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small credit cards

Benefits of the Business Credit Cards

You have big dreams so laid the foundation of the small business. The business is growing slow and steady. The entrepreneurs can take their businesses to a great height with…..

A Simple Way to Turn Your Website Visitors Into Leads

Well, every visitor to your website is a potential customer. Sure thing you believe that each of them is ready to buy once they land on your website. To succeed…..

The History of Marketing Operations

Infographic brought to you by Wrike free web based project management software

Importance of Customer Loyalty & Retention and How flok Can Help

Studies show that even if there is a 5% increase in businesses’ customer retention, it can boost your profitability by an average of 75%. That is a massive increase for…..

How to create your own WordPress shortcode

Shortcodes are used by a large number of WordPress plugins and themes to introduce a lots of new feature to add in their website without editing a lots of code……