Click Bank Affiliates University Review in 2018

clickBank University_review_2018

Anybody who is researching for the different ways to earn money online may have come across the ClickBank review at a certain point of time, the popular platform where the vendors and the affiliate marketers will make some decent living, but suppose you have just started this journey, will ClickBank University set you for success?

clickBank University_review_2018

What’s ClickBank University All About? Suppose you are researching for long then you may have seen many unscrupulous gurus out there who show you the spin on creating the digital products or how to market it to the people. Granted there’re some good products and courses, but as the percentage of thousands available to you, just the small percentage have to go real value of your money and time.

Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz saw this opportunity and in the year 2014 the ClickBank University got launched, to mainly focus on the Vendors and creating products and market them, and within six months it generated more than 1 million of dollars in the sales.  Over years since CBU was launched, it had some negative feedback, however new and improved version that hit the market appears to be on the better track, with the improved training course where you will not just learn create your products but touches the bases on the affiliate marketing.

Inside Clickbank University Members Area

In CBU, you will see there are some tabs. To get an access to all these lessons, you need to fill the form and request them. Or, lessons will be drip-fed on the schedule. Main training will be “vendor” training. You will learn to create the customer avatar, set up the landing and sales page or funnel, getting the product on Clickbank, and scaling your business. Every section of this training has many videos, and it will range for 3 to 25 minutes long. There is a lot of content, thus Clickbank University is actually worth the cost if you’re creating the first product or trying to learn how to sell this online!

Clickbank University Vendors Lesson List

You will have an access to Clickbank University Forum, and where you will get in touch with other members, to exchange ideas. Forum portion of this program has dramatically improved in the past three years. Still, it is not nearly very active as the recommended affiliate program, but the content is highly focused on the product creators, instead of product affiliates.

What is best about Clickbank University?

Main training center generally focuses on the product creation that is very different from other “earn money” systems. Product creation is a lucrative business online in case you create the best quality of a product(s) and drive traffic on to your website.  You may make more money in case you have the good email sequence on email marketing, and MORE money only if you have good incentives for the affiliates to do selling for you.

There is a lot of information to read, thus if you ever join Clickbank University, you will have much keep you very busy. Beginners definitely will benefit from its training and low intermediate and intermediate level marketers.

High-Quality Lessons

There are many weeks of lessons in CBU. They’re the combination of personal video, and over shoulder video. There is also the downloadable written portion and where you may see the basic highlights from the video portion.

Website Builder

This can be very beneficial for the product creators. Having preset funnel method & landing page builder can help newbies to stay on track. This will also help you to build the membership area, or other aspects of the business by using a cookie-cutter program. This can save you much of your time, particularly as the newbie!

Weekly Q & A Webinars

Included with the membership, are the weekly webinars to ask questions. If you want you can attend one and see how this goes or report back if you have any information.


30 Day Money Back


Training locked

Final Words

Suppose you are very serious about creating & selling your digital products on the internet, you have to prepare for such a type of investment. Still, it is much cheaper than the other business, however not very cheap as is the affiliate.

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