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If you are not very knew to blogging and wordpress then i am very sure, one thing you had noticed over a period is –  Webmaster keeps on adding new features on their blog and always try something new in their themes to differentiate with others.

An IDE is a development tool basically consist of  EDITOR, DEBUGGER and a runtime TOOL to check the out put from a single screen.  It means a developer has to switch less between the EDITOR , BROWSER and Debugger tool.

IDEs  also provide some very sophisticated tools to help the developer, Thus require a little bit of learning curve.

CodeLobster is such an IDE basically designed by the programmers for the programmers to gain higher productivity. Since this is IDE, hence it is always considered as, it would also require some sort of  higher learning  to achieve that higher productivity.

Alas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to my agony, there is nothing in this case most of the time you are already comfortable  i.e,  how to write HTML code or  CSS or javaScript inside a single file.

Installation Process

You can download CodeLobster from its official Website  http://www.codeLobster.com . The setup comes in self extracting EXE file.  There is nothing very special about how  to install.  Still i think there are some steps that require little bit explanation.

Double click on its setup file and it start its installation procedure, The first major screen that require your attention is – Types of files – You want support from CodeLobster


The very next screen that need your kind attention is – Version Portability  select.   With portability feature you can install it on your moveable media and can take it anywhere.

code Lobster -install type

Since, CodeLobster can support a of a lots of framework and CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal , hence by default it install all of them . As a user if you are planning to use only for WordPress or Joomla, then in my opinion it is of no use to install all these components.

code Lobster-component type

NOTE : CodeLobster comes in two version – Free and Professional. At the time of this write-up this is now shareware. ie you can try all its component for 30 days free of cost.

Interface  of Code Lobster


The interface of CodeLobster is just like any other IDE. Nothing very special in this case. They have all the typical menus and controls  debugger.

The controls are readily available. Everything is in a compact area. I did not see how to customize these toolbars but since I’ve been using this over the past week, I haven’t had to search too much for what I wanted. There has been no need to customize them so far.

Help Help and Help

Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process. You don’t need to keep in mind names of functions, arguments, tags and their attributes; methods etc – They have  implemented all these for you in the autocomplete feature for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS. Also, you can always get necessary help information by F1 or using special Help control.

Internal free PHP Debugger allows validating code locally. It automatically detects your current server settings and configures corresponding files in order to let you use the Debugger.

Here you have full liberty how you want help for yourself. You are free to use online as well as offline help for all type of your project.


The WordPress , Joomla and Drupal Plugin

Since,  this is the star attraction of this IDE, i was also very much eager to learn how these plugin actually behave in a real environment.

Steps to Install wordpress Project


The name of Database is automatically taken from the name of Database project. You are free to select anything new.

The point to be remember here– CodeLobster automatically create a new database name inside your mysql database, there is no need to manually create database , like in wordpress.

Next Screen will ask you the name and location of your Database server and their related properties.


To my surprise , if you have ever installed wordpress on a Localhost, this is something like that  with less efforts.  This plugin automatically download the latest version from the wordpress repository and install the same in your given location.


A new wordpress project contains everything you have ever seen on a blank WordPress site.   For working with WordPress blogging platform WordPress plug-in has the following abilities:

  • Ability to install WordPress blogging platform
  • WordPress auto complete
  • Context and Dynamic help
  • WordPress Template Preview (Theme Editor)  Specially helpful for the wordpress theme developers.

Notables Features of Code Lobster

  • Ability to install Different CMSs and Framework automatically, Ideal for CMS developer who always struggle to figure out a better tool.
  • Auto Complete features
  • Context and Dynamic Help , though some of you may complain about they have not complete off line help but now they have features for you to either include it or use it from the net.
  • It is not based on Java thus loads very fast.
  • Not so much resource hungry like its counterpart like Dream-Weaver.
  • Support almost all windows versions ie from windows Xp to Windows –7.


As i Earlier  said  This tool is for the Developers by the Developer they have done an excellent job of combining all the tools you would need to build a complex application/website. The interface itself is very easy to use with convenient window panes and comprehensive navigation.

Particularly impressive features are: the collection of plugins that automate so much of the process of development for Joomla, Drupal,WordPress and other frameworks. They go beyond just getting a website produced, to aiding you with module and component development as well.

As an IDE for specific platforms its very well thought out. Other IDE’s are not as specific to the task and are often much more confusing to learn. While this one has a pretty steep learning curve for a beginner, someone who has intermediate to advanced skills will find it relatively simple.

In my personal opinion all those developer who are using free EDITORs  like Notepad++ or  paid IDEs Like Dream-Weaver Must give this PHP IDE a try.

Download CodeLobster from Official Website : http://www.codelobster.com

What is your opinion on this great IDE , Do not hesitate to share, I am waiting

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  1. As a wordpress theme developer, i was always wondering if there is something for us people. Your article has given me a big opportunity to check this. Thanks rakesh for posting this article on ‘code Lobster’.

    1. Thanks Swarnima for your kind words. Right now i am using more than Notepad++ for all type of PHP and wordpress work. Hope to see you very soon. ;)

  2. Rakesh,
    Thanks for this post. I had never heard of this code lobster before but it looks like it could be cool to code in. Like you I usually use notepad++ or dreamweaver for PHP and wordpress work, but this code lobster looks like it is at least worth a try!

  3. Hi Rakesh. Codelobster is really a great IDE and easy to install in every CMS. PHP developers will be benefited more by this IDE. Nice Post!! Keep sharing like this.

  4. The PHP IDE tool is excellent. the images shown for the installation processes are understandable and imparts clarity. when tools get combined it makes, it reduces the complexities present in building a website. the tools been separated stated in then article which are a plus for many smart developers.

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