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WebsiteBuilder home page

Hi, today I am going to give you a tip to create a stunning and professional website without any coding knowledge? Yes, I really mean it.

WebsiteBuilder home page

You must be already aware of the fact that how difficult it is to create a new website for your own business or your clients? It requires a lots of planning, coding, hosting plans, FTP and on top of it – you must be master of all these tactics to make and maintain a beautiful website.

If you are planning to run an ecommerce store then the complexity automatically increases exponentially as ecommerce platforms require few extra things including payment gateway integration, fraud prevention methods, secure servers etc.

So now you might be wondering that what is solution to these problems then?

Well it’s websitebuilder.com, just go ahead and join them right now and I’m sure you won’t regret it at all.

What you will receive with every WebsiteBuilder.com account?

With every free signup you receive the following package:

Secure and Reliable Hosting: You’ll get a secure and reliable web hosting that is included with every package. Their servers allow you to easily handle thousands of unique visitors everyday. So you don’t have to worry about downtime and all those hosting issues. Apart from web hosting, you’ll also get a free domain name for your website as well which will help you build your own unique identity on the web.

Custom domain: Though you can host your website on websitebuilder.com servers for free as a sub-domain but you also get an option to register your very own domain from their dashboard for free when you get any of their paid plans. Also, when you get your domain name through their dashboard, it is automatically integrated with your website. So there is no hustle for connecting your webhosting with your domain name. (Keep in mind, this is is a problem that every newbie faces.)

Website Builder with domain Name
Manage Domain Name with Website Builder

You can check the availability of the custom domain from their site itself.

Create Your FREE Website Now

Managed Email: You also don’t need to worry about the how to setup your own business email address as websitebuilder.com provides you with an integrated functionality to create your own custom email address i.e. yourname@yourbusiness.com for free, which really looks very elegant as well as professional.

Marketing Tools : You’ll also receive simple and easy to use SEO tools to help you boost your website rankings in search engines. These marketing tool consist of live statistics, free ads credits and social media booster tools.

Built in social Media Management
Built in social Media Management

And I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the fact that how influential social media is these days.

Quick e-commerce integration: You also get a simple and quick integration of a great e-commerce solution that allows you to make money by selling your products online easily.

How to create website on websitebuilder.com?

To create your website with websitebuilder.com you’ll first have to create an account on their website. The signup button is directly accessible on their home page and the formality is minimum.

Get Started 100% FREE

You just need to supply them with 1. your name, 2. email ID and 3. a password – which you will be later on using to login.

Create account on website builer

As soon as you will fill out this form an email will be send to your supplied email address welcoming you on the board.

login websitebuilder
Login using ID/Facebook/Google+

After logging into their system, they will show you a list of approximately 10000 Website templates that are super easy to customize as per your requirements. You can even see how your website would look once it goes live side by side while making changes.

The best part of all this is – You don’t even need to take backups of all your work since whatever you do on websitebuilder.com keeps on saving automatically. So you can start and stop at any time and there is no need to remember about your latest copy.

Samples of Free Templates
Samples of Free Templates

Clicking on any theme will show the theme editor window and you can use this window to edit each and every part of your website. It’s a whole GUI mode i.e. if you know how to operate Microsoft Word, then you can build your website very easily.

Website Editor

Once you are satisfied with your editing, just save your work and check how this will look like in reality using the preview button.

Choosing a Custom Domain Name

Once you click the Preview button, it will ask you to save your work with a name. If you have your custom domain then supply your custom domain name here otherwise it will save your work on a sub-domain and generate a link for you to check your work.

published website with custome url

Check out my final website that I developed in less than 15 minutes while writing this article


Looks cool, eh?

Note: If you need quick how to guides to use websitebuilder.com correctly, then do not forget to browse their blog or get in touch with their 24×7 support team.

In the above site that I created using websitebuilder.com, you will notice that the website is clean and highly professional but there is a banner at the bottom indicating that the website was built using websitebuilder.com and you’re using their free services. Once you subscribe to any of the plans that websitebuilder.com currently offers, the banner would be removed automatically.

Create Free Website Now

Website builder has four types of packages under special discounts right now —Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce. You can choose any package that fulfills your requirements the best.

website builder pricing
Pricing Table for Website Builder

Premium features like managed email setup, SEO tools, priority support, and ecommerce store are not available in the Personal package; however, you can avail those features by means of any of the rest of the packages.

With any of these plans you can get a full fledged website at almost the price that is being charged by most of the web-hosting companies for only offering you web-hosting.

In my personal opinion, this is really a dirt cheap price, so do not waste your time and join websitebuilder.com now.

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