Authority Sites or Niche Sites – Which Should You Focus on?

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Which is best for you, the authority website or the niche site? In all honesty there are pros and cons for both of these types of sites. Keep in mind that there is no rule that states you must choose only one. Each of them offers a few unique benefits.
In the end, it’s preference that will determine which is a better choice for you. Don’t do anything though until you’ve learned more about your choices. If you want to make an informed decision you need to get this information.

Advantages of Micro Niche Sites

A small site that is designed to earn $5 to $10 daily for you having only few pages and full with some well knitted keywords in it’s articles. Advantages of Micro Niche sites are

  • Need not a lot of contents to appear first page on Google Search
  • These sites does not need a lot of updating of information
  • Not a lots of Time is required to moderate
  • Not Too much SEO efforts are required (Except building a lots of links ) . must read – How to create thousands of Backlinks instantly.

Example: Class 12 computer project is such a niche site having it’s long tail keywords in domain name, if you have some seo tools then you can easily analyse that this niche site does not have too many backlinks or links from authority sites, still manage to appear on Page 1 on google search.

Sometimes people only want to get involved with one particular aspect of a market. This is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In some circles this very specifically defined segment of the market is referred to as a micro-niche. It is in these segments of marketers that niche sites dominate and thrive.

Niche sites are an excellent tool for taking over the top search engine spots for one or two highly focused keywords. You’ll have to assume that the keyword competition isn’t too crowded for this to be effective. To be fair, you can also target the same micro-niche within an authority site. If this isn’t appealing to you though a niche site remains a solid choice.

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  • Love Panda hate Panda  We can’t change how Google ranks sites, so we have to live with it. A lots of  recent  website blog have been dropped from the search results. Thanks to Google, now they are showing us more accurate results, not the sites having contents for the contents.
  • As you know, maybe, Google changes their algorithm to reward things they like and penalize what they do not like. Over the past year, the search engine giant has expressed a preference for authority sites over sites with less content, such as niche sites.
  • Some times it is not easy to find unique contents for your niche. As your niche may be alien to you. One possible solution for this is hire a content writer from outsourcing sites like Odesk.com or Vworker.com
  • Just like with pay per click advertising, you will incur a lower quality score if your site is deemed, thin. Ranking highly with a niche site, then, and effectively optimizing it, is going to take more time and work than before. Even your best efforts for niche sites will not be as fruitful when it comes to traffic or rank as they would have been not long ago.
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Authority Sites:

There are so many more ways to make money with an authority site. Depending on your market and search terms, you can benefit from the high volume of traffic you get each day. How well you do in that regard depends on a number of variables. The market and traffic volume will pretty much set the terms for your profitability. On the other hand, selling ad space is not the only way to make money.

It’s also not easy to create an Authority site in your niche, You need a lots of quality contents and a loyal reader base. Darren Rowse keep on Posting for more then two and half year without earning a single penny.

Second You need a lots of SEO efforts in Terms of on page, off page Search Engine Optimization to emerge as an authority. Neil Patel of Quicksprout.com has some wonderful ideas about Social Media optimization.

Authority sites also needs a lots of articles on regular basis, a quick primer for getting new ideas for your niche is beautifully covered by Danny iny in 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue


The question of which is best, an authority site or a niche site, is perhaps not really the most important question to ask. Since they are not designed for the same reasons, a direct comparison isn’t really helpful. The common elements these type of sites share are overshadowed by their different scales and purposes.

In other words, you have to figure out which type of site will work better for your own personality. It all depends on what you’re more comfortable with, as you’re the one who has to build and maintain the site. An authority site has more long-term benefits, and niche sites can often move with the tides of algorithm changes.

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