Code Library for Freelance Developer

What do you do? When you have to embed the same type of code again and again in different projects?  Search your Old projects files and try to locate the exact code? or if the same code is one the internet while browsing – Do you bookmark all the code and later one struggle to figure out which was the exact code?

How many times do you exactly able to locate your desired code in less than 5 minutes?

Code Library is our new Desktop Application to store all type of Codes  written in any programming language EVEN able to store all copy pasted code from the next, on top of that it will be available to you in NEXT two minutes, a very small and versatile code library to save all your code in a single place.

How to Install Code Library

Since, This is a Window based Application software. I think the only procedure we know to install such software are – Yes, yes yes,  I agree , next next finish.

The same procedure you is for this smallest code library to store all your code. A sample screen shot is given here for you. We also have recorded a YouTube video for you also.

Advantage of Code Library

  • Easy to add / Edit / View Code  snippet from another language / Internet.
  • Very Easy to Edit each type of code using built in Text Editor
  • Even more easier to search the code, You are just required to supply some keywords and it will automatically search that keywords in all the Languages.
  • Easiest method to take Backup/restore
  • Instant Download – Download link will appear on your Email ID
  • Free updates throughout the life

Buy Now this easiest Code library software for ( Festival Discount ) $79 $20

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