be amazed to know that they have a built in app to perform this – Just scan the QR code from their app and the same and it will transfer video to mobile phone without USB cable.

Our Verdict

Must-Have utility software that is able to download videos 3x faster with task scheduler, convert and transfer all your videos.

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