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mobile website templateHave you ever checked your sites stat? how many mobile users are checking your website each day? Do you still want to serve them the same desktop version of website to your mobile users also?

Though there are a lots of debate right now going on “Whether to convert your site into mobile site” or let your visitor Joom In , Joom Out your contents.  Even Google has defined that they will not support mobile ads, some of my friends instantly jumped on the conclusion that this is the end of responsive theme.

Why to Convert Your Site into Mobile website

A mobile site is nothing but a well crafted mobile version of your website. With the advent of new mobile technologies and smart apps, smart phones are now able to render the same desktop version of your website into these smartphones.

So where is the catch –Catch?

  • Every time whenever these apps render the same desktop version of your site they also render the whole site at a time thus increase the website loading time and use a lots of bandwidth.
  • Your mobile users will  have to Joom In and Joom Out each and every corner of your website to find out his/her desired information. If it takes too much time – Leaves
  • It does not looks professional

Methods to Convert Desktop version website into Mobile website

There are several methods to convert your website into mobile version. only the selected few we are going to discuss here.

  • Create two sites  : Previously web designer used to create two version of website one for desktop users and another for mobile user. hellboundbloggers.com is a popular example of this technique.
  • Use Responsive Themes : Responsive themes come into pictures in late 2010, with the advancement of grid based CSS system and Jquery.
  • Use wordpress plugin –wptouch : Another very popular options among wordpress users, is wptouch plugin. This plugin can convert your website into a mobile friendly website.

Catch behind these mobile conversion methods– either they are expensive or need a lots of efforts to create another version of mobile site or enhance the page loading time of your website. Since they embed all the code inside your single file.

Simplest Method to Convert website into mobile website

The simplest method to convert your website into smartphone mobile site is  –dudamobile and howtogomo. howtogomo website is a google initiative to check your website on smartphone.

dudamobile is a utility to convert any website phone into smartphone ready. This is four step GUI based conversion method. All you have to do is follow the online screen and adjust your setting.

Step-1  : Check you website and Select your Them

mobile website templates

in this method dudamobile check your existing website and suggest you some pre-built templates for your current site, before that you check whether your website is static or blog.

You have to just click on any of these per-built template for your site then click next to move on the next step.

Step –2  Edit your Pr-built mobile Theme options

edit mobile siet theme

In this step you can fine tune your websites main pages as you can see in this steps. All the major elements of the theme is given here. Just click any one of them and fine tune or just click on the next to move on the next step.

Step –3 :  Save your newly built mobile site

store mobile theme

Now you have to supply your original email address and some password. Remember here to supply your valid email address otherwise all your efforts will be gone to supplied email. Now click on next

Step 4: Implement Your Mobile site – GoLive

free mobile websiteThis step clearly define how to implement this newly created mobile website with your website, there are two options by which you can redirect your mobile user to this site. implement it according to the given instructions according to your website and Enjoy

Conclusion on Mobile Website

free mobile websiteThis is a really a cool feature to convert your website into smartphone ready website. The main attraction is –No programming or technical detail and, They are not adding any extra plugin or space on your hosting server. Do not wait – Just Go ahead and convert your site NOW

Do You also know any such service which can convert your website without any type of programming or adding any extra space?

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11 thoughts on “Convert any Site into Free mobile website instantly without programming”

  1. Thank you Rakesh for a very interesting and timely post.

    I have been thinking for a while about setting up my site for mobile use and just created my first effort using the free Dudamobile online service that you mentioned in your post.

    So I am grateful for your post, many thanks.

    – Phil

    1. phil, I am really happy to know that my post could help you any how. Hope to see you very soon.

  2. ye its good for that internet user who is mostly use mobile internet, most of the website is highly resolution and graphics so page not load in mobile format, but this convert any website into mobile format so any one mobile user can open sites in mobile.

  3. The trend is always changing. Most of the users love to browse sites on their mobiles. I also browse sites using cell phone. Its a good idea to convert website into mobile site to get more traffic.

    1. Delighted to know that you read this information properly and now know the need of mobile website. ~rakesh kumar

  4. A lot of internet users love to browse sites from their phone. The trend is always changing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Handheld devices are increasing day by day.
    Mobile site is the current need of every webmaster, for this we can also use a plugin.

    1. Dear Ahmad, As i mentioned in my article, wptouch and wptouch pro are two popular plugins for this purpose but both of them can add some bytes inside your wordpress. Thus choose these this simple method. ~rakesh kumar

  6. I think a blog should has mobile version these days. A lot of internet users love to browse sites from their phone. The trend is always changing =)

    1. Glad to know that your point of view in this case. Thanks for your time to come and comment.

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