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Good Habits for bloggers

12 Known habits that can kill your website within a month

Let me confess this first- these are my personal experience and I do take full responsibility to all the facts and figures narrated here in this blog post. Though a…..

Exclusive knowledge

Should we give our Exclusive knowledge to our Blog Readers Free of cost

Did you notice the loading time of this website? It is hosted on shared host on hostgator and using almost 10 most used plugins like w3total cache, Yoast SEO, wp125…..

increase search traffic

10 methods to Increase Organic Blog Traffic instantly

When you have a blog you want to increase Organic blog traffic. However you have several choices in how you go about doing that. The two major choices are pay…..


5 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Your Portfolio

How you can generate your portfolio using only blogging. Here are 5 easy tips to make your own blog portfolio.

Free Icon sets for download

25+ Websites offering Free Icon sets for download

Free icon sets of high quality can be really useful for busy web designers to speed up the creative process. Icons play an important role in blog- and website design…..

Big Success with simple ideas

7 Reasons why a Web Designer shouldn’t ignore WordPress

As a freelance web designer, your time is literally money. Your time is a valuable resource and how you choose to use it defines your profitability Having been a freelancer…..